J is for Joke

Squalo, Lussuria and Belphegor was sitting outside, on the terrace.
Bel was leaning against the railing, looking out at the sea.
Squalo and Lussuria sat in chairs, also ,looking at the white horses riding on the waves.
"Heeey, Bel." Squalo said in his usually loud voice.
The young genious looked at the swordsman.
"Yes?" he asked, his usual grin plastered on his face.
It weakened when Squalo's face came inches away from the young genius.
Belphegor blushed a tiny bit, as his heart skipped a beat.
"I love you." the shark said.
Bel blushed a beet red.
"W-w-what?" he asked, his stomach filling up with butterflys.
Squalo lauged at the boys blush.
"It was a joke." the shark said.
Lussuria saw Bel's smile falter, and a look of dissapointment crwpt on the blonds face.
"Squalo, I don't think that was neccessary." the kindest of the Varia said.
"Huh?" Well, obviously, Squalo weren't the smartest of person.
"Didn't you see Bel's reaction to what you said"
"He said 'what'. Isn't that a good clue to what he thought of it?" the silverhair said irritably, glaring at Lussuria.
"But when you said it was a joke." Lussurai said, and Bel realised that his disapointed look hadn't gone unnoticed.
He bent his head down a little in shame.
Squalo looked between the other two Varia.
He focused on the boy in front of him.
The boy looked ashamed, embarrased and something like- dissapontment?
"Wait, does that mean you love me too?!" Squalo asked, surprised when the blond nodded slowly.
"Sorry. When you flinched like that I thought you didn't like me, so I joked it off"
Bel looked up, Squalo seeing a glint of gray eyes.
"S'that true?" Bel asked, unsure if he should belive the other.
Squalo scratched his head in embarrasment.
"Yeah. Um... I dunno what to say"
He jusmped a little, seeing tearstreaks fall down Bel's pale cheeks.
"Well, I better leave now"
Lussuria hurriedly walked away, leaving a confused Squalo with an uncharacteristically crying prince.