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This was just an idea that I couldn't get out of my head so I had to go with it! It's still a WIP and I'm diverting quite a bit of my time to 'The Truth Hurts' of course, so updates as of yet will be iffy lol

Summary: "You're not a job - you're my brother. Even when we fight, even when things get bad or hell, even when we hate each other at times, just know that I'll always be here, like I should be. I'm not the hero you want me to be, but for you, I'll try my best and I will always carry you when you fall. Trust me on that, ok?"

Fighting never did anyone any good as Sam and Dean Winchester realise when driving down an empty road in the middle of the dark. What happens when disaster strikes in the middle of nowhere with no chance of help? Will Dean still live up to his role as Big Brother/Best Friend/Protector and above all things, a Hero when all seems lost? "Love will conquer all..."

A bit of a long summary so sorry! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it!! ;)

The road was deserted, stretching on through the darkness, a loan pathway to who knows where. Aligned with trees like a creepy boulevard, things lurked, just watching… after all, the freaks only come out at night.

A rumbling purr sounding from the night, getting louder as it approached: a true hunter scanning for its prey. It skidded around the corner, bright eyes flashing threateningly, sleek black body shimmering in the moonlight. Gravel churned in its path, almost seeming to leap aside to allow it passage.

The 1967 Chevy Impala was a true hunter…

But even she, the powerful roaring huntress, stalking so confidently over the World's surface, leaving her tire prints behind as a fading memory of her presence, was nothing compared to the two she housed.

So different and somehow so alike, reluctant and yet somehow willing, an older brother and a younger brother: Dean and Sam Winchester.

Perhaps they hadn't chosen this life, but regardless, they'd been thrown into a world of torture, blood and death and there was no escape, no loophole to crawl through. They were in this for the rest of their lives… however short they ended up being.

Still, even through it all, the suffering, the loss, they remained true to each other. They'd watched each others' backs for as long as they could remember and no matter how many arguments they had, they never truly abandoned each other. Even when they were apart, they were together.

Who knows if that would stay true forever? The year was almost up and soon all arguments, times of defending each other would be at an end and Sam would be left alone…

He just didn't understand how Dean couldn't see that.

"You're pissed at me?!" Sam asked incredulously rage spreading over his normally so calm features. His voice roared loudly across at his brother, trying to rival that of AC/DC's TNT howling through the speakers.

Dean didn't reply, his eyes locked on the road ahead as his baby carried them onwards, the only witness to their confrontation.

The younger brother paused, waiting for a reply. True, he hadn't really been expecting one - after all, that was Dean's way now… grin and bear it, make some lame ass jokes and pretend it isn't happening.

But it is happening, Dean, Sam thought, wishing that somehow Dean could hear him and just finally see sense. This isn't a game anymore and any rules that were once there, we can break. So why the hell aren't you doing anything?!

"You gonna say something?" he asked, eyes reduced to slits as they studied his motionless sibling, still as quiet as the surrounding night. A muscle in Sam's eye twitched. Man, is he pushing it! "Dean!"

A grim sense of satisfaction passed through Sam at seeing Dean flinch at his shout, but other than that, there was nothing.

Sam scoffed, resting an elbow against the door and preceding to gaze out of the window, his chin only just held upright against the weight of defeat.

"Typical really," he mumbled, watching the trees fly by, "I mean the same thing happened when Dad died." He knew that now, he was in seriously dangerous waters but he honestly didn't care. Right now, he had no reason to. And even without looking, he could feel the elder brother tense, his hands tightening just that little bit more on the steering wheel.

"Guess you don't remember," Sam pushed, just wanting to receive some kind of reaction, anything to prove Dean was still there. He was going to lose his brother in less than a year… he couldn't have already lost him now.

The volume of the tape lowered, and a shaky breath opposite him made him hesitate, listening cautiously before a voice, almost as if forced behind gritted teeth replied, "I remember Sam."

Sam closed his eyes, in relief, or was it sadness? I mean, finally Dean was talking to him. It surprised him that a chorus of 'Hallelujah' hadn't broken out right about now, and yet, the joke didn't reach his expression. He just found it a shame that his oh-so loving brother had to lace his voice with disgust and hate before he replied.

"Yeah?" the younger of the two stated sarcastically, "Well that's new."

"And what do you mean by that?"

Sam turned, sparing a fleeting glance at Dean, who by now had become so tight lipped it wouldn't have surprised him if they'd have disappeared altogether.

"Oh I don't know, just figured you wouldn't make the same mistake twice."

Dean's brow creased and he looked at Sam, questioningly, "What the hell are you on about?"

A mocking chuckle escaped him as he spoke, spite lacing each word, indicating how beyond pissed he really was, "Oh yeah that's right! Little Sammy doesn't understand anything that's going on. Little Sammy isn't important enough to be listened to…"

"Oh God," Dean breathed, returning his attention to the road. He didn't have time for Sam's childish antics. Little brother never seemed to realize that it never made things better – if anything it made them ten times worse.

"What Dean?" Sam snapped back, "You annoyed that I'm actually right and you can't take it?"

"No I'm annoyed cos I gotta try and drive with you bitching in my ear!"

Thunder was raging in the youngest Winchester's eyes, the oncoming storm roaring forth and Dean was completely screwed. He was right in the eye with no way to escape.

"Fine!" The hurt, although marred by anger, was still present in that one word, and resisting the urge to apologize, Dean just gazed straight ahead, waiting for yet another outburst. "Guess I should just leave again."

Dean closed his eyes in a distressed manner. He's really gonna do this? "Sam…"

"No, I mean that's what you're hinting at isn't it: that things were better when I wasn't around?" Dean could already hear the waver in his little brother's voice and knew he was close to losing it. He was so not in a chick-flick kinda mood!

"I never said that."

"You implied it."

"Implied it?" Dean scoffed, eyebrows disappearing to his hairline in surprise. "What the hell… Sam! I… God, you're insane, dude."

A snort was his decisive answer and Dean growled. He was getting sick of this immature, self-pitying attitude. It never gets us anywhere, he reminded himself sadly. Just stay strong, stay the course… like Dad always taught us.

"So that's it?"

Dean suppressed another groan as he asked, "What Sam?"

"You just gonna cut me off?" Sam waited, trying to understand his brother's reactions, trying to see through the masks he always managed to hide behind. Sighing, the younger brother ran a hand through his dark locks. "Dean, I'm your brother. I just wanna make sure you're ok…"

"And I told you, I am," Dean snapped, not once taking his eyes off the road. "How many times do I have to tell you that? I… am… fine!"

"No you're not! You can't possibly be! You're going to Hell in a couple of weeks and…"

But he was interrupted by yet another spout of sarcasm. "Why thank you Sam! Thanks for reminding me because somehow I just happened to forget that my deal's due in what was it: a couple of weeks? I mean is that all you do now: point out really, really annoying things that actually have no benefit at all to me or anyone else on the goddamn planet for that matter?! You say you're helping but how exactly are you Sam?"

At this, Sam froze, tears pooling in his eyes as he silently cursed himself for his weakness. His lip trembled as he dragged his gaze away from his clearly fuming brother and with a stutter, replied, "I-I'm, I'm l-looking…"

"For a way to get me out?" The younger brother nodded solemnly. "God we've been over this Sam! There isn't a way out!"

Dean spared a glance at Sam, expecting to see the same defiance, preparing himself for yet another round of 'who's voice is the loudest' when he stopped, regret clouding his thoughts. The way Sam's shoulders slumped and how he seemed so much smaller, trying to sink into the Impala's interior and disappear, God, it tugged at the older man's heartstrings. He hadn't meant to snap like that, it was just the way Sam always tried to stay optimistic and know that no matter what, there always was an answer.

Shaking his head, the elder brother sniffed, the weight on his tired shoulders increasing tenfold with each new day. There isn't a way out Sammy, and the sooner you face it, the easier it'll be…

"I'm sorry Sam," he muttered softly, the shame at his actions apparent in those three words. He was a damn protector and here he was, knocking Sam back down yet again.

"No…" The way the younger brother's voice trembled made Dean instinctively want to drag him into a fierce hug, how he used to when they were kids. "I-I'm sorry, Dean."


"You're right. I should've been trying harder," he whispered, expressive eyes gazing out of the side window, looking for the same answer that would never come. All throughout his inspection, he missed the worried glances his brother kept on passing him, still concerned for his welfare. "I should've done something else…"

"We've got time," Dean managed with a smile, trying to avoid the chick-flick moment he could see coming. It wasn't going to fare well for either of them – not like anything remotely heartfelt ever did…

But Sam wasn't having it and letting out a slow breath, he met his brother's gaze in despair, "No we don't."

"A couple of weeks…"

"Isn't enough," Sam finished, running a hand over his soaked cheeks, attempting to wipe them away like his troubles. It was a futile attempt as more tears replaced them, his problems always coming back to haunt him.

The lyrics of TNT echoed softly around the Impala, doing nothing to soothe the aching hearts of her warriors. Nowadays, there wasn't much that could…

"Do you even want to be saved?"

Dean stiffened at the question, feeling his brother's sincere gaze on the side of his face, near burning a hole in his skin. And yet somehow he couldn't answer, transfixed by the steady rumble of the Impala entwining with AC/DC's guitar solo. Why couldn't he answer?

Sam gulped at the lack of reply. Please say he doesn't mean what I think he does! "Dean?"

Clearing his throat, the elder brother shifted uncomfortably under the scrutiny, "Uh yeah, yeah, I do."

It wasn't the answer Sam had been hoping for and his expression darkening, he practically growled out his next words. "Dean, tell me the truth."

He was met with only silence. "Dean!"

"Or what, Sam?" he dared, letting his true hunter raise his angered head once more. "What are you gonna do if I don't? Give me that dreaded hug you've been wanting for so long?!"

"Well God forbid someone might actually care for you sometime!"

"And what do you mean by that?"

"You know exactly what I mean."

Dean drew in a deep breath, trying to still the rage rising within him, threatening to rip through his masks and launch itself at his brother. Not that he doesn't deserve it, he added sourly.

The awkward silence between them that drew on between them did nothing to repress their feelings and not once did Sam's deep eyes leave his brother's face. If he's looking for a fight, he's got one.

And finally with their outbursts at peaking point, they both roared out at the same time. "Sometimes I think you want to die!"

"What?" They once again both exclaimed in both surprise and fury.

Sam jumped in first, arms crossed sullenly over his chest, "You think I want to die?"

"Well, don't you?" Oh and the glare Dean received for that one, almost making him completely forget that this was his Sammy, incapable of harming anything more than a fly. "You're so set on breaking this deal when you know exactly what will happen if I even attempt to save myself. You know the risks and you're still messing with the rules."

"Rules were made to be broken…"

"No, rules were made to be followed, especially now," Dean spat, Sam's arrogance playing on his last nerve. "I mean seriously, do you have a death wish or something?"

"I don't know!" the younger brother snarled in contempt, refusing to back down in what was becoming a ridiculous argument. "Do you want me to have one?"

"Oh that makes perfect sense! Because of course, it'd be my first act to sell my soul for you if I wanted you to die!" Dean bowed his head in appreciation, quickly lifting his hands off the wheel and flashed a mocking thumbs-up towards his sibling, "Way to go there, Sammy!"

"You know what: you can stop trying to make me look stupid."

"Yeah right, you're so intelligent cos you went to college," Dean clicked his fingers, "Damn, of course!"

Sam rolled his eyes, "You always, always bring that up in an argument!" He scoffed in disgust, "You're pathetic, Dean."

"Just cos I'm not Joe College…"

"No cos you missed your chance!" That instantly shut Dean up, and yet still Sam wasn't done. "It's not like you weren't given the option was it? But oh no, you had to be the perfect little soldier."

His fists clenching and unclenching, hands still gripping the steering wheel tightly until his knuckles threatened to break through his skin , the elder brother's voice raised a notch, actual spittle flying from his mouth, "Yeah, because I know where my loyalties lie."

"What, with Dad?"


"Right, cos the man was such a saint!"

Dean laughed sarcastically, shaking his head, "And you are? Jeez Sammy and I always used to think you had self esteem issues but a saint? That really takes the cake."

"First off, it's Sam and second," Sam spoke through gritted teeth, "I never even said that! I know I'm not a goddamn saint but I just don't get why you thought Dad was. I mean of all people, you chose to bow down to Dad." He shook his head. "Why?"

"That's something you'll never know."

"And why's that?"

"Look's like you missed your chance at something too," Dean began spitefully, sparing one look at his brother's puzzled expression, relishing slightly at the sight. "You missed out on being a real son."

The color drained from Sam's face and he leant back further against the car door. "How can you say that?"

A small shrug greeted him, "You wanted me to tell you the truth."

"And make me feel even guiltier?" Sam asked, brow furrowed as the words really hit home. "Man, you know how bad I felt after Dad died."

"Good, cos now maybe you know how I feel every time you're on about breaking my deal."

"I don't…"

"Every time you go on about how you're gonna get me out of this, it hurts Sam," Dean admitted, refusing to meet what by now would no doubt be a pair of saddened puppy dog eyes. "It reminds me how I couldn't save you and I just want to let it go. I want you to let it go." Green eyes met hazel as both stared deeply into each other's souls, finally beginning to see what they'd been missing all this time. "Can't you do that, for me?"

"You're asking me to let you die," Sam whispered, clearly stating the obvious.

Unable to allow the words needed to form on his soft lips, Dean settled for a curt nod, clearly not expecting any less of the brother he'd come to truly respect over the many years.

Sam drew in a sharp breath, not quite believing what Dean was asking of him. Didn't he understand that when Sam had told him 'I don't care what it takes, I'm gonna get you out of this' that it wasn't just for show? He may be considered the weak link of the family, but he wasn't one to simply give up. Shaking his head, he shot out the one word, spoken with such conviction that it was impossible to doubt his choice: "No."


"I said no, Dean."

Dean sighed deeply, "Dude, you've got to let this go."

"If it was me asking you, would you just let it go?" The elder brother closed his eyes, trying to deny his sibling's accusation. "Would you let me die if I asked you to?"

Blinking rapidly as he clenched and unclenched his hand on the steering wheel, he murmured, "That's different…"

"How? How is it any different?" Sam growled, eyes flicking over Dean's still face, his expression unreadable. "Is it because you have some stupid responsibility to me?"

Rolling his eyes, Dean breathed, "It's my job, Sam."

"And I told you that it's my job to repay the favor," a small scoff whispered past Sam's lips as he let his gaze wander back towards the windscreen, "in any way I can…"

"And what does that mean?" The fear hidden behind the bravado wasn't missed by Sam, who simply shook his head, shifting his lanky frame slightly in the confined space, a fairly futile attempt to turn away from the scrutinizing gaze boring into him.

Dean groaned, "Sam," Nothing, "Sam!"

"See how annoying that is?"


"When you don't get an answer," the younger brother murmured, staring moodily out of the side window, examining the darkness tiredly. He was sick of the dark: it was just too unpredictable, too many dangers lurking in hidden corners: too many chances to slip up.

Dean slammed his palm against the wheel in frustration, happily observing the fact that Sam jumped in surprise. "Would you for God's sake, grow up?!"

"That's rich, coming from the guy who specifically pulled over in the absolute middle of nowhere to try a special banana and syrup sundae!" The remark was tossed snappily over his shoulder but it held little menace. Truth be told, Sam couldn't hide the amused smile he wore every time he thought back to Dean lifting his head happily from his sundae, mouth rimmed with syrup and a grin making him look all but 6-years-old again.

The mood, however, remained grim as Dean murmured, "Whatever," grumpily.

They became silent, both brothers brooding to themselves, TNT coming to an end and allowing them to think in complete quiet. It didn't help that they had no space to clear their heads and calm down. Being cramped up all day in a car, no matter how incredible, often does play on people's emotions.

Sighing, running a hand through his chocolate locks, Sam shifted again, facing forwards once more, knees pressing up awkwardly against the dash. "Dean, you just gotta accept that I am gonna find a way to save you, damn the consequences."

"And you gotta accept," Dean replied, a steely tone to his voice, "that I'm gonna stop you from doing anything stupid, damn the consequences." He smirked, catching the twitch of annoyance in his brother's eyebrow as he spoke.

"Why do you have to be so stubborn?"

"Why'd you have to be so irritating?"

"And bossy!"

"And boring!"

"And so Dad-like!"

"And so Sam-like!"

"And… wait," came the puzzled tone, "I am Sam."

There was a pause as the elder hunter considered. He shrugged carelessly, "So you are."

"Would you stop being a smart-ass?"

"Would you stop being an ass?"

They both glared dead ahead, directing their anger at the darkened road before them. Tempers were reaching boiling point and again, in a confined space, that is never healthy.






"Whoa, wait!" Dean exclaimed, raising a hand in disbelief, "'Man-whore'?"

Sam looked at him sternly, "Well, yeah."

"Just because I actually get some, which is way more than I can say for you," he snapped back swiftly. "Are you honestly celibate, Samantha?"

The younger's eyes narrowed, "I don't know: do you still have ED?"

"Ouch!" Dean whistled, resting a hand mockingly over his heart, pulling out a set of large puppy-dog eyes. "That hurts, Sam, really."

"Truth always does."

Snorting, Dean dropped a hand to his lap, green eyes wandering the surroundings as he pressed just that much harder down on the accelerator, needing to vent his rage in some way. "This is pathetic."

Sam crossed his arms fervently over his chest, quirking an eyebrow, "Couldn't agree more."

"Yeah," the elder brother nodded, chewing his lip. Unwilling to not have the last word, he hurriedly added, "Anyway, you started it."


"With all that 'are you pissed at me' crap," Dean explained, realizing with a sense of horror that they had in fact gone full circle, allowing the whole little 'debate' to rear up for round two.

Darkened eyes locked with the side of his brother's face as Sam snarled, "Well if you'd have just answered me in the first place!"

"Or maybe you could stop for once with your whole 'drama queen' act," rallied Dean, their eyes now connecting as they argued, all their rage powering out full throttle.

"You think I'm being dramatic that I might have to watch my own brother die for me in a few months?"

"Well you're not the one that's gonna die, are you?"

Sam's brow pulled into a narrow line, his muscles tensing unnaturally. He couldn't believe this! After everything, Dean still managed to make him feel, if possible, even crappier than before. He's certainly a master, I'll give him that. "If you'd have just left me dead in the first place, then we wouldn't even be having this argument."

"Oh yeah," Dean nodded enthusiastically. "Of course it's my fault, right? I know, I should've found you faster, hell, even stopped that yellow eyed son of a bitch from taking you in the first place," he watched as Sam closed his eyes in distress, leaning back into the comfort of the leather seats. "Well you know what, I tried! Ok, I seriously tried, but it wasn't enough. You wanna go busting my chops about it then fine, but if I could, I would go back and change everything that happened!"

His eyes twinkled slightly, and yet the rage remained, still holding Sam's gaze, "But I can't even do that, so unless you've got a time machine, what happened can't be undone… got that?!"

Shakily, Sam nodded, severing the connection as he looked down at his hands. God, they were covered in so much blood: the blood of Jake, Gordon, Madison, Jess, even his own mother and soon, Dean's would be added to the collection.

It just wasn't fair.

He raised his head hesitantly, preparing to watch their journey unfold along the seemingly never-ending road. It would end though – both he and Dean knew it, only this time they actually had a set time and date: a constant reminder of their impending doom.

Hazel eyes widened in horror, mouth an exact imitation of an 'o'. His body was rigid frozen by shock, causing an alarmed glance from his brother, whose glare had yet to leave his face.

"Dean, look out!"

The cry surprised Dean. He'd been waiting with a silent stare, expecting an outburst and an enraged strop to add to the complete disaster of the whole situation. But no, the shout didn't contain even an ounce of anger.

It was terrified and startled: an ultimate plea for help to his only hero, his best friend…

But sometimes even heroes can't save everyone.

Dean's eyes snapped back towards the road at alarming speeds, near disconnecting his cataracts in his rushed haste. He cursed loudly, slamming his foot down onto the brake, the wheels locked and screeching in protest as they did so.

The pale figure before them watched unwavering, long brunette hair swaying by her shoulders as a darkened dress floated around her, light as a feather and its elegance almost mesmerizing. Her unnaturally pale eyes stared impassively at the vehicle as it skidded towards her, unable to stop, no matter how hard it tried.

Tiny lines on her forehead creased in annoyance as she studied the black hunter, the panicked heartbeats of her occupants beating like a drum line through her mind. Baring her whitened teeth, she nodded her head, hair cascading around her head in a waterfall of darkness.

A ripple of air shook the surroundings, pummeling into the approaching hunters with unrelenting force. The front of the Impala faltered slightly, as if uncertain whether to continue onwards before the unseen attack raised her up, flipping her over, wheels still spinning pointlessly while it took flight.

The torrential gale rolled her in the air, her flawless body shimmering brightly in the moonlight before she twisted, crashing back down the earth and hitting a large, jutting boulder with a resounding crack. Her frame rattled, bruised and battered as she teetered, no way to stop her hellish descent. Hinges creaked and glass shattered as the Impala tumbled, smashing over the edge of a large hill and disappearing down into the trees below.

The woman drifted over to the ledge gracefully, arms held lightly at her sides, touching each particle of air that tenderly brushed past her. Curiously, she paused, peering over into the dark where her victims lay. A satisfied smile grew onto her deathlike visage: the stench of pungent blood making itself known by tingling her pleasured senses.

Flicking her hair back from her deadened eyes, she turned with a wary flicker, gliding away casually down the roadside. Her form began to weaken, each step causing her to glow translucently. Finally, her hair rising in an imaginary breeze, she faded away into nothing.

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