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Summary: Rose/10.5 mush stuff.

Pairings: Duh! Rose/10.5.

Rating: K

Genre: Romance.

Chapter Summary: The Doctor and Rose are now in Florida, but things don't exactly go to plan…

You were probably right… Rose wouldn't have taken out such a big deal over one idiot mugger… But ah well, sorry, it's done now, onto the next chapter in their lives.

Oh, and by the way, I have never been to Florida before so if anything is wrong (like they don't have elegant hotels or something) then that is my excuse.

Been a while, hasn't it? Sorry, my muse for this chapter jumped ship. Oh, well, here's another chapter now anyway.


They walked into the hotel, hands heavy with bags, and Rose slightly awed by how large and elegant it all was. "Wow, this beautiful!" she said to the Doctor, grabbing his arm with her spare hand and staring around the place in wonder.

"Sure looks it," he agreed. "Well, come on." He led her over to the reception desk. "Hello," he said cheerfully to the receptionist. "I believe we have a room here… reservation under Tyler."

The receptionist gave a small smile and began to type furiously for a moment, her eyes on the screen. Her brow furred, and she shook her head. "I'm sorry," she said, her American accent thick. "There's no record of your reservation here."

The Doctor frowned, "Are you sure?"

The receptionist nodded.

The Doctor shook his head. "I'm sure it was under Tyler," he muttered.

"What about Smith?" Rose put in quickly to the woman behind the desk. "Is there a reservation for a John Smith?"

More typing. Her eyes flickered from the computer to Rose after a pause. She shook her head. "Sorry."

The Doctor frowned, "Are you sure? You've checked and double checked."

"Yes, I'm afraid there's no Tyler or Smith here. I can offer you a room for this weekend though?"

The Doctor grumbled his frustration, and turned to Rose. "You said your father had it all sorted?"

Rose shrugged helplessly, "He said he had."

"Hph," he muttered. He turned back to the receptionist, "Well, okay, I guess we'll take a room…" He took his wallet out and winced slightly as he noticed the little contents. "Best make it your… uh, cheapest." He avoided Rose's gaze.

The receptionist looked apologetic, "I'm sorry, but the only room available is the deluxe suit. The rate is six-hundred-and-fifty dollars."

"What? That's insane," Rose edged in with disbelief evident.

The Doctor sighed, "Right." He turned around, "Well, thanks, but I think we're better finding somewhere else."

The receptionist said nothing as they turned around and walked out of the large glass doors.

"Right… well now what?" Rose sighed, looking out at the darkened night and passing cars.

The Doctor watched as her eyes glided around the cars and traffic of Florida. He took her hand. "Come on," he murmured.

They walked down the quiet city streets.

They were still walking an hour later.

It wasn't long before Rose realised if she didn't stop him soon they might just keep walking forever. She brought him to a halt outside a rather large, but not too bad looking red brick hotel. "Here," she declared.

The Doctor looked up at it, wrinkling his nose. "Ah, Rose! This is supposed to be a… kinda, romantic thing, I wanted it to –"

Rose pressed her finger on his lips. "I know. But my feet are killing me, and we can't really just walk around all night. What kinda 'romantic thing' is that? You can kill Pete for not booking us into that place when we back if you like. But for now. Here's fine." She grinned cheekily, putting her hand on his shoulder. "Besides, as long as I'm with you why should it matter where we are? Makes no difference to me."

He smiled back. He couldn't argue with that. "Right."


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