Edward's eyes open immediately the moment the soft drumming of raindrops on his windowpane starts, flashes of a weak moment in the last warm summer rain invading his mind.

Wet blond hair clinging to ice-white skin just as wet clothes cling to the lean, chiselled body he's so close to but shouldn't be. Soft, full lips pressing against his fiercely and he doesn't stop it, his own prying tongue deepening the forbidden kiss instead. A whisper. "I want you."

He snaps out of the memory, trying to focus on something else, but he can almost feel the warm rain washing over his cold skin, feel the closeness to the other vampire, just feel.

Smooth hands running up his body, one tangling in his hair, lips locked in another breath-taking kiss even if they don't breathe. Desire coursing through his veins, the feeling doubled, tripled by Jasper's own desire projecting onto him as well. Big amber eyes, imperceptibly darker than his own, settling on his face. "Please..."

Without even realising Edward is on his feet, subconsciously wandering towards the window. His eyes fall onto the figure lurking beneath his window, a wave of sadness washing over him as he softly shakes his head and the figure is gone in a flash. Edward traces a raindrop's path on his window, wondering if he could ever forget that moment.

Cold skin against cold skin, joined by warm summer rain. Feeling without restraint, touching without fear of breaking something. Just feeling.

A memory triggered by warm rain. Rain that would always come back to remind him to feel. Just feel.