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Chapter One: Telling Me

(Bella POV)

I lightly rolled over on my left side towards my window. I opened my eyes and stared straight into the bright sun that was shining through my opened window.

"Edward," I mummbled. I egarly waited for his arms to come over me. When nothing happened, I turned on my right side. He wasn't there.

"Edward?" I said a little louder. Still no answer. He wasn't even in the room.

It had taken a while to get Charlie to agree, but he finally let Edward stay over at night. He couldn't stay in my room though. He had to stay in a room that was at the opposite end of the hallway. He had to go to 'sleep' in his room at exactly 10:00, weekend or not. Of course, when Charlie went to sleep, he came into my room and laid with me. We hadn't gotten caught...yet.

"Charlie must have gotten up to go fishing or something," I got up and glanced at the clock. It was 9:30 in the morning and it was Friday. I quickly made my bed and left my room. I hurried down the hallway, stopping at Charlie's door. It was open a crack. I peeked in. It was empty. I walked the rest of the way down the hallway to Edward's room. I looked down the stairs into the kitchen. No one there, either. I scratched my head. I turned to his door and knocked quietly.

"Edward?" I quietly said.

"Bella?" I heard my angel say from downstairs. I looked and he appeared at the bottem. I literally flew down the stairs and into his arms. He laughed and kissed my forehead.

"Goodmorning," he quietly said. He set me down gently. I took his hand in mine.

"What are you doing up?" we began to walk towards the living room. As we entered the small room, I saw Charlie sitting in his chair with the TV turned onto the news. He wasn't paying atttention to it, though. He turned towards us and smiled.

"Hey, Bells. Sleep well?" he smiled. There was something, evil, behind that smile.

"Yeah," I answered, confused. "Is something wrong?"

"Wrong? Nope, everything's fine." he said, but I could tell he was lying. I glanced up to Edward. He was smiling my crooked smile, but had that same evilness behind it.

"What?" he asked. I raised my eyebrow. He copied; it made me laugh.

"Sit," I pointed towards the couch across from Charlie. He smiled and walked to it, dragging me behind. He sat down and I stood infront of him.

"Sit down, silly. We have to tell you something," he smiled. Charlie laughed. What the hell was going on? I sat down next to him. He grabbed my hand again.

"So?" I asked. I heard Edward's angelic laugh.

"Well," Edward shifted in his seat lightly. "Alice called me this morning. Apparently, Carlisle decided to take a family vacation for the weekend. He wanted you to come, too." I smiled brightly. I had been wanting to spend some time with his family for awhile. I glanced at Charlie and was about to speak.

"Ah," he raised his hand. I stopped. "He already asked me. I said it would be perfect for you to do. I'm going fishing the whole weekend with Billy." I smiled. It was quietly. Then, he mumbled, "Hopefully he won't be in bad spirits because of Jacob."

Jacob. I shook my head, trying to make the thought go away. He's fine, I attempted to tell myself.

"Great," I looked up at Edward. "Where are we going?" Charlie started laughing uncontrollably. I looked at him, confused.

"What?" I demanded. After he was able to control himself, he put a hand on his chest.

"Well, that's the interesting part. Ask Edward, I have to leave." he walked over to me and bent down.

"Have fun, Bells. See you on Monday," he kissed my forehead and walked out of the house. I stared at Edward.

"Edward Anthoney Masen Cullen. What's going on?" I demanded. He laughed and stroked my hair.

"Well, Bella. Carlisle thought we should go, uh, camping for the weekend," he smiled weakly. My heart began beating unevenly.

Camping, camping.

"I hate camping, Edward! You know that!" I screamed, eyes getting wet. He quickly pulled me to him. I weeped against his chest.

"Bella," he rubbed my back. "It's not that bad, I promise." I looked up at him.

"Not bad? Edward, the bugs, the heat, the scary, creepy people there! Edward, where are we camping?" I asked.

"A place down near the border. It's called Maple CampGround." when he said the name, I fell into his lap.

"Edward, anywhere but there!" I cried. He lifted me onto his lap so I was facing towards him.

"Bella, why?" he asked, worry in his eyes.

"Edward, it's camping! I hate it! Expesially that place!" I cried.

"Yes, but, what's so bad about that place?" he pushed. I looked into his topaz eyes and forgot about everything. (A/N. Pretend they have topaz eyes when human. :)

"Huh?" I asked, shaking my head. He laughed.

"What's so bad about Maple CampGround?" I remembered.

"Well, once I was walking through the woods, I was 12. And no one was with me. It was about 9ish. about a 1/4 a mile away from the camp site, somebody jumped out of the trees. I screamed, and didn't move. He came up on me, kinda like what happen at Port Angeles," I shuddered at the thought. "Edward, long story short, he tried to kidnap me. I have hated camping since. I never told my dad why, though. He always thought it was because of the bugs and the outdoors. He kept taking me, and I ruined every trip. He finally decided to stop when I was 14. I haven't been there since," I wiped a tear from my cheek. I laid my head against his shoulder.

"Bella, why didn't you ever tell me?" he asked, stroking my cheek with his thumb. I shrugged lightly.

"I just, it never came up. I kinda forgot about it," I close my eyes, taking in the scent of his skin.

"Bella, you don't have to go. I'll stay home-"

"No, I'll go," I bravely stated. I looked up at him; worry in his eyes.

"Are you sure?" I took a deep breath, lost in his warm eyes, and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm sure," I attempted to smile. He threw a crooked smile at me and I caught my breath.

"Thank you, Bella," he hugged me. "It means a lot to me, but to my family, too. They were really looking forward to spending time with you, expesially Emmett. He thinks of you as much as a sister as he does Alice," he smiled. I nodded.

"Edward?" I asked.

"Yes, love?" he smiled.

"Will you stay with me the whole time? It sounds stupid, but, I need to know," I looked down, embarrased by my coward self. He lifted my chin so I was looking up into his eyes.

"It's not stupid, silly girl. I swear, I won't leave your side. Alright?" he smiled. I nodded.

"Thank you," I pushed my lips gently onto his. He pulled away after a few seconds. I stood up infront of him and took his hand in mine.

"Come on, I have to go pack," I pulled him up.

In Bella's Room

"What do you need this for?" Edward said from across the room, pulling a can of hair gel out of my bag.

"It's so my hair doesn't look like a haystack every morning," I smiled. He dropped it back in the bag and came over to were I was; sorting through my dresser for anything else I needed. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his lips below my ear.

"I like it when it looks like a haystack," he murmurred, kissing my neck. I trembled.

"Edward," I took a deep breath. "I have to pack my stuff." I studdered. He laughed and pulled away. He sat down on my bed.

"Don't you have enough clothes already?" he pointed to the stuff laying on my bed. I rolled my eyes and shut up dresser, throwing a pairs of shorts onto the bed. I kneeled down beside my bed and pulled out the duffle bag that was under it and set it ontop of my clothes.

"Can you put this stuff away while I go get my tooth brush and hair brush, please?" I asked him.

"Certainly," he begain to put the clothes in the bag. I smiled and walked into the bathroom. As I got in there, I remembered I hadn't brushed my teeth or my hair today yet. In fact, I was still in my pjs.

Edward, I shook my head. He doesn't notice anything, does he? I smiled to myself, jogging back to my room. Edward looked at my empty hands.

"Roughing it? Good for you," he smiled and laughed. I rolled my eyes.

"I need clothes for today," I went to my dresser. He sighed a loud sigh and fell back on my bed. I laughed.

"Women and clothes," he said to himself, making sure I heard it.

"I'm not going to your house in pjs, silly," I pulled out a green tank and jean shorts.

"Be back soon!" I went over to him, kissing him on the cheek and running back to the bathroom.

After I changed, I brushed my teeth and then threw it into my bathroom stuff bag. Then I ran a brush through my hair and decided to put it in a pony tail. It wasn't cooperating today. I quickly grabbed my bottle of shampoo and zipped the bag shut. I went back to my room. I froze as I glanced at Edward, dropping my bag.

"Edward Anothoney Masen Cullen!' I screamed at him. He was holding up a pair of my underwear. He turned to me and smiled.

"Flowers? Nice choice," he laughed, stuffing it into the bag. I slapped him in the shoulder and threw my bathroom stuff into the duffle and the hair gel bottle in with it. I zipped it shut.

"Sorry, Bella," he took the bag for me. I smiled and kissed him lightly.

"Don't worry about it," he smiled and got up.

"Anything else you need?" he asked.

"Are my sneakers in there?" I asked him, pointing to the bag. He nodded.

"Yep. Even your socks," he laughed.

"That's it, come on," I grabbed his hand and we walked downstairs. I slipped on my flip flops and turned off the light. We walked outside and I locked the door.

"Your car, right?" I asked. He smiled.

"Yep," we walked to his car and he opened his trunk, throwing my stuff into it. He slammed it shut and I got into the passenger's seat. He got in and turned the car on. He pulled out and started towards his house. He took my hand and drove one-handed the whole way.

Surprisingly, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. This might be a fun weekend.

Or, something could go horribly wrong.

Who knows? We'll soon find out.


Yey! I finished the first chapter. Sorry, it's so boring and not that funny at all. A few lines I giggled at, but other than that, just setting up the story. And sorry for some misspellings! ANYWAY, eh, it was so hard to type this, cause I was listening to Claire De Lune and the picture on my cp background it the one of Edward from the newly released trailer when he goes, "Are you afraid?" and you see his eyes and just, AHH.