As Dark As Knight



I own nothing of Batman, from the first comic to the latest movie, they are entirely someone elses creations.


After a nearly life threatening injury, Bruce seriously begins to rethink his whole role as Gotham's vigilante, until something happens that causes him to go against his new decision to pack away the cape and cowl.

Author's Notes:

So here is my first crack at a Batman fanfict. As you can see I do have another penname that I have two other stories under, so if you like this one, go check out the other two:). Batman has been my all-time favorite superhero since I was 5 so I hope this story does him Justice. As Dark As Knight is meant to be read as a story in-between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Kind constructive criticism is very welcome. Enjoy!

-Part One-

A Shot In The Dark

That haunting laugh. It had echoed in Bruce's mind ever since he had regained consciousness, and it killed him to know that there was no escape from it. He sat in the corner of a damp basement, unsure of where he was or how long he had been there, but judging from how badly his body was aching, he had been unceremoniously dragged to his current location. The darkness that filled his senses normally would have been a comfort to him, but now it only fed his already racing thoughts, threatening his usually calm disposition. The darkness, after all, was Batman's greatest ally. In an unfamiliar situation, however, much like the one he was in now, Bruce knew how quickly the shadows could become his most dangerous enemy.

His utility belt was gone but that didn't surprise him, and he smirked at himself for even thinking it would be there. In fact he would have laughed at the absurdity of the idea if it wasn't for the constant maniacal cackle above, that had yet to cease. Bruce sighed and moved to rub the bridge of his nose, hoping to subdue the throbbing pain he felt in his head. That was when he felt it, the familiar stiffness on his face and neck. The cowl. It was still resting lightly upon his head and shoulders, but why? It was strange that the cowl, the only thing protecting his identity was still there. That was, next to his belt, the most important thing that someone could take from him. He was puzzled, and Bruce, despite his current situation couldn't help but think back to the night Lieutenant Gordon almost revealed Batman's true identity.

The thief had been quick, using fire escapes and roof tops to get away, but Batman, of course, could not be out run that simply. After several attempts to verbally stop the man, Bruce took the most accurate action possible, he jumped down, pulling the thief with him. The end result of that chase resulted in Batman and the criminal diving off of the fifth floor fire escape of an apartment building. The robber landed face first on the pavement below, and he wasn't moved until the paramedics lifted him off the ground. Bruce, however, managed to land behind a dumpster, slamming his head into it. Fortunately, he came around before Gordon had gotten the cowl off completely. Bruce, acting quickly, gripped the officer's hands and pulled the mask back down before anything had been revealed. Gordon stumbled back, nearly tripping over his own feet, apparently shocked at the Bat's quick movements. Bruce didn't mean to scare the officer and quickly fled the scene. He knew that Gordon had just wanted to make sure Batman's head was ok, but it was still a very close call.

The awful laugh erupted from above him again, pulling him out of his thought induced stupor. Where it was coming from he didn't know, but it made him nervous. Not the laugh itself, but the way it sounded. There was nothing funny about it, it was mad, uncontrollably mad. Then it hit him, if he had his cowl, he had his headset.


Silence. Not a peaceful silence either. Bruce was hearing the kind of silence one experiences when one walks through a house after a fire. An experience he had the opportunity to endure only several months before, and he knew it to be a devastating silence. He shook the feeling off and raised his hand up to find the graphite 'ears' on his cowl missing. Suddenly, a beam of light assaulted his senses causing him to shy away and cover his eyes with his arms. Bruce's headaches always felt much worse in the light, and just because he was Batman today didn't mean they hurt any less.

"So, our little bat is awake." That voice, it was the one the laugh belonged to, the one that Bruce had been searching for ever since that night on the roof top with Lieutenant Gordon.

"Joker…" it was barely a whisper, but Bruce could still make out the red lips cracking further at the mention of his name, revealing a set of yellow teeth.

"You sound so… upset, Batman… but don't you worry. You'll be screaming my name soon enough, and not just in anger, but in anguish." The Joker's voice had lost it's playful tone and taken on a more malicious one. "You see, we, that is every other crime boss in this pathetic city, have been taking the wrong approach to Gotham. But I'm here to… how can I put this simply… lead the offence!" He shouted the last phrase, but Bruce didn't even flinch. The Joker found this amusing, and he quickly decided to abandoned his position in the blinding light, swiftly approaching the Bat. Bruce was preparing for the worse, he was hurt, hurt more than he even wanted to admit to himself, and now this maniac was quickly closing the distance between them.

The Joker was a very odd man. Not much taller than Bruce, he smelled of sweat and the rivulets had left tiny track marks in the white makeup that he sported. His face was marred, cut and sutured to give the appearance of a perpetually grotesque smile. But none of this frightened Batman. What worried him was his eyes. They were cold and amused all at the same time. He was seriously enjoying this, that was what scared him. That laugh and those eyes, they belonged to not a man, but a monster. A monster who truly took joy from pain and basked in the idea of mayhem.

"So, you're it? Gotham's own crowned prince of darkness? You're the Dark Knight?" He laughed and it took Bruce every bit if self control he had to remain calm. The Joker noticed this and smiled.

"Are you going to hit me…Batman?" Amusement was laced through every word. "Go ahead, HIT ME!" The Joker's face was close enough for Bruce to be able to feel his breath. It was hot and unpleasant, much to his chagrin. Again, the Joker laughed, but this time Batman had had enough. Something had snapped, and he placed on that white face a very well deserved right fist, slamming it directly into that crooked smile. The cackle stopped, and the Joker stumbled away before falling to his knees. The blood that ran out of his mouth at first blended in with the bright red face paint until it spilled down his chin, where it stood out terribly against the stark white makeup.

"When I said hit me…" The voice was muffled by the ruby liquid, so he spit, covering Batman's boots in blood. Distracted by the disgusting act, Bruce didn't see the Joker slip a revolver from his purple sleeve into his gloved hand. The Joker rose and crouched back down in front of the Bat. "I didn't mean it." With those words he fired the gun into Bruce's leg, leaving a huge gaping wound behind. Yelling out in pain, Batman let his guard down and grasped at his leg trying to stop the pain, 'anything but a straight shot' he thought helplessly. The Joker wasted no time and began viciously beating Bruce's head. The mad man hit him harder and harder until the Bat's body fell limply to the side. The Joker, seeing that he had made his point, rose from the ground and brushed himself off.

"Now you go home… and you think about what you've done." With a smile he kicked the unconscious bleeding body before turning around, walking back out, and closing the door behind him, once again leaving Bruce Wayne in darkness, unconscious and quickly slipping into shock.

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