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Here he was again, in that old familiar airport. Searching the faces of everyone who walked by him just waiting for her.

He stood, trying to get a better look.
There, there she was. He had spotted her just as he did last time, her bright red hair straightened down to her shoulders. The only difference, apart from a few years of age, not that it really showed. The child held to her hip, and the ring on her finger.

The brunette grinned as she walked closer, her huge pearly whites gleaming as he held out his arms. She walked closer, being enclosed in his big arms with a laugh- making sure not to crush the child of course.

He kissed her head, breathing in the fruity smell of her hair with a smile. He caught glimpse of the ring on his finger and smiled wider. After the whole wedding fiasco he never thought he would wind up married with a kid in a few short years, but, I guess he found the right girl.

"Yo guys, hurry up!" He turned to see his blue eyed best friend with his new girlfriend, grinning at the pair. (and he said he was never going to find a woman, hah.) "Okay, hold on." He turned back to his wife and smiled before sharing a kiss.

"I missed you punkin'"
"I missed you too, Alex."