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Pairing: CidxVincent

There had been rumours in the AVALANCHE camp for a while that Cid and Vincent's relationship was no longer purely platonic. They would be spotted during a fight, taking huge risks to protect each other from harm, and after the battle they would nurse the other's wounds before their own. Sometimes they would sit apart from the others, sharing their meagre rations.

Later, when the war had been won, they would sit together at a table in the Seventh, both sipping their beers, with their hands intertwined under the table, safe in the belief that no one else would see.

Proof though, came during the second anniversary party of the General's death. Marlene and Denzel handed out the drinks, having made Tifa promise they would be included in the party. Cid made to light up a cigarette, but it was knocked from his hand by Vincent's metal glove.

"What'd ya do that for!" He bellowed, glowering at the other man.

"I need you to live as long as you can! You're going to die sooner if you do that." Vincent knew that he was immortal, and Cid wasn't. So every second they were together had to be cherished and protected. His comment made Cid smile like a schoolboy, shaking his head affectionately.

He recovered quickly and threw his arms around the other's waist, burying his tanned face in Vincent's ghostly neck and inhaling that eerie but wonderful scent. He nuzzled closer before lifting his head to press his lips against the other man's, feeling Vincent's mouth opening slightly to allow his tongue entrance.

The rest of the world disappeared to the two of them, possessed by the power of their kiss. A slight cough form Tifa brought them back to reality, just as Marlene piped up.

"Daddy says boys kissing boys is bad!"

Cid turned to Barrett, letting off a string of expletives that only stopped when Vincent walked in front of him, wrapped his arms around the pilot's shoulders and silenced his protest with a kiss.