"Ooo...A lion," you looked around to see a smirking Edward stand up. "Oh joy," you smirked at Edward and walked by him swaying your hips. When you were in front of him you looked at him.
"Coming Edward?" you raised an eyebrow.
"After you," he held the door open.
"Always the gentleman," you waltzed in and leaned on the far wall.

He closed the door and you heard a -click- signifying that it has been locked.
"Well, I know leaning up against the wall isn't how you play the game." Edward walked towards you smirking.
"Smartarse." you straightened up. "Well, I can't seem to remember how to play…why don't you refresh my memory," you walked to him and looked into his eyes.
"Well first, I back you into a wall…" with that you hit the wall you were just leaning on.
"Oh? I don't remember that," you say
"You've never played with me," he leaned down with one hand cupping your cheek and the other by your head. His lips were so cold up against yours, but they were so soft that you melted into his kiss.
He lightly took the hand that was on the wall and wrapped it around your waist. You felt his tongue glide against your bottom lip, you accepted him without a second thought. His tongue darted into your mouth but gently memorized everything. His other hand that was on your cheek slid down your hips.
He then pulled away and you whimpered. "What…Why did you do that?" You pouted and he smirked.
"Are you implying that you want more?" he asked as he kissed your jaw line and went down to your neck.
You groaned. "N-No..." you closed your eyes.
"Oh?" he came back to your mouth. "Is that so…" he lingered over your lips.
"You're such a tease, Edward..." you crashed your lips onto his pulling him forward by the front of his shirt. He smirked into the kiss.

"Times up." Jasper said curtly…You know he felt what was going on in here, and that's why he wouldn't open the door.

"Bummer." you said as Edward pulled away.
"Haha…"Edward laughed as he helped fix some of your hair. You two walked out hand in hand. You were going to sit where you originally were, but Edward pulled you into his lap. He snuck kisses to you every once in awhile when nobody was paying attention.