This story takes place before COTBP. Jack and Lizzie meet before Norringtons Promotion ceremony, but how and why?

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Elizabeth shut the door and leaned her head against it, closing her eyes she left out a moan. She was so fed up with all those tiring conversations, all the fine and noble suitors and her father telling her how to behave correctly. He had mentioned again that she should think about marrying one of those rich suitors, but she doesn't want, she only wants to marry someone she really loves and every time she tried to explain it to her father, he stopped her and told her about forgetting this illusion and about the more important thing, finding a good match.

Her head was paining and when she opened her eyes she stood in her dark room, surrounded by nothing then darkness, but the darkness also seemed to start to grow inside her again. Probably it was underlined by the horrible weather. It was raining for over a week now, the days were grey and long and there was nothing to do than sitting at home. She hated it, she wanted to walk and find some time to be alone and visit the sea, her favourite place, the noise of it was soothing her pain away.

She started to feel the numbness inside her again, the feeling as if she felt nothing besides a sadness and coldness she couldn't explain. She had all but in fact nothing. Her mother died too early and there was up till then no one who gave her love, she knew her father wanted to, but he couldn't show it, he never hold her in his arms, all he did was to give her a lot of lovely presents, but that wasn't it she was looking for. Everyday she had the feeling she wasn't loved by anyone, there was no one who cared for her, no matter what she did or not.

Her life seemed so senseless and so boring. She did nothing else then taking a lot of dinners with fine gentlemen who should be presented to her by her father. She couldn't hear anything anymore; they all spoke only about their businesses or about the loss of morals in this new period. When she tried to express her own opinions she was reminded by her father that she should leave it to the men who had experience with those things. She felt like a doll, only there to be looked at, but for no more use.

Was this how life should be like? She had imagined it more exiting than it seems to be. When she walked through her town she could see all those poor families but they were richer than she was, they were happy and loved by someone. She couldn't explain why, but she would have given a lot to be as happy as they.

Today was one of the typical days her father was expostulating how she is going to ruin his and her life. She knew it he was always doing this when something went wrong in his job. He shouted at her what she has done wrong, how her education has failed and much. She knew that he didn't mean it, but still, it was touching her heart, it was starting to clench and the feeling of guilt and sadness was starting to grow. She couldn't stand it anymore when her father reminded her during the dinner with some fine gentlemen to shut up and not express her mind. She excused herself for being tired and finally left.

There was a knock at the door, Elizabeth quickly walked away from the door when it started to open.

"Miss Swann?" her maid asked silently "I was informed that you wish to go to sleep, so I came to help you with your dress."

"Yes, yes." Elizabeth whispered and the maid helped her to undress her and put on a beautiful nightgown.

"Thank you so much." She thanked her maid when she left the room.

Elizabeth hadn't stopped thinking. How could life go one like this, for more than forty years or much more, how could someone bear it? She just knew one thing, her life couldn't be like this, but there was also no other option.

What? What could she do? Either she marries one of these suitors or she'll be a spinster living with her father, both options seemed to be very "tempting" to her. The storm pushed her window open, the wind was strong and cold and the rain could be smelled. The sea was very rough as if she felt the same way, being all churned up inside. Her tears were welling up again, she didn't even know why she had to cry, but there were so many nights lately where she cried and didn't know what for, she just felt so empty, unhappy and unloved and so senseless, that was it what her life was like, senseless! The strong women was gone and more often she started to feel weaker than she was, her fire was dieing down and she didn't know how much longer she could stand it.

It was late at night when Elizabeth left the house, the storm was now much stronger than before, and she wore nothing more then her silky nightgown and some slippers. She started to run and the rain was pouring down her face, melting with her salty tears, no one could even imagine that she was crying. She tossed her slippers away and ran now bare feet, she didn't feel anything, neither her wet dress, nor the coldness of this night. She ran as fast as she could, it was helping her, it made her able to bear that pain inside her.

Jack was cursing at the sea, it was too rough for his dingy he had stolen from Ana Maria. It was sinking too fast and the nearest port was occupied by the Royal Navvy, there was a good chance of being hung. Near the cost he decided to leave it and swim to the beach, but he immediately felt that it wasn't one of his best ideas. The waves where so hard and he had to fight hardly to get into the direction of the beach. After half an hour when he finally reached the beach he was more than exhausted. He had never fought with such a sea, it seemed as if it was cursed. But he knew he couldn't stay long here lying at the beach, first it was an open area and very posible that there were some soldiers around and secondly the coldness was unbearable and with his wet clothes he knew he would catch the death of cold. So he walked carefully up to the town, but there wasn't an inn near the port, the only building he saw was the church.

"Lord'll help us, don't ye think?" he talked to himself and he found it opened. He walked in and threw off his coat and hung it over a bench and he decided to take a short sleep and so he lay down on one of these benches, but he didn't fell asleep as soon as he whished.

A church, that's more than a joke! I'm acting against the rules of our Lord and in his house is the only place where I shall find some rest? I should really start to worry about my life. I've lost me ship again and more ridiculous to Barbossa! But only because I was too honest. But I thought he meant his offer honestly, I know, he's a pirate, but still. Well, what else? My father doesn't like me that much? Fine, so who is there important in me life? … Master Gibbs of course! He was my best first mate and kind of is more than a good friend, more than a father perhaps. He knows me too well. I shall return somehow to Tortuga and find him, perhaps he could help me getting my life and me Pearl back.

He closed his eyes and was frightened to death when the door was slammed open. He didn't dare to move, nor to breathe out loud.

She was running down through the whole town, no one saw her, thanks to the weather. She just didn't know how she would do it, but she knew that she'd do it. When she saw the church tower, a longing overcame her to pray one last time and to seek for forgiveness. She ran faster, her wet nightgown made it harder for her to keep her speed up, but when she reached it, she slammed the door open and was frightened by the noise it produced. Nevertheless she entered the dark, cold and empty church.

He heard footsteps, it sounded like wet feet on the cold floor, definitely no shoes. He tried to imagine it was the priest walking into his church, searching shelter from the storm. But then he heard sobbing.

She moved forward and kneeled on the last bench, and started to sob. "Oh, Lord please…please forgive me for what I'm going to do." Then she sobbed again "And help…please help my father to stand it, he has lost my mother too early and I don't know if he now could stand losing… "Please Lord, forgive me, but I can't live this life any longer, and I don't want to…it's too senseless." Now she was crying and her hands were clenching the bench and everyone who heard it would have known how desperate she was. "I…I know that life is something valuable but I can't suffer anymore, you would say I had a good life, had everything I wanted to have, yes, perhaps, but not one thing and the one thing I needed most, I wanted most! Tell me, please tell me why? Am I not worthy of being loved? What have I done wrong?" she was almost yelling now "I am going to end it now, I am just not sure whether to jump off the rocks or just drown in the sea, but just that you know, I'll do it and I'm not sorry for doing it, there's nothing that could stop me."

With that she stood up and ran out of the church. Jack was startled, such a young girl, he hadn't seen hear, but her voice sounded young, very young and she wanted to kill herself? No, that was a thing he couldn't let happen. He had to rescue her, even if it should be divinely-ordained or not he didn't care, he quickly stood up, put on his coat and followed the girl who was running down to the beach. But suddenly he ran into a soldier and he cursed himself for being so imprudent.

She reached the shore and was starting to walk into the sea, the waves were beating her hard and soon the sea had the power over her and she didn't start to fight against it. The sea was carrying her furthermore into the sea.

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