Time has a way of escaping our grasp.

Unlocking the door to the crap shack, Lorelai saw her daughter sitting on the couch watching some rerun on TV that they had both seen about a dozen times. "Lucy, I'm home!"

Rory turned back from her spot on the couch. "How did things at the Inn go?"Lorelai closed the front door.

She put her purse in its usual spot. "Change of plans. I went to see Luke instead." She offered happily, and then proceeded to sink down on the couch beside her. "What are you watching?"

"I was trying to find a good movie to watch, but there doesn't seem to be anything on at this time of day." Her mother's words finally registered as she clicked off the TV."You went to go see Luke? What did he say? I need the all the information."

"Well Luke and I have a date."

"What kind of a date are we talking about here? Be more specific." Letting her head rest in the palm of her hand, Rory listened intently.

"What if I said we already have a wedding picked out? Well kind of—we actually only have the month picked out."

"How come only the month?"

"Well I kind of talked Luke into the month of May—"

"Why May?"

"Because it's the month before June." Lorelai quipped, smiling." There was of course a sentimental value to getting married the month before June. At least to her there was.

"You've officially lost me."

"You see May was the month before June when we were supposed to get married." Explaining in her own way, Lorelai picked up a magazine from the coffee table and flipped through it. She stopped when she had eyed a beautiful pair of red high heeled shoes.

"The picture is starting to form now."

"Speaking of pictures, what do you think of these shoes to go with my wedding dress?"Lorelai asked enthusiastically flipping the magazine around.

"Very 'Little Red Riding Hood' " Rory paused, thinking. "Or—the Wizard of Oz. Ooh! That could be your theme."

"Which one do you think would be more fitting?" Setting down the magazine in her lap, Lorelai posed. "Little Red Riding Hood, or the Wizard of Oz?"

"I could see you as both." It took only a moment before Rory gave her answer. "But definitely go with Little Red Riding Hood. Of course if you waited until Halloween you could make it work." Smiling brightly, there was a knock on the door.

Both of them glanced at the other. "Did you order pizza?"

Rory shook her head. "I'm afraid not." Getting up Lorelai, could see a figure standing in the door; a rather large figure, and Lorelai had her suspicions already who was standing there. "What movie should we watch?"

"I don't know, you pick." She called back as she opened the door.""Babette." Lorelai greeted the older lady after opening the door. Her neighbor was always accustomed to dropping by unannounced and making herself welcome.

"Hello doll. I saw you come home earlier and decided to drop off your mail and this care package for Luke." Babette greeted cheerily. She was dressed in sparkly maroon shirt and black pants; in her hand was a bunch of envelopes and a brown paper package. In the corner of her eye she spotted Rory and peeked her head in. "Rory, you still on break, sugar?"

"Oh, hey Babette. Yeah, I am. " Rory offered, carrying over a stack of movies and sorted through them; trying to decide which one they should watch.

Babette watched her for a few seconds, then turned her attention back to Lorelai with a twinkle in her eye as she handed Lorelai the mail and package. "Well that was very thoughtful of you." She knew Babette was only doing this out of the kindness of her heart, but also knew that any access to her mail meant snooping.

Waving it off, Babette smirked. "Don't mention it. There's some cookies, band-aids, all the works inside that package. Be sure to give it to him will you?

"Sure thing, Babette." With one hand on the door, Lorelai was hoping this conversation was soon coming to an end.

The older woman turned to leave,, then turned around again." "Before I leave, how's Luke doing?"

"He's doing fine actually. Getting better as we speak."

Babette put her hand to her chest, looking relieved. "That's good to hear sugar. Hopefully he'll be able to come home soon."

"We can only hope." Lorelai gazed at her tiredly knowing this conversation probably wasn't going to end any time soon. She thought about it for a moment, then perked up. "You know what, I just remembered that I have cookies in the oven and they're about to burn if I don't get them right now."

"But I thought you didn't cook." She offered, sniffing the air, then looked quite disappointed.

"I don't. They're the frozen ones that you just stick in the oven and then, wham! Like magic they're cooked. Not much that I have to do there."

Staring momentarily she snapped out of, adding. "I'll leave you to it then." Clearly she had gotten the message. "See you later, Sugar." That or she had just gotten the information she needed and was about to go call a secret meeting for the snoop brigade.

"Bye. Thanks for the . . . care package."

"Don't mention it." And what that Babette skittered away with an expression like she had just dug up a valuable diamond from the ground as she went into her house.

Lorelai shook her head and walked back into the living room. Rory was already loading a disc into the DVD player when she walked back into the living room. "Something tells me Babette has all the information she needs to start a war somewhere." She offered, before tossing the package onto the coffee table and leafed through the mail.

There was nothing but a few bills and a Publisher's Clearinghouse envelope probably saying that she had won or could have a chance at winning a million dollars. Lorelai too tossed the mail on top of the package. The TV was already on and playing the previews as Rory sat down beside her. "Popcorn would be good about now."

"Mmm…popcorn." Both of their mouths physically watered with the buttered goodness and crunchiness. That was enough of a sign that Lorelai hopped up from her place on the couch and walked into the kitchen, knowing that the previews wouldn't mind her disappearance for a few minutes.