Dear Luke,

It's taken me several weeks--three actually, to write you this letter. Every day has been long and if I would have liked my brain to shut down I would have given up the coffee that I now have in my hand, or the many cups that I have consumed in my lifetime, but you and I both know that would never happen. You always said that it was poisonous...but now it's what keeps me going.

I hear your voice, Luke. I do. I sit here, cup in hand. I see you...and it's your voice that I hear. I think about what our future could be if you stay here. You did everything possible to make sure that I was made me happy. And now I write a letter to tell you what I regret not expressing to you more.

Not only did you make me happy, but you have always given Rory what I never thought that she would have--a father. You gave her a father...stood in when you didn't have to, but you did because you wanted to. When Christopher left I thought I had to depend a lot on myself; not just for me but for Rory. Coming to Stars Hollow couldn't have been a better decision because it gave me you...and then I realized that I didn't have to rely on were there and I could put all those missing pieces to ease. It didn't matter, you were always there in the end. Luke Danes, you are godsend my friend. Never forget it.

If you were wondering I stole your cap. As I write this letter, it sits beside me; while it smells just like I remember you, it also stands empty. Every day I saw you, you always wore this cap. It became a part of you...what is being remembered. So is your diner, by all of the fellow townspeople. We're all rooting for you Luke.

And so I haven't exactly been able to set foot in your diner since the day of your accident. Casaer is doing his best to run the place, but it's just not the same. I walk past the window where I usually see you behind the counter, or taking orders, and I expect to still you to still be there. Some times I think that I do.

So please Luke, I'm asking you if you're still there, please let me know because I miss you and I need you. Rory needs you. Wake up Luke. I will never stop begging for you to do so, but this is it, the doctors, attendants...whatever the heck they are, say you're never waking up. I know you better Luke, you define the odds. Right now I'm asking you one last time, stay with me until the very end. And if you're still here, please let me know.