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Soren jotted down the last piece of information he needed to complete his report and nodded to himself. With that finally finished from the last battle, he decided it would be best to show the commander now then when they were on the boat where it would be too hectic for a while to get it actually done. Or anything else for that matter.

The mage looked just down the road and saw the large body of water they were going to cross and he couldn't help but stop and stare at the blue surface. Daein, in terms of waterbeds, had hardly any. And none that he had seen could compare to the ocean they were going to soon be on.

Shaking his head of such trivial thoughts, he continued his walk to find Ike and give him the report. How hard is it to find someone in such a small village?

"Excuse me." He turned, half expecting someone from the mercenary group to be addressing him, but found a man with silver hair down to his shoulders and a killing edge blade resting at his side.

"Hmm?" He raised an eyebrow in question, slightly annoyed by the fact that he was being detained by a complete stranger.

"Sorry to bother you, but would you mind telling me where the inn is? I seem to have gotten lost." The man explained somewhat cheerfully. He rubbed the back of his head in slight embarrassment.

Soren nodded mutely, turning around to where he had just come from. "It's at the corner of this street." he stated, pointing towards where the large building was.

"Ah, yes." The swordsman said, slapping his head with his hand. "I should really know this by now..." His attention went back to the mage and he smiled. "Thanks, kid. You've been a great help." And with that, he left.

Soren felt his eye twitch at the mentioning of him being a child, his hand forming into a small loose fist. Did he look that much younger than he was? Soren sighed, calming himself. He didn't care if he looked younger for his age, just as long as people didn't mention it.

With the distraction gone, he continued on his search for Ike and found him as soon as he turned the corner. He was, to the prince's surprise, with no one and took the full opportunity into talking with him.

"Commander." He noticed the swordsman turn and smile at him as he approached, he nodding his greeting.

"Soren, don't call me that." Ike said, rubbing the back of his head with his hand. "Just call me Ike, alright? It still sounds to weird, especially coming from you."

Soren raised an eyebrow but didn't question the comment any further. "Here's my report on the last battle we had." He stated, giving the commander the parchment in his hand.

Ike took it and began to read it, nodding as he did so. "Four new recruits, good amount of money...Ah! Rolf was the one who did the best? Remind me to give him something..."

The mage nodded, noting it already in his head. "There were no deaths or injuries beyond our capabilities to heal. Everyone performed exceedingly well." He explained blankly.

Ike nodded a few more times before handing back the parchment to his staff officer. "I can't thank you enough for doing this, Soren. It really helps with the workload."

Soren shrugged. "Not at all. Now, by your leave I will excuse myself." He turned to leave but felt a hand on his shoulder and stopped.

"Hold it. I'm not letting you off that easily." Ike said, smiling a little. "how about you stay a little and chat?"

Soren gave him a curious look, frowning slightly. "You really are a strange commander..." he muttered.

Ike looked confused. "What's that suppose to mean?"

He shook his head, dismissing his thoughts on the matter. "It's nothing...What did you have in mind to talk about?"

"Ah! My lord Ike..."

Both of them turned to see the princess wandering over to them, a small smile on her face.

"Princess!" Ike jumped off of the fence, panic rising in his voice. "Why are you here all by yourself? That's not very safe."

Her smile disappeared. "I was looking at the town." she explained. "I'm unfamiliar with the world outside the imperial villa where I was raised. This is the first time I've been able to see how other people live."

Soren looked at the meek princess. Just like when they had first met, she really seem to have no clue about anything. He wan't really one to talk, he was trying to get used to not being surrounded by Daein soldiers when he's in a town. He supposed he had much more in common with the princess then he wanted to admit. Still, he wouldn't exactly mention it.

He excused himself from the two and decided to go wander back to where everyone else was and read a tome. He still didn't take well with the princess, with or without her bodyguard. She was quite rude a lot of the time, even without meaning to and it got on his nerves. So he left them to their own devices.

"Ah, Soren." The mage looked around and found a very large cloak walking his way. Realizing that it was actually Mordecai, he stopped.

"Mordecai." He greeted blankly, giving the large laguz a annoyed glare. "What can I do for you?"

"Mordecai wanted to give this to Soren." He shuffled through his cloak and came out with a small pouch.

"A vulnerary?" Soren looked from the medicine to the tiger.

Mordecai nodded. "Grr..Soren had used all of his in last mission. Mordecai had some extra and wanted...Grr...Mmmm..."

"...To give it to me?" Soren finished, slightly surprised by the gesture.

He nodded. "Yes...Words sometimes escape me. Here." He said, handing the mage the vulnerary.

"Ah," Soren said, giving the medicine an odd look, one that he wanted to give the laguz as well.

"Grr...You are welcome." He smiled, showing off his sharp teeth.

Silence fell and Soren felt himself becoming more uncomfortable as Mordecai didn't leave, or looked like he was. After their...argument, The two of them, including Lethe, had made odd amends with one another and, since then, the two laguz had left the mage alone and vice versa unless in battle. Now it seemed as if the tiger wanted to talk with him and, once again, he didn't know what to say. Luckily, he didn't have to think of anything when a huge ruckus began, drawing both the laguz and prince to it.

"Attention citizens!" Soren turned his attention towards the entrance of the town, where there was now a small army of Daein troops there. He listened as they said the entire town was under lock-down. The mage frowned, walking over towards Ike. They needed a plan now that the ships were no longer allowed to sail.

Titania had similar thoughts as Soren, as she walked over to the commander and the princess. "Ike... Daein troops have--"

"I know." Ike said, looking at the Daein soldiers with worry. He shook his head, looking back at Titania and Soren. "All we can do is move toward the docks and try not to be discovered."

"That's odd..." Soren mumbled, frowning in thought as he ran through things in his mind.

The two turned towards the prince. "What's odd, Soren?" Ike asked.

Soren looked at the commander. "If I remember correctly, the takeover plans we had, had not scheduled this town so early for subjugation...It was only for until much later, when the majority of the surrounding area was already under control..."

"We might have been the ones who caused the sudden change in their plans." Ranulf said, appearing right beside the mage.

"Ranulf!" Ike called, looking rather relived that the laguz was fine. "How are things on your end?"

Ranulf nodded. "Everything's set. All you need to do is sneak down to the harbor where you'll meet a man by the name of Nasir. I've explained your situation to him, and he's willing to help. He'll take care of everything and deliver you to Begnion."

A woman came rushing out of one of the houses just then and bashed into the cat laguz, his cloak falling off of his head.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going..."

Ranulf smiled and gave a nod of his head. "No, Pardon me--"

The womans face turned from embarrassment to horror as she saw the years. "Ah! Eeeeeeek! Su-Sub-human!!"


More villagers appeared at the cry that there was a beast in their town. They began to gang up on Ranulf as quickly as they had come. Soren watched rather in shock at such behavior from the group. He had believed that Crimeans supported the laguz as much as these mercenaries had. It seemed he was proven wrong.

"Stop! Get out of my way! Keep your hands off him!" Ike ran over to the group to stop them, only getting a verbal lashing from the townspeople. Eventuall, they made the Daeins get involved as well, which confused Soren even more. They would sell them out, just to look in favor of Daein. He wasn't sure how much of fools they were, but they would soon realize no matter what they did, Daein would not look kindly on this town or its citizens.

"Titania! Soren! Get everyone together! We're getting out of here!" Ike's command ran through the large square and caught many of the groups attention. It wasn't before long that everyone was assembled and ready to go.

"Everyone, move out for the harbor!" Ike ordered, raising his sword in the air. "Try to avoid conflict with the local vigilante group if you can. Let's go!"

After a few moments into the fight, Soren felt a lump in his throat as once again a familiar aura came into the village. The same one he felt the night that Griel had died. He spun his head around to stare at the lone house standing around the water. As he turned he noticed that a knight was riding towards the house, going inside it as well. This wasn't good.

"Soren. What's wrong?" Soren jumped and turned to find Rhys looking at him worriedly.

He shook his head. "N-nothing. Keep your focus, Boyd needs some healing..." He stated, trying to keep the calm in his voice. Why would the Black Knight be here? Was he going to attack them? This was definitely not good.

He shook his head and moved away from the house as the group went farther into the village towards the docks. He wondered where Mordecai had gone off to and realized the tiger had been fending off the vigilantes that were going to surround them and seemed to be still fighting them. He gave one last look where the laguz had gone and saw the man that had asked for directions. He shrugged, not caring that the man died or not, and casted another spell towards a mounted unit that had charged at Nephenee. She nodded her head in thanks and continued onwards, helping Boyd with the armored man.

They had managed to get half way to the docks when Soren heard a wyvern cry. Half of the group turned and noticed that the flyers were joining the fray. The mage looked and saw that among them were two people he was more then familiar with. Still on the bridge was Haar, even from here he could tell that the man was asleep. He had met him dozen of times and had even gone with him on a few missions, though he didn't know his title, and if he did he never mentioned it.

The other was almost worse meeting her. Jill was General Shiharam's daughter, a man that he knew to well. He, unlike Haar and his daughter, knew he was the prince and he had great respect for the wyvern rider. He didn't exactly want to kill his daughter, they met a number of times during laguz hunting and seemed decent enough, if not slightly high-strung.

"Damn, reinforcements!" Boyd cursed, resting his axe on his shoulder. "How many more Daein do we have to kill before they get the point?"

Soren raised his eyebrows at the fight but didn't want to encourage the man's comments. "Leave them be." he stated, getting a couple of looks from his allies. "As long as we don't go into their line of fighting, they should leave us alone. We can't afford to divide our team to deal with them any how."

Boyd didn't look to convinced but he turned and continued to fight to the docks, as all the others did. Ike, however stopped and looked again towards the entrance of the town. Soren was about to explain to the swordsman again when he felt a shift as well.

"Ah!" Ike started, staring off where they had just come from. "It's him!"

Soren quickly glanced over to where the commander was looking and felt his stomach chrun. He had really hoped what he felt before was his imagination but that wasn't the case it seemed. The Black Knight emerged from a building, his body turned towards the group. The prince felt the knight's eye on him and he glared, his arm went to where the knight had stabbed him, clenching his robe in the process. If Daein didn't know he was still alive, they did now.

His thoughts were interrupted when he saw Ike beginning to rush where the Black Knight was, his sword already raised for an attack.

"Ike!" As fast as he could, Soren reached out and manage to grab the rangers cloak before he got to far. He looked back at the mage and glared at him.

"Soren, let me go!" He ordered, trying to get Soren to let go of his cloak. The mage quickly moved on to holding his arm back, giving him a glare as well.

"Ike, you are not even going to think about it!" Soren snapped, his hand clenching onto Ike's arm even more. "Do you have any idea how strong that man is?"

"Of course I do! He killed my father! And now--"

"Exactly!" Soren cut him off. "That was not even two weeks ago, and you think you're strong enough now to try and kill him? Did your father really raise such a foolish son?"

Ike growled at him but made no other attempt to correct the prince. Soren continued, trying to reason with the commander. "Look, even if you did go there, that will give the wyverns more then enough reason to come by and take everyone else out. We can't afford to be surrounded by our enemy when we need to get on that ship as soon as possible. Would you risk all that just because of your decision to attack one of the Four Riders?"

Ike glared at the mage for a long moment, looking as if he was going to go anyways. He abrutly shook his arm, making Soren release his grip and walked off briskly towards where everyone else had gone, they were already in the harbour, leaving the prince behind.

Soren watched as he went, waiting a while before he too continued to the harbour and onto the ship. Hopefully Ike would realize what a mistake he was going to make and not hate him too much over it.

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