A/N: This was originally an one-off game created for LnzyH, however after her cunningly persuasion, I,too, finally decided that it was a waste not to share it with the rest of you twilighters out there who also just want a bit of fun... ;D (despite how embarrassing it is to claim to be th author of this...umm...piece of prose. Count your work done and dusted Lnz. Your 5 years of hard work has at long last accomplished something. URGH!)

Scenario: 20 Minutes in Heaven Cullen Style

This takes place at the Cullen house in Forks prior to Bella's arrival. You are a veggie-vampire passing through the town, who decided to visit your vegetarian kin, if only for a while.


"Hiya " you heard a hearty voice behind you.
"Oh, hey Emmett, what's brings the likes of you out here in this wonderful weather? " you asked, smiling at him.

'Always the sarcastic one, aren't you? In fact I could ask the same of you,' he retorted chuckling.

'Ah, I see you've managed to learn how to strings the limited amounts of vocabulary you have into literate sentences. Impressive. In fact I might even go as far to say that was pretty good as ripostes go,' you smirked as his face flushed, fumbling for words. Shrugging nonchalantly to mask his struggle, he cleared his throat.

'You see there's a party back at the house. Want to come and check it out?' His grin almost threatening to split his face.

'That bad, huh?'

'It's another one of Alice's ostentatious parties, again…' At this you both shuddered simultaneously. 'Well…'
"Well...there's a party at the house. Wanna come check it out?" he smirked at you.
"I don't know... Rosalie is still pissed at me for dumping water on her." You started pouting.
"HAHA!" He started laughing. "Well…Too bad, you're coming." And with that he picked you up and started running to the Cullens'. "Honey, we're homeee" he bellowed at the door as he set you down.
"Ah, how nice it is to see you." Esme greeted you.
"The pleasure's mine, Esme," you two hugged and went into the living room. "So…what are we going to do?" you asked.
"I'm glad you asked " Edward gave you one of his smirks."7 minutes in heaven."
"No freaking way," you were about to get up.
"Fine, 20 minutes in heaven." Jasper smirked. A rush of calm ebbed through your veins and calmed you instantly.
"That's cheating..." you smiled.
"What? Me? No." He handed you a hat with pictures in it. What- Who- do you pick?

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