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Everyone is dead. Niroku killed them in the last battle. Kagome got the jewel but she lost them. The people she had been traveling with for the past 3 years. I t hurts. They died because she was too weak to protect herself. Niroku already got to her time by the well some how and killed her family, what else does she have left to live for?

Slowly walking to the front of the shrine she finds a friend she thought to have died when she was little. He stands there in all black. His eyes still the light brown she remembers. 'Tiro', yea that was his name. Kagome slowly reaches out her cut and blood covered arm out. Nothing. It was only a trick of the mind to see a face she loved.

Kagome staggered in the house. It was clean. Everything in its place just like her mom had it before she was killed. The cops cleaned the blood so it was no more. She wonders though. Her room. Is it the same or is it cleaned? Did her mom clean it?

Climbing the stairs to her bedroom door she stops. Will she even want to stay? If she goes in will she even recognize the girl she used to be, the girl so many people loved and cherished? The only way to know is to go forward. Pushing the door open she find a note on her bed, everything else was how she left it. Ignoring the note for now she walks in the bathroom and grabs a razor. Pushing the blade deep she slides it across her wrist. She only had minuets to live now.

Picking up the note it reads:

To the people out there who has a voice

But doesn't let it ring out,

To the people out there who had someone break your heart,

To the people out there who think nothing left

And just want the pain to go away,

Don't give up and don't give in.

Someone always needs you.

In death you will never know how things play out,

In death you only cause someone to cry,

The pain you once had would be passed to another in your death.

To the people out there who live a hard life,

To the people out there who lost loved ones,

To the people out there who don't know were to turn to,

Don't give up and don't give in.

Someone always needs you.

Can't you see the person you walk pass on the street?

If they were to die someone would weep.

Don't let the world get you down,

Don't get cornered into thinking death is the only way out,

Because you'll only cause someone to greave and weep.

Wait until the very end and you'll understand.

She wrote that. That was before though. Her eyelids slowly close as the black blanket of death starts raping her in its warm arms.

So there she is. A girl who felt there was nothing left but the road of death. I can't help but wonder though did she know the heavens were weeping because she took her own life when there were still some that cared and needed her?


Thank you for reading. The poem is mine. I wrote it when I was thinking a bout how so many people think death is the only was out.