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Anakin's Final Betrayal

Chapter Two

Above the ground, Obi-Wan was digging as fast as he could move the dirt. He could hear a faint crying, which quickly escalated to a shrill scream. Cursing, he dug faster, trying to soothe Padmé through the force. He felt guilty for going along with this plan without her conscent, but until... well now, she had been completely unconscious. Through the small layer of dirt left to move aside, he could feel the thumping of Padmé's fists against the roof of the coffin. Working still more desperately, he gave a sigh of relief when his shovel hit the ground with a loud clank. The thumping stopped.

Padmé went silent. The clank sounded again and she cupped a hand over her mouth. A voice snaked through the stone, quiet but clear.

"Padmé? Padmé can you hear me? It's Obi-Wan, I'm going to get you out."

"I'm here!" she responded in a strangled cry. "Please hurry."

"Padmé, just hold tight for another minute, and try to stay still. I'm going to saw the lock off." Pulling out his lightsaber, he removed the clasp easily and bent over to yank it open. Amidala shot out of the velvet lined bed, shaking and crying, and Obi-Wan could see a small stain of blood pooling at her feet where she had been kicking.

"What is this!?" she yelled hoarsely. "What is this? Why am I in a coffin?"

He put his hands on either of her arms, shushing her. "Padmé please, we've got to be quiet."

"What is going on Obi-Wan, where are my babies? Tell me now!"

He held on to her trembling form, looking her full in the face. "Padmé, I need you to listen very carefully, do you understand?" She nodded, choking back a sob. "I'm sorry to have put you through this, especially without your knowledge, but until now we could not get a response from you. You've been in a coma for six days." Padmé's eyes were wide and her sobs had become hiccups.

"Have I been in here the entire time?"

"No, only a few hours. I came as quick as I felt I could, after the funeral party had dispersed."

"The funeral? What are you--"

"Padmé, I know this must sound very disorienting, but... there was no other way. If Anakin had realized you survived..."

"He's alive? Anakin's still alive?"

Obi-Wan looked away. "I couldn't do it," he whispered.

"But why must I hide? Anakin would never hurt me."

He met her eyes again sternly, remembering her gasping for air as Anakin had closed his hand around her neck before. "I wouldn't be so sure..." he said slowly. "Anakin has become a danger to himself and everyone around him. And you know this."

She opened her mouth to retort, but then shut it, nodding reluctantly. "What about my babies? Are they safe? Who has them?"

He didn't answer.

"What?" she pressed. "What has happened?" she grabbed the front of his cloak, searching his face.

"Padmé..." He brought his fingers to the bridge of his nose, unable to finish.

And somehow she knew...

Obi-Wan grabbed her around the waist as she collapsed in a fresh batch of tears. There was nothing he could say; nothing he could do to ease her pain, simply be there. He stroked her hair lightly as she clung to his tunics, crying against his chest. He looked around the cemetary briefly, scanning the area for anyone who might overhear, but there was no one. Helping her out of the grave, he led her to a grassy spot nearby, and sat her down on his cloak which he spread out for her. Then, picking up his shovel once more, he set about replacing the loose soil over the coffin, checking occassionally on the sniffling form of an exhausted Amidala.