Here you go, the next adventure of Kung Fu Panda,and this time. The Dragon Warriors' children will be travel in the past and to unsolve the love between Po,Tigress,Crane and Viper. And yet, at first, Hannah and Lilly have troubled on a ghost, a ghost who will take away their happiness and stole fear as its energy! IT's up to the in-training Dragon Warriors, will they suecee, or not?

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Chapter 1: Accident

It was a hundred anniversaries of the Sacred Dragon Festival, a festival that celebrated the mighty dragon that will continue on bringing peace to the valley every year. And it also the ten wedding anniversaries of the four Dragon Warriors, everyone in the valley were both celebrating the two events in the Jade Palace theater.

Ping appeared from the crowd and ran to his son. "Son!" he shouted.

"Hey, dad!" Po cried as he waved his hands to show him the location.

"Grandpa!" then, Hannah appeared and jumped into Ping's embrace.

"Oh, how's my little granddaughter doing?" Ping said as he placed Hannah on his shoulder.

She screamed in joy, "First of all, I'm your only granddaughter. And secondly, I'm not three year old kid, so you can put me down." She said.

"Grandpa!" a little panda shouted. Oh crap! She thought.

Hannah's little brother, Jade, future Dragon Warrior of Earth. He had born during the kung fu camp incident. He has her mother's eyes and his back was as same as hers. She saw her brother running toward her as she hoped he was not doing the same thing as she thought.

"Jade!" Ping shouted of joy and Jade jumped on Hannah's shoulder which made her gasped, couldn't help but to catch him.

"Jade, get off of me, you're too heavy!" Hannah scolded him.

"Me want carry!" he said in baby tone.

"No seriously, you're too….WHOA!!" before she could finished her line, they have all fell back on the ground.

"Ouch, that will be heal in a few weeks." She grumbled as she rubbed her butt.

"Need a hand?" a voice above her, a snake stood in front of her. It was Lilly, one of the daughter twins of Crane and Viper. She has another twin sister named Azure but a lot of different between them. They and Hannah have been best friends from the day they had born.

"Thanks." Hannah said as she took Lilly's tail and got the strength to get up.

"Don't mention it." the snake replied. She looked at Jade and saw her sister helped him up and then to Ping, she turned her face to Hannah, "Jade Problem, again, huh?"

"Yeah, oh I wish I could rip him into pieces if he wasn't my brother!" Hannah released her anger out.

"Rip who?" a tone voice came behind their backs.

They gulped as they slowly turned their backs and saw their mothers, Tigress and Viper, were behind them, stared at them or more like glared at them, "Hi mom." They greeted in unison.

"You were saying?" Tigress asked again.

"…" they were sweated quickly and then their final answer was, "Nothing." In a second, they have run in a record time.

Tigress and Viper both sighed, Monkey and Mantis appeared behind their backs and said, "Kids today, huh?" They said and the girls nodded.

"Mommy." Tigress saw her son was under her and hanged up his hands up as a sign he wanted to carry. Tigress smiled at the little panda as she granted her son wish carried him in her embrace.

"Hey honey, have you seen Hannah and Lilly?" Po and Crane walked along together with Ping and Azure to the wives.

"Yes, they have just run like a wind." Viper joked and the others laughed.


Meanwhile, outside the Jade Palace, in a not far away bamboo forest, Hannah and Lilly were puffed and huffed as they have been here in 5 seconds, which would be their whole new record.

"That was close, wasn't it?" Hannah asked to her patted snake.

"Yea." She replied shortly.

"But (Patt)…that was fun, huh, the feeling that almost been caught by any moment." She said as she gasped for air.

"I know, never wear off." She answered.

Suddenly, a light shined beside them and they saw into the deep the forest. A light shined brightly as their curious heart wanted them to seek out what was that.

As their foot has carried them to the source of the light and at the end, they found the light was shining inside…a well!

"A well!? That's stupid! The light might probably the moon reflection in the water." Lilly grumbled.

"A reflection could do that light?" Hannah asked.

Something reflected has caught Hannah's eyes and she saw a golden bracelet got stuck in a crack between stone and the rock wall. "Lilly, help me."

"Oh dear." Lilly murmured. And she used her tail grabbed her waist and leaned her more deeply to reach the bracelet. At last, they got it, when the help of the training everyday. But it has wasted their energy to get that bracelet.

Fireworks have exploded in the sky as a sign of begin the celebration, "The celebration!" they shouted in unison and they ran back to the Jade Palace, along with the bracelet, as fast as they could, ran like a lightning!

They have decided they will be back to the well after the celebration and sneaked out in the middle of the night. But after the have gone, the light of the well has started faded away, and claw came out from the well.


Back to the Jade Palace, the two couples were worried of their daughter as when they were decided to split out. Hannah and Lilly appeared from their sides. They have scolded them a few minutes and then they forgave them quickly. After all, they were just kids.

Hannah saw someone missing, "Where's Shifu and Tai Lung?" she asked.

"They were here in seconds ago, I think they have a little thing to be finish." Tigress answered.

Just then, Shifu and Tai Lung appeared. "Master Shifu!" the four in-training Dragon Warriors claimed as they ran and hugged their grandfather.

"Having fun?" he asked.

"Father, the celebration was just started." Tai Lung stated it, and everyone chuckled.

"Alright, citizen in the Valley of Peace! Now it's time to have a dance, but first, we need a luncky lady to help us to sing a song for us." A goose yelled and the light has hit on Tigress!

"No again." She grumbled, remembered that first time she and Po went on stage and sang the love song together during the mission. And this time, she was going to sing alone, solo! She felt embarrassment and afraid, but then Po stood beside and joined her to walk on stage.

The crowd clapped loudly, and they could see their family was also beside her on the stage as an encouragement. The music on, and it was a song 'Somebody to Love' from Ella Enchanted.

Tigress: Can anybody find me somebody to…

Suddenly, her voice has stopped and then her family helped her the last word.

Chorus: Love

Tigress smiled at them and then gathered her courage to sing the song, and so the piano plays started get interesting.

Tigress: Each morning I get up I die a little

Can barely stand on my feet

(Chorus: Take a look at yourself) Take a look in the mirror and cry (Chorus: and cry)

Lord what you're doing to me (Yeah! Yeah!)

I have spent all my years in believing you

But I just can't get no relief, Lord!

Somebody (Chorus: Somebody) somebody (Chorus: Somebody)

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Got no feel, I got no rhythm

I just keep losing my beat (Chorus: She just keep losing and losing)

I'm OK, I'm alright (Chorus: She's alright, she's alright)

Ain't gonna face no defeat (Chorus: Yeah! Yeah!)

I just gotta get out of this prison cell

One day I'm gonna be free, Lord!

Somebody (Chorus: Somebody) somebody (Chorus: Somebody)

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Viper said to her daughters and her friend's children, "You know, kids, your mother and dad and us had been on stage once time."

"I know, Aunt Viper. The time when you and the others went on a mission, and then mom and dad had got accidentally picked up on stage to sing the love song." Hannah repeated the story.

Viper chuckled, "No, that's not it."

"What? There's before?" Hannah asked again.

Crane answered her question, "Yes, sweetie. There was once a time that they danced and I was doing the singing, and Viper did the playing piano."

"How come?" Lilly and Azure asked to their father.

"It's such a long story and it's probably a long time. It's too hard for me to remember it. We'll tell it later and watch your mom another talent." Crane said as they watched back on Tigress's performance. Tigress started getting into the song as she gave more souls in it.

Everyday (Chorus: Everyday), I try and I try and I try

But everybody wants to put me down

They say I'm going crazy

(Aaaah) They say I got a lot of water in my brain

Got no common sense

Together: I got nobody left to believe

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Chorus: Find her somebody to love

Find her somebody to love

Find her somebody to love

Find her somebody to love

Find her somebody to love

Find her somebody to love

Find her somebody to love

Can anybody find me...

When Tigress danced join into the music, but she accidentally tripped! But then, she got caught on Po's arms, Tigress caught his neck and then their eyes locked. They smiled to each other and then Tigress sang the final lyrics.

Tigress: Somebody to love

She pushed her nose against his, and then their lips were met and so the crowds were awed of romantic. But to the children, felt gross of the kiss. And the chorus sang the rest of the song lyrics.

Chorus: Find me somebody to love

Find me somebody to love

Find me somebody to love

Then,the song has ended, the crowds were cheered wildly and the Furious Seven and the in-training Dragon Warriors bowed to them and went back to their celebration. Fireworks blasted loudly and more colourful than the first. And so, people in the valley were all enjoy the festival and the two couples were enjoyed on their ten wedding anniversaries.


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Next Chapter: Back to the Past


"Are we going to be in trouble?" Lilly asked.

"Don't worry, this well wouldn't harmus or anything." Hannah answered firmly.

Just then, a strongly tarnado sucked them into the well, like force them into the well. There was no one in the bamboo forest but a echo of scream in the forest.