Who Said Asimov is Brilliant? by AndromedaMarine

Author's Note: I really love Isaac Asimov... I can't say the same for Rodney McKay, though. He gets a tad arrogant. (coughegocough)

Rodney was walking toward the lab when he overheard two people in the room conversing quietly.

"Yeah, but he's so much more qualified than Dr. McKay," one said.

Rodney was indignant. He was about to burst in and start yelling at them when the other spoke.

"Does he have the same degrees and experience McKay has?" The first one must have shaken his head. "I thought not."

The Canadian smiled – at least someone was standing up for him. "I still think Asimov is brilliant."

Rodney snorted – something he probably shouldn't have done, for the conversation he was listening to ceased entirely and Rodney forced himself to walk inside. He gaped when he saw one of John's hands gripping the lapel of the lab coat Dr. Karov was wearing. The other hand – suspiciously curled into a fist – was in the air and Karov was cringing.


The colonel released the frightened Russian doctor and was lost for words when he faced the Canadian. "He said that Asimov was smarter than you," he tried explaining.

Rodney's eyebrow went up. "Who said Asimov is what?"

Siegel Karov meekly lifted his hand into the air.

"Why I oughtta..." but he never got to finish his sentence because Dr. Karov ran out of the room and Rodney was restrained by John as he tried to chase him. "I resent that," he called out after the fleeing man. "He's no more brilliant than an amoeba!"

John laughed and released the doctor. "Sure he is. He wrote I, Robot. Don't tell me you didn't go see that when the movie came out."

Rodney looked hysterical. "I only went to make fun of it. None of that stuff is real or anywhere close to the truth. Why were you going to hit him?" he asked suspiciously, sort of glaring at John.

The colonel gave a sheepish grin. "Protecting a friend's brilliance?" he tried. "Come on, you've got enough awards and degrees to trump everyone in the English-speaking – well any language-speaking – world! I'll be going now," he said sheepishly.

Rodney allowed himself a smile at John's friendship. It was rare anyone ever stood up for him – and John's action was a mark of true friendship.

And technically, Asimov wasn't as brilliant as McKay.