Me: Ok, this is a fic made by me, because I was really getting bored… and this went to my mind. I had this idea for maybe a week. So now, I'm making it happen.

By the way, I do not own the characters in this fic. They are all from Sebastian Rooke.


They were on the skiff now.

Going back to Paris was welcoming for them, despite the fact that they have defeated Camazotz once and for all, bringing the melted amulet with them for proof in the museum. It was for a while until Jack Harkett, Ben and Emily Cole, and Edwin Sherwood were now back in Paris.

They saw their old friend, Dominique, half crying and half rejoicing, for she has seen her friends back there, especially Jack, whom she really cared about.

They just went down from the skiff, and when Jack saw Dominique, his eyes gleamed with joy and hugged her gently. Emily and Ben rushed to catch up with Jack, with Edwin behind. They were all confused.

"Dominique! What on earth are you doing here? I thought you were in Toulon, with you mother?"

"Well, things changes, my dear lady Cole. I convinced my mother to move here so that I can feel closer to home. And it did, my mother, I mean, not you. So uh… what are you all waiting for? Let's go outside!"

There was a limousine waiting for them all and they went inside. Jack told Dominique everything that happened.

"Wow Jack! I never knew you were that brave! Uh… I mean, all of you. Not just Jack. So is Camazotz really defeated? I don't want you to go now, not again."

"Well, ain't there any more vampires here, except in Halloween." Jack said with a smile.

"Very funny, Jack. So, uh… Uncle Edwin, are we there yet?"

"Hmm… not yet, Emily. Not yet."

When they got there, the Coles hurriedly went up to their room, provided by the vicomte, so they can pack their stuff. Jack stayed for a while to talk to Dominique.


"Yes Jack?"

"I'll just ask, but did you miss me?"

"Well, yes. I did."

"So, are you gonna miss me when I leave?"



Just before Dominique could say more, Edwin went out of the limousine.

"Hey! Why are you two still there? Why aren't you packing? We've got a boat to catch!"

Jack looked bewildered. "We?"

Dominique put her finger over his lips. "Aww… I've should've told you. I'm going with you to London."

Jack just replied with a smile.