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I Still Don't Understand

How do couples normally react when they know that they're expecting their first child? Haruka imagined that many couples would be excited and delighted as they would try to prepare for some of the best but also most exhausting times of their lives. For Haruka, she was terrified. Satoshi had no idea what goes on in the female body whilst anything Takeshi tries to teach him about sex goes straight out of his head.

The education was just a little too late, she had been carrying Satoshi's child for four weeks. Since then, she thought of nothing else but that night in the hotel. It was her one and only time she had made love and she ended up getting pregnant. She wished she had listened to her brother. As annoying as he is, he was an intelligent lad with good intentions.

Haruka thought it was one of the best nights she had in a long time. Her time as a Co-ordinator was sometimes frustrating and tiring, but she enjoyed what she did. She loved the fashion aspect of dressing up, and also the fighting side of it all. She was grateful to have met Satoshi and know him as a friend, mentor and lover. He still managed to send Haruka shivers down her spine.

She also admired Satoshi's innocence. He was determined to take the world by storm with his skills, but he was also dense and sensitive to the world around him. He was one of the bravest and most fragile heroes that she had ever met. He had inspired her to be the woman that she was today. She would vow to love her pokemon the way that he did. Always maintaining a special bond.

Satoshi's world had been turned upside down with the news of the pregnancy. He knew it wouldn't have been wise to have sex again, but there was a chance that he would have been scared for life. They still needed to spread the news to Satoshi's mother, Hanako. Haruka wondered if Hanako would have taken the news the same way as her mother, Mitsuko would? Or maybe Hanako would slap her and despise Haruka for giving her son sexual positions he had no idea even existed. It was awkward enough with Masato keeping a close eye on her. There was almost no privacy between Satoshi or Haruka anymore.

Regardless of how scared she was of Hanako, Haruka had to tell her. Or maybe Satoshi should tell her once he gets his act together. Satoshi still didn't understand what he had done to Haruka. If the consequences were much lighter, they would have listened to Masato. Haruka didn't properly think about the consequences until she got pregnant. Haruka was so excited and devoured by the passion that logic was drowned in her emotions.

Takeshi's ego had been scared forever as a decline in confidence stops his quest for true love. Takeshi was a wonderful guy, but is over the top when it comes to affections. He falls in love with every women he sees and smitten with strangers. It was a serious problem as he had almost been arrested as there were some people who found his manners scary. Haruka felt sorry for him in the romance department, but she was sure that he'll be able to find someone. In Haruka's opinion, they both overrated; especially Takeshi.

Hanako's visit was unexpected. She told Haruka that the journey had been tiring and boring. Hanako smiled and patted Haruka's back. "I'm so happy for you and Satoshi," she said. "He still changes his underwear everyday, doesn't he?"

"Um... of course he does," Haruka replied. "Satoshi will be happy to see you too. We've got some big news. I'll go and find Satoshi." Haruka ran upstairs to find Satoshi. She managed to find them both, but Pikachu's face remained a whiter shade of pale. Satoshi had been keeping his legs crossed since. Bless them, Haruka thought. "Satoshi, your mom's here."

"What?" he croaked. "She knows?"

"No she doesn't," Haruka said, "but we've got to tell her."

"What if she gets angry?"

"Come on Satoshi, we've got to tell her."

"You've got to tell her. It's better coming from us, then it would be from Masato or Takeshi."

Satoshi turned to Pikachu and asked, "Hey Pikachu, what do you think."

"Pika Pi (Tell her)!" Pikachu quickly replied. Haruka smiled.

"Are you ready?" Haruka asked.

"Ready when you are," Satoshi replied. The pair held onto each other's hands as they walked down the stairs. They knew it wasn't going to be easy, but Haruka thought it she told them all now, that she could get the support. Abortion was out of the question, she hated the concept of killing a child, and that was what was growing inside of her. With Hanako's support, Satoshi may be a lot more prepared to fatherhood. Deep down, Haruka knew that Satoshi would remain a child at heart. "Hi mom!"

"Hi honey," Hanako replied. She ran up the stairs to give her son a great hug. "Now what's this big news? Is it good or bad news."

"You'll have to wait until we tell you..." Satoshi murmured. "It was pretty unexpected ourselves." The three of them sat on the sofa in Haruka's living room. "I don't even know how to really tell you. You know that Haruka and I love each other."

"Of course you do," Hanako replied. "You two make a sweet couple."

"We did something that night when we were at the hotel...," Haruka added to help Satoshi explain the situation.

"Did you propose?" Hanako asked in excitememnt. "OH MY GOSH MY BABY'S GETTING MARRIED."

"I didn't propose," Satoshi shouted. "Something else happened... Haruka's pregnant."

Hanako's ecstatic expression dropped into a face of horror. Satoshi gulped, he had never seen his mother had such a squinted look before. Hanako grabbed onto Satoshi's shirt and roared, "WHY DIDN'T YOU USE PROTECTION?"

"What protection?" Satoshi squealed. "It was my first time and I still don't understand half of it."

"Oh," Hanako groaned, "I knew I should have told you about these things. You're still my baby and because you were our training I didn't think you needed to know."

"Sorry Mom," Satoshi whispered.

"Hey what are you saying sorry for?" Hanako asked. Hanako seemed to be all of a sudden happy for some odd reason. "You're having my first grandchild. I shouldn't be mad, I should be happy. MY BABY'S HAVING A BABY!" Hanako squealed with delight. "Well done you guys, but you've got to take it easy now."