Soo. I was looking at the "Renee" chapter and I decided that I would share a great key finder story! (stories)

So my mom is one of those moms who goes around the house all mad because she can't find her sunglasses and what not, yes they ended up being on her head the whole time. And she has a tendency to lose her keys... a lot... So she got a nifty key finder! She attaches it and has it for a month, so the batteries died. Time goes on and her, my brother, and I go to the furniture store. WE sat on like a million comfy chairs and stuff (we were there because the movers broke out entertainment system) and it gets late so we start heading out... My mom can't find her keys. So I suggest she use the key finder. However, she tells me not only has she lost the remote, but the thing that beeps that u put on your keys is broken too. So we go to our search to find those God forsaken keys. Now this was a pretty big furniture store, and they had like what? 200 chairs. Well us and the clerk went looking in each cushion. We were there for an hour, and my brother sat down to rest, he looks for a lever to recline and finds... yes my mothers keys... in a chair... closest to the door...

Here is another one: My mom went to the store with my little brother, well they finished their shopping and head out to the car. My mom is looking in her 10 pound purse for her keys, she can'f find them, so she starts searching for the remote for her key finder... yeah that was lost in the mess of her Mary Poppins bag as well. And yes... she was looking for her finder... Well they get to her car and she finds the remote and clicks the button.

Nothing happened.

She does it again.


My little brother looks in the car, probably imagining that they got in the car and were heading home so he could soon play his x-box. Well, guess what he sees in the front drivers seat, sitting there with the key finder flashing and buzzing. Yup, mommy's keys. So they had to have a cop come and break the lock so they could get in and go home.

So yes, there are many other stories like this. I could tell you about when I lost.. I'm sorry, "Lost" my dog. And I could tell you about when my mom lost her keys... well.. again...Next time I update I'll add a funny story at the end.