Part 3 of Their Return

Part 4 of Their Return

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"Wake up guys!" Dominique yelled.

"Wha…. What's wrong?" Emily said, still scratching her eyes.

"Jack… Jack's been kidnapped!"

Emily and Ben's eyes grew wide. "WHAT?"

"But how could that happen? Jack can take down any man that hurts him! I know, I saw it." Ben scratched his head, thinking of why Jack was kidnapped.

"Hey guys, look." Emily pointed to a note on Jack's bed.

All bundled up to see the note. It said…

Hey guys,

I'm trapped! There's this guy that got me when I was still asleep! I need you here! It's dark, musty, all that stuff. And it won't be long before I go out here and be hurt. Help!


"Well, that's strange." Ben said. "Jack still doesn't know how to write. How did he write this letter?"

"The stranger did. I saw him with Jack, but I don't know what happened to him. Jack was following the man without any ropes or cuffs. I also saw that he was staring at him… Oh, Jack, what happened to you?" Dominique said, with a tear rolling down her cheek.

Emily wiped it with her hanky. "Don't worry Dominique, we'll find him!"

She just smiled.

It was dark and musty. Jack was still under the spell. "Here. Stay there."

"Yes, sir."

The door closed in front of him, and he sat down the corner, still in a trance. But inside his head the real Jack woke up.

"What… what's all this ruckus? Let me out!" he screamed in the chamber that he was stuck in his mind.

"That can't happen, dear boy." A voice said.

"No! You can't trap me in here forever!" he yelled back at the voice, and then covered his ears for the voice was emitting a loud roar that almost destroyed his ears.

"You can't…trap me… in here for… ever…" Jack said, after that he fainted.

The door opened again. "Come here, dear boy." The man said.

Jack stood up and followed the man.

"Can you do me a favor?" the man said.

"Whatever you say, I'll follow and do." Jack said.

"I want you to kill your friends. But first, you need to kill one of the people on board to prove to me you can go to this level." The man just smirked at him.

Jack just grinned, in a way that will make you creep out.

Unknown to the two, Carla Way, the vampire, was on board and was watching him. He's not the boy I saw that day. I need to contact his friends. With that she sprinted fast, too fast to be seen by the naked eye. She ran towards the friends while they were walking on the ship. She crashed to them and they were all pushed toward the side.

"Who do you think you are to—" Emily said, but was muffled because Carla put her hand on her mouth. "Ssshhh."

"Why?" her voice was still muffled.

"I saw your friend. Remember me?" she stood up under the sun, and they all saw that she was pale. She had violet eyes and a scratch on her left cheek. She lend a hand for them to get up. "You can just call me Carla. And don't worry, I'm worth trusting." She said with a wink.