so anyway, another love triangle, only with another oc. so it's a square, kinda.
this one's going to be more alex orientated, because while watching tnatoday
i fell in love with that cocky bastard. (go look at the banner, because i'm a mark)


peeees. chaps will probably be hella long, because i'll only write this when
i feel stale, or i haven't written for a while. because this is a total re-write
but i really like the idea and know every plot twist so, it's easy for me.

"Jesus baby, if I didn't know any better I would think you were more excited to see her then you were to see me." Mya Jameson giggled, batting her eyelashes and pouting out her full lips. Making sure her fiancé could see all of her perfect puppy-dog pout. Chris Sabin laughed at her, lacing his fingers with hers as he continued to stare around the airport like a hyperactive 6 year old.

Now, they had only been waiting five minutes, but Chris was already out of his mind. Who were they waiting for? I hear you ask. Let me explain. Her name is Bianca Benson, better known as Billie. Better known as Chris Sabin's best girlfriend from Detroit. She had finally decided to come and visit. But why now? Well, she had been cordially invited to not only be maid of honor, but also help plan the wedding of Chris Sabin and Mya Jameson.

"The planes been on the ground for like. Forever! Where is she!?" Chris yelled, staring at all the gates they were surrounded by with that cute little pout. Yeah, you know the one I mean. He had known this girl for beyond years, young Bianca attended East Detroit High School with 600 other kids, and among those kids was a young Josh Harter, but you probably know him as Chris Sabin right?

With their love for wrestling, video games and similar music they hit it off straight away, being practically inseparable. Until Chris left, moved to Canada to complete his training with Scott D'amore. Sure, there were letters and phone calls occasionally. But it wasn't the same. Chris's mind was on wrestling. Billie's mind was on graduating, getting a good job: and that's what they did.

Years later, now wrestling for TNA and being a complete success. Chris returned to his hometown, finding old friends and memories, but no Billie. Where was she? The question he asked all of their old friends. New York, one of the highest paid and most sought after wedding planners in the world. So that's where he went, and after a short flight and sneaking into a wedding she was at the best friends were together again. She was completely different, completely grown up. In fact the only way he knew it was her was thanks to her fiery red hair and bright green eyes.

That night, after hours of talking and drinking and catching up, Chris was introduced to Mya. Sure, Mya and Billie were completely different people. Personality wise and physically, I mean. But somehow they hit it off right away. Billie had been employed by Mya's father to plan his sixth or eighth wedding. And Mya may have been a total brat, a total princess, but it seemed like such a lively friendship. So, somehow, Mya and Billie had become the best of friends. And now, not only being the wedding planner, it seemed Billie had become the matchmaker too, introducing Chris to the one woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, apparently.

"There she is!" Chris stood up, dropping his fiancés hand to go grab the fiery red head up in his huge arms. "Chriiiiiiiiiiiis." She squealed, being such a small girl she was very far off the ground and she was hella scared of heights. He grinned, putting her back on the ground and looking her over with this somewhat 'ghetto' pout on his face. "Day-ummmm girl, you lookin' good." She laughed out loud at her dorky friend. "Yeah? You look terrible, where's my favorite girl!?"

Billie wrapped Mya in a huge hug, although it was hard because of those 6 inch heels Mya was sporting she was at least a half a foot shorter than her. It was then Chris noticed how different the his two girls were, as they stood and told each other how great they looked and grinned like crazy. Mya stood there in her heels and skirt and blouse, running her perfectly manicured nails through her long straight, sandy blonde locks as Billie smiled with her big pearly whites, her bright red hair up and off her face, dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans. Well, you know what they say. Opposites attract.

"You look great, Mya! How you feeling." Billie smiled at her best girlfriend. Mya grinned like a child and held up her ring. "Look at that rock, how could I not be happy!?" Billie laughed. I think that summed up Mya in a whole, don't you?

Just as she opened her mouth to reply a pair of strong arms wrapped around her from behind. She freaked out, seeing Chris standing next to Mya and having no idea who the hell was picking her up. "What the fuc-" "Hey, watch your lip young lady!" She grinned as both her feet were placed back on the ground. She spun around and wrapped her arms around the man.

"Alex, I missed you!" She grinned as his strong arms replaced themselves around her. He laughed into her hair and placed a kiss on her head. "I missed you too, punkin'." She smiled, pulling away from him. "You gotta stop calling me that." "Now, why would I stop calling you that when it makes you smile?" She grinned and then realized. "Look at your hair!" She yelled, running her hands over the short Mohawk. He frowned and swatted her hand away. "Hey bub, watch it." He spiked it all back up and she laughed. "Dig the sides, Shelley." She smiled, letting her fingers run through the groves on the sides of little Mohawk. The last time he saw her, he was sporting that cute little two tone thing.

"You look great, by the way-" Billie smiled as Alex continued to talk to her about something, while running his hand through the bottoms of her red hair like always. She didn't care about what anyone said, he was the sweetest guy in the world, and she really, really liked him. He was a badass, but don't get me started on that ass, she could really get used to staring at that ass. Totally grope-able. The guy you wouldn't tell your 'rents about.

"Yo, B!" Billie turned and had to keep herself from screaming. Now I don't know what you've heard about Samoa Joe. But that motherfucker, is the sweetest, most charming teddy bear in the world. She jumped into his arms and smiled. "You look great Joe, what have you been doing with yourself!" She grinned as he set her down, as Alex walked up behind them, feeling somewhat rejected.

"Nothing B, nothing. How are you over there in NY?" He smiled at her. How could you not love Joe? I mean that smileeeeee. Joe was the type you could fall in love with, take home to your Mom.

"Yo! We gotta get back to the hotel, hurry the flip up!" Mya yelled at the little group. Billie laughed at her girlfriend, that girl would refuse to drop the F-Bomb in public but in the privacy of her own home would say it like it was going out of style.

Chris smiled at them. "-And start planning!" Mya squeeled, grabbing onto Chris's waiting hand. Billie rolled her eyes and began walking toward baggage claim. A arm wrapped around hers and she turned to see Chris giving her a big smile before planting a kiss on her temple. "I'm really glad you're here, B." She smiled and stopped herself from blushing.

Chris Sabin. There was the man she loved.