Note: Wow, everyone thanks for all the support and hits in such a short amount of time of this story being released! Now this is where the yuri aspect of the story starts to take over, meaning the F/F stuff. While this chapter does contain a sex scene, it is more of a precursor to chapter 3, which involves, what I'm trying to make, the hottest F/F DOA sex scene you've ever read. Enjoy!


Hitomi put on towel on top of her head and began to dry her hair. She was sitting down on her couch with her legs crossed, her wet body covered only by a white towel wrapped around her. Jake sat beside her, eyeing what he had just deflowered. Hitomi then shot a look at Jake, "So, what does this make us?"

Jake in turn chuckled, "What are you getting at Hitomi?"

Hitomi shrugged, "Are we like dating?"

Jake then quickly stood up and nervously chuckled, "Sweetheart don't get me wrong. I'm glad you gave me your virginity and you were an amazing fuck but your not the only one I'm currently doing this with."

Hitomi let out a disappointed sigh, "…I knew it."

Jake then got really uncomfortable, "Look um, I'm not good with this sort of thing so I'm going to head out. You have my number so… call me… I guess." He then quickly left, Hitomi looking down, almost saddened over what she had just done.


Christie walked into Helena's master bedroom, the mistress dressed in a silk night gown laying down on her bed, the night gown barely passing her ass. Christie was dressed in all black leather; tight black leather pants with black heels and a tight leather jacket that zipped up in the front, barely covering her otherwise uncovered breasts. She pulled a chair, sat in it and crossed her legs,

"So, what is it you had in mind Mistress?"

Helena smirked and starting twirling her finger on her sheets, "Do you like it when you finger me?"

Christie cocked her head and gave Helena a sexy glance almost taken aback by that question, "Well of course I do."

Helena glanced back, "Do you like it when you eat my pussy?"

"You know I do Mistress."

"You like the feeling of my pussy lips against your chin, don't you?"

Christie rubbed her chest, Helena's words beginning to get her hot and bothered. Helena noticed this and smiled, her point was proven. She then sat up on her knees, "You see Christie, I've come to realize that sex with a woman has been far more rewarding than just sucking another cock."

Christie leaned in, intrigued, "I'm listening…"

"I want to seduce the women from the fighting competition we were in into coming here to my mansion and well… seduce them all… at the same time."

Christie almost covered her mouth in shock but in a sarcastic way, "Mistress Douglas, are you really talking about an…"

"Orgy? Why of course." Helena said, cutting Christie off.

Christie bit her bottom lip and stood up. "Sounds like quite the task. Think you're up for it?" She asked while walking over to Helena, sitting next to her.

Helena then leaned in closer to Christie, "Are you kidding me? I've been waiting for something this exciting for a long time. But I don't think one last time with you could hurt." Helena said while lifting her hand and trailing Christie's bottom lip with her index finger.

Christie then leaned in for a kiss, "I was thinking the same thing."

The two passionately locked lips, Christie grabbing Helena's neck and pulling her face into hers, clearly the dominator.

Helena pulled her face out after awhile and exhaled with a smile, "Great minds think alike, don't they Christie?"


Hitomi stood along the sidewalk of her neighborhood in a white tank top and a denim miniskirt on. The rain pouring and colliding with her body. Tears poured from her eyes as the rain collided with her face. Images of her being fucked by Jake filled her mind and she knew that she could never go back to who she was before. Her wet shirt revealed her breasts and her long legs were barley covered by the denim skirt that hardly went past her ass.

A man walked by her and whistled at her body to which Hitomi without looking punched him square across the jaw sending him face first into the concrete. She then wiped her eyes and picked her cell phone out of her pocket and dialed a contact number. The phone rang three times,

"Hitomi?" a voice answered.

Hitomi then hysterically started crying, "Ally! I fucked him, Ally. I fucked Jake!"

"……And you're cryinnggggg why?"

Hitomi began to freak out even more, "I gave him my virginity! I sucked his cock, I gave him everything and went all out! And he fucking WALKED OUT AFTERWARD!"

Ally could be heard sighing over the phone, "Oh honey… I thought you knew Jake was like that. Even I've slept with him."

Hitomi then shouted into her phone, "WHAT!? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!?"

"Oh Hitomi…"

Another man walked along the sidewalk, eyeing Hitomi as well from behind.

"Hitomi I thought that you knew… Jake has slept with at least 35 people!"

Hitomi then stomped her foot out of anger and shock, "OH FUCK ME!"

The man walking past her stopped in his tracks, looked back at Hitomi and shot her a smile and a wink, to which Hitomi without looking punched him across the jaw sending him to the concrete on top of the other man.

Ally's voice then became sympathetic, "Sweetie, come to my house and we'll talk about this, okay?"

Hitomi looked up into the dark and cloudy sky, the rain wiping her tears away off her now soaked body, "Okay Ally, I'll be there soon."

She hung up the phone and then sniffled, "…Fuck it."

She then began heading towards Ally's house, stomping on the two guys in the process.


Christie pushed Helena's back on her bed, her now naked breasts bouncing with the collision, as both women were now only in their panties, Helena wearing white silk ones and Christie was wearing a black thong. Christie crawled on top Helena, her ass sticking in the air. She hungrily assaulted her mouth, exploring her it with her tongue. Helena lifted her left knee up between Christie's legs and began to rub her pussy through her thong.

Christie moaned and then reached down and groped Helena right breast, making Helena put her head back and groan. The white-haired assassin then took the breast in her mouth, sucking the ample flesh and tonguing around her nipple. Helena looked down and ran her fingers through Christie's hair. Christie then gently bit Helena's nipple and pulled on it with her teeth, making her shriek.

Christie then kissed down Helena's stomach and twirled her tongue around Helena's belly-button, making Helena squirm. She then grasped the sides of her panties and slowly pulled them off, the silk undergarments twisting as they went down Helena's long and pale legs. Once they were removed from Helena, Christie gently bit the panties and then tossed them aside and before quickly opening the blondes legs, making Helena shriek.

Helena gasped and Christie smirked and licked her bottom lip before quickly burying her head between Helena's legs, taking her pink pussy into her mouth and making Helena shoot her head back and moan loudly. The assassin tongued Helena's clit and sucked her walls, driving the blonde crazy. She then inserted her tongue and began twirling it inside of Helena's throbbing cunt, Helena bucking her hips as Christie assaulted her pussy.

Christie then wrapped her arms around Helena's legs and lifted the blonde's waist into the air making Helena tightly grasp her bed sheets for support. Christie smirked and then looked down at Helena and teased her by flicking her pussy lips with her tongue, making the blonde wince. She then inserted her tongue and began massaging her womanhood with it, Helena opening her mouth wide and gasping with each thrust.

The blonde's legs tightened and Helena moaned, "Oh god Christie I'm coming…."

Christie heard this and then gently dropped the blonde ass onto her lap and quickly inserted two fingers into her cunt, making Helena's eyes shoot open.

"Then cum, bitch." Christie snared and then began intensely thrusting her fingers into Helena, the assassin's thumb slamming against the blonde's swollen clit with each thrust. Helena couldn't take it, shouted out the assassin's name, and then came all over Christie's hand, too which Christie smiled and lapped all the fluids off her hand with her mouth.

"I'm sorry I came so early." Helena said, breathing heavily.

Christie smiled and just slapped the blonde's ass, "It's nothing mistress, you just owe me big next time."

Helena then sat up, "Now imagine what we just did and add 5-6 girls into the mix."

Christie smirked, "I see your logic now…. And some of these girls are underage, talk about rocking the cradle."

Helena nodded with a wink, "Yeah, I'm looking forward to corrupting today's youth."

Christie then sat up and began walking to the door, "I'll begin making the proper arrangements, anyone in particular you want me to invite first?"

Helena then bit her bottom lip and then smiled, "I want those ninja sisters, Ayane and Kasumi."

Christie nodded in agreement, "Very well." she then walked towards the door and opened it, Helena watching her tone ass bounce with each step. Helena then laid down on her bed and stretched, her plan was taking shape.


Note: While this chapter was considerably shorter than the first, this chapter was mostly a set-up chapter for the constant chaos that is now set in motion to follow. Fear not, Chapter 3 is going to be an all out yuri sex scene between Hitomi and… well, I'll let you guess :p. And it'll also introduce Kasumi and Ayane, though I'm trying to decide wether or not they'll have a sex scene in the following chapter or chapter 4. As always reviews and ideas are always appreciated, till next chapter, Peace!