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"You've requested me, Lord Beckett." She spat venomously at the man that sat before her, spitting out his name with much abhorrence. There was something about the way he looked that made her loathe him; maybe it was the way his horrid face stared snottily at her or the manner in which he sat so arrogantly or perhaps the way his body sat so stiffly like a wooden plank. Or maybe… it was all of that combined. But it wasn't just those things that made her hate him; it was him personally, the way he spoke as if he powered over all and what he did to her cousin.

"Yes, Miss Swann." Lord Beckett drawled out, unfazed by her lack of respect. He already had expected her to throw a temper tantrum in his office. He felt his thin lips twitch upwards, ecstatically overjoyed to see her unleash her fury directly at him. He always liked seeing people angry for some odd reason and it made him happy just to see their faces, blotched red with anger, veins bulging out, hands curled up into balls and unable to strike a fist at him for he had too much authority, eyes mad on fire, brows furrowed, clenched tight jaws, and teeth baring out like fangs. "Do have a seat." He motioned for her to sit down in the chair across from him.

"I will not." She snarled, loudly stomping her foot on the ground, her dark brown hair becoming loose from the bun atop of her head. "My cousin doesn't deserve to be put in the prisons of Port Royal and you know it. I want her out, this instant." She knew that the man obviously enjoyed her frustration and she hated the fact that her anger was only adding to his satisfaction.

Lord Beckett just smiled mockingly at her, laughing inwardly at her anger. She was quite the sight to see..."I'm afraid I can't oblige to your request. Regrettably, your cousin had assisted a certain pirate in his escape." He had to admit that the Swann women were very rebellious and assertive creatures.

"She wouldn't do anything like that without good reason!" she narrowed her eyes directly at him. She could feel her cheeks heat up with rage and she gritted her teeth together so hard that she could hear the scraping in her own ears. She couldn't believe how cruel this man was; how could he even possibly jail her cousin for doing no harm? The minute she set her eyes on Lord Beckett, she knew she would hate him for eternity. There was no way possible for her to describe how much hatred she held for him.

"Good reason?" Lord Beckett scoffed with annoyance, no longer showing civility. "Hardly. Do you think pirates are vile creatures?" He clasped his hands together in his lap and waited for her to fall right into his trap.

"On occasion, yes, but there are some pirates out there that have some decency." She answered, jutting her chin out proudly. She was going to show him who was the fool.

"Oh, so you think this pirate, that your cousin merely assisted, is decent?" He nearly laughed at the idea of Jack Sparrow being decent. "You think that this pirate, that has committed more crimes than there are people, is decent?"

"She had a good reason and therefore, I believe this pirate to be decent." She clenched her jaws tightly, trying to hold in her anger.

"This is not what I called you here for, Miss Swann." He gave a fake smile and again tried to make her sit down. "Please be seated for my request for you is quite laborious."

She sat down quickly, huffing with irritation. "What is it you request of me?" she glared irately at him with utter intensity, hoping to intimidate him.

"I propose an exchange," He said nonchalantly, waiting for her to interrupt but she didn't, so he continued on, "I'll free your beloved cousin of prison if you do this one task for me."

"What task?" she snapped impatiently, swiftly jumping out of her chair. She would do anything for her cousin, no matter what the costs, even if it had to do with the devil himself.

"I want you to find Jack Sparrow and find out where Shipwreck Cove is. You'll lead the East India Trading Company there and then, you'll murder Jack Sparrow." Beckett grinned as her mouth dropped open, forming a wide 'o'. He knew it was a good plan, for Emma Swann cared too much for her cousin.

"Fine. You have a deal." Emma lackadaisically stuck out her hand for a shake, although she wanted to wring the man's neck into a tight knot.

He joined hands with her, giving her a firm shake, feeling her hand tightly squeeze his until he felt his hand lose feeling, before he let go quickly. He carefully watched her furiously rub her hand that met with his onto her breeches, and then, he briefly made eye contact with her brown eyes. "Once this task is complete, I promise you that your cousin will be let out of prison. And speak with Mister Mercer down at the docks. He'll give you information about the whereabouts of Jack Sparrow."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." She said coldly and spun on her heel, walking out the door, leaving a somewhat stupefied Beckett.

There was something about the girl that made him feel… puzzled. He shrugged it off quickly, surmising it as her hostile attitude, although a hostile Elizabeth Swann didn't make him feel this way. He stood up and walked to the fireplace before he lifted up the pirate brand, inspecting the letter 'p' that was glowing red from the blazing heat. He then grinned, imagining Jack Sparrow dead, hanging limply from the noose. It was going to be really… good.

Emma ran down the stairs to the cells of Port Royal, desperately searching for her cousin. "Elizabeth." She called softly and saw a hand wave at her through the metal bars of a cell. A couple of men that were in the cells whistled raucously and did catcalls at her but she ignored them.

"Over here!" Elizabeth answered, waving both of her arms through the small spaces between the bars, eagerly waiting for her cousin to appear at the front of her cell.

Emma ran to Elizabeth's cell and clutched the bars with both of her hands, soaking in the disheveled appearance of Elizabeth. It was excruciating painful to bear the sight of her beautiful cousin that now looked like a terrible mess; Elizabeth's hair was knotted and dull unlike the pretty soft and golden shiny hair that she usually had, her pale face was stained with dried tears that looked like crusted flakes glued to her cheeks, and the hem of her wedding dress was drenched with mud. "I'm sorry I came to your wedding too late." Emma apologized, watching fresh tears stream down Elizabeth's face. "I heard from one of the officers that you were locked in prison and suddenly I was requested to meet with Lord Beckett. I made a deal with him, Elizabeth." Emma took a deep breath, hoping to calm herself from screaming with fear at the thought of killing a man. But it was the only way to free her cousin, so she mustered up all the courage she had and spoke," I have to… kill Jack Sparrow."

"What!" Elizabeth rubbed all the tears away from her face and blinked at her cousin with absolute shock. She then scrunched up her face with disgust and outrage."This is unacceptable! He's turning you into a cold blooded murderess—I'll give him a piece of my mind-," She was so furious that her body was trembling with utmost hate for Lord Beckett.

"It was the only way for you to be free. And somehow, I regret telling you this information." Emma said before she backed away from the bars. "I promise I'll have you out of here as quickly as possible. Until then." She ran from the cell, not listening to the pleas from Elizabeth that were calling her to come back, and meandered through the town to the docks where Mister Mercer supposedly was.

The second her foot touched the docks, a man in a black coat approached her with a stern face. "Miss Swann. Right this way." The man said and gestured for her to follow him to a ship called the 'HMS Endeavour'. He walked across the gangplank with Emma curiously following behind him.

"You must be Mister Mercer." She said as she made it onto the deck. He quickly whirled around, returning a blank stare.

"You have three months to complete this task. Jack Sparrow has been last spotted in Tortuga, checked in at the Faithful Bride. And lastly, Captain Gillette will show you your quarters." Mister Mercer said in one breath before he swiftly walked away.

Emma just stared at the retreating form of Mister Mercer, trying to register what he just told her. He wasn't much help, for she hadn't a clue what Jack Sparrow looked like. How did they expect her to find Jack Sparrow if she didn't even know what he looked like? She glanced in the direction where Mister Mercer had gone to find no one there.

"Miss Swann." A man cleared his throat beside her, shaking her out of her thoughts. "I am Captain Gillette." He bowed politely, smiling softly at her. He stared into her dark brown eyes that stared right back at him with slight anger. "I'll show you your quarters. Follow me."

She silently followed him below decks, ignoring his politeness. Anyone who worked with the East India Trading Company wasn't considered polite in her agenda. They all were corrupt bloody blokes.

"This cabin is yours." Gillette opened the door for her, bowing slightly, allowing her to enter the room. "We shall be arriving in Tortuga in three days."

"Thank you." She said emotionlessly, not really meaning what she said, and walked into her room. She listened to the door creak closed before she lied down on the bed, slowly letting her thoughts consume her. It was going to be one long trip…

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