Shainingu Kadou: The Beginning

Shainingu Kadou: The Beginning

Gritting and baring his teeth.

He blinked and blinked again, trying to fight unconsciousness.

He screamed as shallow pain came and came again.

He was almost to the surface.

Power surged brightly but his pain came back evilly.

He cracked his left eye open…

He felt like he wanted to scream in frustration and pain. Nothing ever was working with this world!

He finally opened his right eye…


Chapter 2: The Saiyan-Ninja Hybrid, Broly

"Amazing." Jiraiya said.

"Astounding." Orochimaru's voice broke through.

"Just… wow!" Tsunade tried not to scream in awe.

A power displayed itself throughout the forest and the newly appointed Hokage told them to check it out. Using the Shunshin no Jutsu, they were well on their way to the Northern Konoha Forest. In an instant, they found the commencer of such power.

A boy, a boy who didn't look like he was even five yet. Nineteen-year-old Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru looked in fascination as the boy. As this power rose, so did the landscape of the forest. It looked like rocks were scattered and floating about. Trees were thrown back and erased from the forest. The aura around him was like a maelstrom, which was baffling. Chakra wasn't supposed to be visible, aurous or kicking up dirt like it was its pastime or even creating typhoons to razed, uproot and destroy trees, no chakra was supposed to be destructive like this. They stared at the boy and the golden aura for a few moments until the boy seem to become lifeless and fell down.

The three young Jounin rushed down to grab the boy, as Tsunade put him in her arms. "What kind of boy could do such a thing, not to mention his power like that… what do you suppose that was, Jiraiya and Orochimaru?"

"I don't know." He shrugged, completely not knowing. "Maybe it's a bloodline?"

"Could be." Orochimaru's monotone voice assumed. "Whatever it is, Saru-sensei wants us to go and report to him. Bring the boy, we'll explain to him."

And all three started walking, the boy's blue eyes woke up for a second and then fell deeply to his unconsciousness. His last thought was this, 'Why do I have pillows in my face?' (1)


Sarutobi blew out some smoke, which Tsunade thought was a bad habit. 'Doesn't he know that's just cancer on a stick?'

"Ah, so you tell me that this boy is the source of such power? How could that be?" Sarutobi thought to himself this, 'His body and power was discharging murderous intents, evil and vile thoughts but he's just a young lad. He couldn't even be more than five-years-old! I don't understand.'

"Yes, sensei." Orochimaru softly said. "I have never seen such raw power." The rest didn't see it, but Orochimaru shuddered in twisted delight. 'Oh, how I wish to have such power… maybe-'

Tsunade interrupted his thoughts. "Orochi is current, Saru-sensei. The boy did radiate that power. We all watched as he did." She shuddered too, but not in delight, in shock and somewhat fear. "I… never saw such power that was so… dark."

Sarutobi nodded. "Yes, I know what you mean, Tsunade-chan. When I first felt that power, I compared it that of a demon's energy."

"A demon's energy, how could that be, Saru-sensei? You don't suppose-"

Sarutobi waved his hand to Jiraiya, shaking his head. "No, I don't think he is a demon. I'm just saying his power is too 'dark' to be for a young boy. I doubt he even has knowledge of that power or how to use chakra. This boy is different from ordinary people."

Tsunade scoffed. "I'll say."

Jiraiya chuckled, making others turn their heads. "So, Tsunade-hime, like to tell Saru-sensei how cute the boy was?"

Tsunade started to bring a tinge of splashed red to her cheeks; blushingly glaring at Jiraiya, she roared. "Jiraiya, you idiot, stop this nonsense!"

"What? First time seeing a boy's-"

"If you value your 'manly parts', Jiraiya," She spoke sarcastically, air-quoting "manly parts" to insult Jiraiya's ego badly. "I suggest you stop."

Jiraiya brushed it off with a shrug, even smirking. "Funny you say about 'manly parts'. You seem to gawk at the boy's. Wow, never knew you were a crib-snatcher, princess."

Sarutobi and Orochimaru sighed as they heard Tsunade's ballistic scream pitch through them and flinched as they saw her swift and strong legs kick at Jiraiya and him hollowing pain in the most painful spot anybody could hit him.

Sarutobi closed his eyes, cigarette still dangling out his orifice. "I'll decided to talk to him tomorrow. It's getting late. You three go home and rest. You do have a mission tomorrow, one taking hidden Rain ninja Hanzo in a battle. Get some shuteye. I'll see you guys at 12:00 tomorrow." (2) All three nodded and left the office in a second.

Sarutobi averted his vision to where they first stood and turned to the crumpled form of the outlandish boy who slept on his floor. He smoked the last of his cigarette for a few minutes and waited until the nicotine settled in. He sneered at himself. "What a nasty habit I have."

He crouched down to pick up the boy and left the Hokage's office to go to his home in the Hokage mansion, not too far from here. A goodnight's rest helped everybody once in a while and the man in his thirties didn't oppose with that statement. Boy, was he tired.


(Next Day; 6:00 A.M.)

Since he found himself in another body not too long ago now, Broly hated waking up in places he didn't know of.

'I guess my Super Saiyan powers are severely weakened. This body will surely need some training; actually 'some' is an understatement. This body need a lot of training.' He rolled his hands in and out its socket and felt somewhat relieve to feel his hand was no longer numb and tense. He mumbled to himself as he wanted to destroy something so badly, but he didn't know where he was now, so he couldn't play dirty.

'Personally, I believe I could demolish this place with ease. All the signatures - in this city or whatever- are relatively weak. There about three signatures that are high from the others but not by a lot and then, there's another one, highest in the village but still a portion of my former power.'

He frowned to the highest degree. 'Those four signatures could beat me in this body without much a sweat. One of them could actually hurt me a lot. Sad really how Fate works. Just wait until I get back at you; you and your master.' He grunted as he hopped out the bed he was sleeping in, throwing the sheets on the floor carelessly.

He widened his eyes as he felt something pang his mind. 'One of those signatures are present in this residence?!'

He growled and barked dangerously. 'Oh, how I wish to kill all these flesh-bags; to pop their flesh open like a balloon and make them swallow my Blaster Shell technique. Oh, how I hate my existence sometimes.'

But he remember back last night, when he blew up that animal and its screams scrambled his brain, shaking it in a black twister of sadism; all pleasure to the monster that was Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan. 'Well, my existence has its moments, yes. That deer look so happy. It made me disgusted, literally. I had to put it out of its happiness to end my misery.'

He splayed a smirk on his face as he walked down the steps. It didn't take too long to see two people at a table, one sipping on coffee and other making breakfast. Broly had no use for stealth or keeping his presence unknown; pride was Broly's chemical and damnation. With every step, it seemed like Broly was trying to make the Earth quake under his naked feet.

The man turned and smiled, as did the woman. "Ah, welcome, young man. How was your sleep?"

Broly almost sneered at the flesh-bug cheerful and happy but decided that his pride didn't belong here. The signature radiating off this man was higher than his current one, he had to know his place. He bit his tongue back, trying not to scream and spew curses at the older man. "Ah, fine." Broly blinked and stare down at his lips. Did-why, did his voice so, so wimpy?

"Ah, great. You like your new clothing? After all, we did fine you bare nude out there." Broly noticed the man was holding back laughter. Broly sighed; laughter wasn't good if it wasn't spent on happy thoughts such as destruction, chaos, killing, genocide, homo-

"So, I notice you didn't have a reaction to when we said you were naked." The older man still barely contained his laughter; Broly pouted angrily at him interrupting his happy thoughts. Sending a small, heated glare at the man – Which nobody else caught - Broly shrugged to when the man said that. In his mind, he also felt like shrugging.

Nudity to him was just a second nature really. He didn't really care if he fought clothed, barely clothed or even naked, as long as he killed for his needs; the bloodlust of Broly was just to great to feel shame of his body… well, his former body.

"I… have been live in the forest, here and now." He lied without so much of a heartbeat's trouble. Broly had a heart, a heart that's soul purpose was just to keep him alive. It had nothing to do with his feelings or emotions or even his soul. 'If I even had one.' Broly smirked brightly at his dry joke.

The flesh-bug nodded. "Aren't you famished, boy? Would you like some breakfast?"

For once, he nodded to somebody's kindness. 'Saves me the trouble of blast your wife's head open and demanding breakfast from you, flesh-bug.'

And so, the Saiyan dug in this foreign food, which he quickly seemed to like. It was called "pancakes, sausage, egg and cheese". 'Well, I have to give it to them, they created something good.'

The man and his wife watched in awe and morbid fascination as the boy tackled the food single-handedly. "Wow, that boy must haven't ate in a century, huh dear?"

The woman nodded wordlessly. What an appetite.

Unknown to them, Broly felt this was one of his second natures sated: eating. Any Saiyan ate like a pig because of their need of nutrients, sugars, fat and carbohydrates; the Saiyan body was built on high metabolism, strength that rivaled gods but they seemed to lose a lot of weight easily. It was their bodies' purposes: to be hardened and ready for battle but strong enough not to be a toothpick. Broly attacked the food so easily, so easily. He was also surprised so much of his hunger.

'It's like I haven't eaten in a millennia.' He thought. 'Damn, this "coffee" taste good.'

The man and woman watched in widening-eye shock as he started taking down some coffee… from its pitcher, still hot from when the man's wife made the coffee.

"That's really a powerful appetite, huh dear?" He turned around as he didn't see her or hear from her. "Dear?"

When almost tripped on something, he found out that something was his wife, fainted like a fish. He sighed and got her in the chair as her form slumped in it. He walked to the boy as he stopped eating. "So, boy, where did you come from?"

Broly stared at the man, before sipping on this "coffee". "Did I say it? I came from the forest."

The man waved his hand. "Yes, yes, that much is true but where did you come from? Where were you born at?"

"Oh," Broly nervously said. He didn't know where the hell he was now, so how could he say where he was. Suddenly, a thought popped in his head, oh how it would fun to lie like this. The boy Broly portrayed as stared down at his now socked feet and sighed, seemingly melancholy. "Well, I don't know. I have no parents or family."

The older man's face rocked into an "O" shaped. "I'm sorry."

"No, don't be. I decided to live it, you know? I had… my shared tears of not having a family." Broly blinked at himself, and soon felt that he was starting to tell the truth. "I had no real father, he abandoned me a long time ago." It was true actually; his father only saw him as a weapon he could use and to control whenever his bloodlust wanted to be sated. His father was gone from him at long time ago. "And, I never had no meaning of the word 'mother'."

This was also true. He was like all other Saiyan babies, created by a test tube. His father's sperm and a random woman whore (As Broly nonchalantly called her) was the birth of him and he was messed up like any other one of them. Kakarot was probably the only happy person but maybe because he was blissful unaware of his Saiyan prowess until he was an adult. What a fool, Broly would every time sneer of that weasel known as Son Goku.

The man stared at him with something he first mistaken as pity: empathy. For once, Broly felt something surge inside him albeit it was small and almost nonexistence but it seemed prevailing enough to make its presence clear. He felt a small smile in him, a sigh of happiness that- 'NO! This isn't empathy; it's pity, pity I tell you. The man doesn't understand me and I don't want him to.' As much he wanted to sound apathetic, he felt bitterness climb inside him.

Although the man was blissfully ignorant, he saw a small scowl come on the boy's face. He sighed. "Do you have a name, my boy? What should I call you?"

The saiyan looked at the man; he wasn't going to tell him his true name no matter how much his pride and ego screamed at him to do. He shrugged. "Whatever you want to call me. I don't care."

The man grinned. "How about Minato, Minato Namikaze?"

Broly frowned. "Harbor of the Wave Winds?"

The man rubbed his head, looking almost zany. "What? It's a good name. People tend to like names with meanings."

Broly shrugged, trying to hold back a frown. It sounded better than his regular name, actually, though pride didn't let him show it. 'After all, my real name is a pun off of that human vegetable, "Brock-lee".' (3)

"Fine, you can call me Minato." Minato pointed to him. "What's your name, old man?"

The man felt a tick in his head but calmed himself, pouting at that last comment. 'I'm not that old, damn it.'

"It's Sasuke, Sasuke Sarutobi."

"Monkey? Your last name means 'monkey'? That's stupid."

"Well, it does run in the family, can't change it now." He grinned.

Minato's eyebrow arched. "'Can't change it now'? What do you mean?"

Sarutobi chuckled. "Come, Minato-kun, I want show you something."

Minato frowned. "What the hell did he call me? A 'kun'?" (4)


As they walked out to the balcony, Sarutobi sat on the pole and laughed. "Do you know where you are Minato-kun?"

Minato frowned. 'I hope he isn't insulting me. I would like to kill him in battle than killing him with blasting my attacks at him.' "No."

"Well, this is the village of Konohagakure and I'm the leader, the Hokage." Sarutobi said, a little too proudly.

"What's a Hoagie?" Sarutobi guffawed at Minato's question. (5)

"Well, lad, Hokage is a title that belongs to the ninja leader of the rest of the ninjas."

Minato noted this. It was a monarchy basically, one man in power. He easily compared this to the former king of his home planet that was Planet Vegeta. The king was insipidly named the planet; King Vegeta was the man's name. A name for a roach that feared his power, much like everybody on that planet. Fearful of what he could do to them.

Ah, good memories. "And… what is this 'ninja' you speak of, Monkey?" He almost laughed at Sarutobi's eye twitching when he called by that name. Well, that's what his name means, Broly thought to himself with feign innocence. 'If I'm capable of it, ha-ha!'

"A ninja is a warrior of his or her village. Ninja seem to be heroes of complete honor and assassin built in dark." Minato's eyes tinged at the word "assassin".

"Are these ninjas' sole purpose to serve the state and government?"

Sarutobi nodded. "You're pretty smart for a youngling. Yes, some deem it as fascism and yes, in a way, it is. I like to think of it as a simple degree of the government to make the ninja uphold a sense of honor and chivalry."

Minato nodded, still smirking. "So, a ninja kills for the state's best interest."

Sarutobi cringed. Why would a boy be talking about killing? "Well, Minato-kun, it's more than that. The sole purpose is for the ninja to do whatever it is to protect the village, the state and the head of the state." He took a breath in. Even the mention of killing still made him wince. "Yes, if either three of these things are threatened, then the ninja is obligated to kill but we do not kill for useless reason, Minato-kun." Sarutobi's eyes widened and then narrowed when Minato seemed to frown.

"Minato-kun, we usually assign a ninja a mission, ranking from E to S, S being the highest, however S can become even higher with the threat of extreme danger. The highest ranking has been a SS mission. The higher in rank you are, the more eligible you are for higher missions. Ranked missions D and E do not involve in killing or violence. C may have you dispatch of bandits and minor lowly ranked ninjas. B may have you fight higher-ranking ninjas and A most likely has you fight more dangerous ninjas. S-Ranked missions are on another whole pedestal, you most likely will have to dispatch of dangerous ninjas that are present in a documented book of dangerous ninjas called 'The Bingo Book'."

"Huh, interesting." Minato/Broly smiled in his head massively. 'Excellent, ninjas now interest me. Maybe, I could become one and easily rise in the ranks with my powers.' "Monkey?"

Sarutobi tried not to break his teeth with his gritting. "Yes, Minato-kun?"

"Can I become a ninja?" Minato asked.

"I figured you wanted to be a ninja with all the questions but may I ask why?"

Broly knew he could lie like a snake in the grass and grinned, as his face was shadowed under golden locks of hair. "I… I want to become stronger, stronger than I am." That much wasn't a lie; Broly did desire to become strong enough. "I want to be strong enough to protect anything of mines." Broly in his mind laughed. 'I want to be strong enough to raze this planet and turn it into a waste field if that's what I mean?'

Sarutobi smiled; it seemed to work, that lie. "Minato-kun that is a good reason to become a ninja. Ninja-hood isn't about testing out your strength and finding ways to kill your opponent." Broly frowned. "It's about protecting everything you love."

Minato nodded, although felt his stomach turned at Sarutobi's tasteless statement. 'Ugh, I have to remind myself to kill you first, Monkey.'

Sarutobi turned to the village. "You will start off small and then, hopefully, will grow to become one strong ninja in the village. In order to become a ninja, you must first enter the Ninja Academy and rise up to the rank of Genin."

Minato nodded. Sarutobi shook his head. "However, you must have your villager ID first and a passport. I can get you that and you will be able to enter the academy when it starts in two months."

'Two months?!'

"I'm sorry, Minato-kun but with the last graduation, the school has to prepare the class for the next graduation set. Until then, you should harness and learn how to use…" Sarutobi paused. "Well, just harness your strength." 'Was about to say "chakra" but I don't think he has chakra. His power aren't like regular humans.' He frowned slightly at that, but quickly let it go.

"Anyway, Minato-kun, you will have somebody help you become strong and show you the way of the ninja." He didn't act shocked when Minatoo frowned. Minato nodded, however after the prospect of becoming a ninja.

Minato hid a devilish smirk. "Sure, Hokage Sarutobi. Who is this person who will teach me?"

Sarutobi smiled. "Well, your sensei will walk in, in three… two… one…"

"Hey, sorry I'm late, Saru- YOU!!" Minato frowned at the person who stood there.


A/N: Kay, this is the end of the chapter, I hoped you enjoyed it.

Notes/Quotes Explaination

1) 'Why do I have pillows in my face?' - Broly/Minato doesn't know it, but he's referring to Tsunade's breasts. XD, I'm such a pervert.

2) "I'll decided to talk to him tomorrow. It's getting late. You three go home and rest. You do have a mission tomorrow, one taking hidden Rain ninja Hanzo in a battle. Get some shuteye. I'll see you guys at 12:00 tomorrow." - Reference to "Salmander" Hanzo (or the Amphibian Lord) who bestowed the title of "Sannin" or "The Legendary Three Ninjas" to Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru. It's said that Hanzo to be a powerful warrior of the first wars in the world of Ninjas. The Akatsuki leader, Pein in his country, Amegakure later in the Naruto series, defeats Hanzo. Hanzo will make an appearance in this story, as of many others that I'm interested in.

3) 'After all, my real name is a pun off of that human vegetable, "Brock-lee".' – Broly mispronounces the word broccoli as, if you break it down, Brock-Lee sounds like the vegetable. Dry humor on my part.

4) "What the hell did he call me? A 'kun'?" - Broly is obviously not familiar to Japanese suffixes used in the Japanese-styling of the Naruto series, so he was confused as why Sarutobi called him 'Minato-kun'. He thinks that Sarutobi insulted him but he doesn't know that "-kun" is a term of endearment to a young boy.

5) "What's a Hoagie?" – Broly mispronounces the word "Hokage" and calls it "Hoagie" because it sounds similar to him. Again, dry humor on my part.

I decided that this story would be Adventure/Humor. Romance will come up later in the story because of Broly/Minato meets that one chick that can actually hotheaded and we all know who it is, wink-wink.

Pretty much this sticks to canon, so don't think Broly is going to have a Harem or something. It also fuses aspects of the original Shainingu Kadou to it, so old fans don't fret. I don't know how long will this story be, I'll try to make the chapters a nice size. The story has good potential for my writing. Sex/lemons will be in here, probably only one, however with the main character getting it on with his main lover.

I'm going to try making it funny too so you guys can get a laugh out of it and make some good fighting scenes, forgive me if most of mines are bad. Ah well, here's the preview for the next chapter.

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