He tugged at his tie, the tight fabric combined with the stiff collar making it difficult to breath . Or maybe it was just his heart breaking, that caused him such short of breath.

The wedding had been beautiful. The bride was beautiful, her dark hair flowing behind her, her skin glowing in the sun. Her dress was simple, strapless and glittery white, and it fit remarkably well on her. She was beautiful, but his brother was breathtaking.

It had been hard standing next to him., being his best man. It wasn't right, wasn't right of him to be asked to be best man. Surely his brother wasn't so insensitive to know that this love already twisted a knife in his heart, and that being best man for their wedding would surely kill him?

Nonetheless, he stood by him, clasping him on the shoulder and smiling as she walked down the aisle. Grant it, his smiles were empty and forced, but only his siblings can read that far into his looks.

He stood by his brother as the two lovebirds held hands, while the priest rattled on and on about true love and the sanctimony of marriage. Something that probably shouldn't be corrupted by incest and sodomy, he thought dryly. As the priest announces it is time to exchange rings and vows, he reaches into his coat pocket.

His brother turns to him, all smiles as he hands him the ring. His brother looks at him closely, his smile fading as his eyes crinkle with despair.

"I'm sorry," he whispers, hugging him, "it wouldn't have worked…and I love her, I do." He closes his eyes, and in a defeated voice that is surely not fit for a king, he replies, "Your bride is waiting."

He breaks the hug, heart breaking as his brother cries. He turns back around and smiles for his wife-to-be, able to play the tears off as ones of happiness.

When the priest says "you may kiss the bride" and his brother does just that, he feels that this is all wrong.

Once upon a time, he stood in the same place as this girl before him. The brothers stood tall, crowns on their heads as they were announced husband and husband. It was the happiest day of his life, happiest few years of his life.

But it was ruined, the day they tumbled out of the wardrobe and back into the real world. The world that interrupted is one shot at true happiness, at true love.

And now, with a gun pressed against his temple, he allowed himself to fully break and cry.

'I'll always love you, Ed' he thought, before pulling the trigger.