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Two year later

Walking up the stairs has always been a challenge for me because of my never ending balance problems, but these days, it is even more of a test in my current condition. I have a tenancy to get out of breath very easily. As I started my ascension up the stairs, I took my first step slowly. My eyes started to drift to the photos on the stairs reminding me of how different and happy the last few years have been. I focused on the photos on the way up and I touch them lightly with my fingertips as I pass each one of them. With each step I climb and each photo I pass them reminding me of another step in our relationship. The pictures on our staircase really tell our story from the first step to the last, they show the progression of our love. It started with a few pictures of Edward and me when we were children a love and beauty of youth but we were unaware of the gift we would end up being for each other. My gawky teen years were next as well as and the progression of Edward becoming a man, both were touching and embarrassing at the same time. Next, there were Prom pictures, Alice's wedding, and my favorite picture of all… our wedding. The pure bliss that I felt that day seemed to jump off of every picture taken of me. I was happy, content and it just didn't seem fair that I could experience so much joy. Every moment was captured to perfection, each photo, another step in our lives, bringing us to today… a week away from the birth of our first child. The words that were posted coming from the top of the stairs in a banner above all of our photos were the words from an unknown poet. I considered the words were our personal quote. "Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away." Every moment of my life with Edward, takes my breath away. So I couldn't imagine any words that could describe us better than those words, the words that encompassed us everyday.

Once I got to the top of the stairs, I paused for a minute, out of breath and a little nostalgic. I glanced around our home. This would be the place where our children would be born and where they would take their first steps and say their first words. This would be the home that would make them feel safe and content. This was the place where Edward and I would love them and nurture them and teach them to be all that they could be. Our children will grow up around a big family, a close family, the family I didn't have until I was older.

I looked over at the wall in our upstairs hall where the photo of Charlie was placed. I put it outside the nursery because I know he would want to be there, looking out for his grandchild. A tear escaped out of my eye as I wished that he would be there to enjoy all of this happiness with me. Since meeting Edward, I have truly learned how to love. I wish that I could have shared that with him. I walked into the door of the nursery and I smiled as I looked around. Alice and Jasper had been here almost every day during the last month, ensuring that the baby's room would be ready. I thought back to the night when we finished the nursery.


"You never know, she could come early?" Alice said as she finished the mural of the beautiful meadow that Edward and I visited every time we went back to Forks.

"Alice, we don't know if this is a girl or a boy." I pointed out as I rocked in the new slider chair Esme and Carlisle brought over.

"Well, a girl can hope, I mean maybe I can actually teach someone from birth to love shopping like I do. If it is a girl, she will be the best dressed infant, newborn, toddler…"

"I get it… but even if it is a boy, he will still be the best dressed kid in Seattle." I laughed and then the baby had given me a big kick that let me know they were listening.

End Flashback

Alice continued to be my rock and my best friend; nothing had changed since the day we met. I admired the mural of the meadow that Edward and I visit when we go back to Forks. It has become our special place, a place where we have gone to read, and rest and make love. I was grateful for the beauty of this room and everything I had been given.

I suddenly felt the all too familiar arms wrap around my enlarged stomach. I leaned back into Edward's chest, letting him support us. His head dipped into my neck as he whispered in my ear.

"You are so beautiful Bella; I can never get enough of you." He said sweetly in my ear. His lips moved down to my neck and then along my collar bone. The same electric current flowed through my body, just like it did the first time we touched. I turned around to face him and he leaned in to kiss me fully on the lips. I could never tire of his kisses, or his touch.

Edward pushed me into the wall where our kisses became more passionate. I was caught up in the kiss when I felt a sudden gush of moisture spread over me running down my legs…

"Edward…I think my water broke. Call the doctor; we are going to have our baby tonight." I screamed with excitement as I broke free from his arms. Edward ran to our room and picked up the phone.

"It is now, ok… this is good, we had the drills, and ok… this is fine." Edward stuttered out loud, as he looked around disoriented trying to find his way to the phone…. "Oh Crap, I don't know the number Bella, I should have memorized the number, I am sorry" he said looking through the rolodex near the phone his voice was in a panicked state.

"I programmed it in your cell phone honey, just relax, you are going to be fine." I said trying to calm him down.

I felt the sting of a contraction rip through my lower abdomen and I let out a small screech. Edward was on the phone with the doctor when he saw my pained look. He dropped the phone and ran to me and held me.

"Bella oh God, are you ok, this is too much … this is really happening." He shouted still a little disoriented.

"Edward, I promise you that I am fine. You are going to see me make a lot of faces today, you will see me in a lot of pain, but it is the way it is. I just need to get to the hospital so that I can get the epidural, and then neither of us will have to worry about pain. So I need you to help me get to the car." Edward took a deep breath.

"I am sorry that I am stressing you out, I am just nervous about seeing you hurt and about meeting our new baby. I promise that I will not freak out again. I will make this all about you." Edward stated with a new resolve.

He grabbed my suitcase and lifted my swollen body and carried me down the stairs bridal style. He put walked me calmly out the door and into the car as he went in and locked up. I glanced back at the house, realizing that our lives would be different the next time we entered our home. We would have a new addition to our family.

On the way to the hospital, I called Alice and her scream pierced my ears and she told me that she would meet us at the hospital and start our phone chain to the rest of the family.

Edward looked calmer now as he touched my hand that was lying on my lap. I smiled at his touch.

"This is really happening. I can't believe it. Bella, since I came to my senses and you agreed to love me; all of my dreams have come true. Dreams I didn't even know that I had. Tonight, we are going to welcome our child into this world and I am so ready."

I put his hand to my lips as my body jerked strongly as another contraction hit. I looked at my cell phone so that I could start timing them. The hospital was about fifteen minutes away and Edward was driving the car like a bat out of hell. We made it in about than ten.

The contractions were coming every three minutes by the time I was rushed into the emergency room. They sent me straight up to labor and delivery and before I knew it I was sitting up on the table, leaning forward as they put the small needle into my back while I was in the middle of an excruciating contraction. Edward was rubbing my back and his soothing words helped me relax as the medicine eased the pain instantly in my lower region.

Edward's face looked pained as he leaned in to give me a chase kiss on the lips.

"Thank you Bella, for this, for giving us a child, I know it is your physical burden, and I am so proud of you. I thought I was going to faint when I saw the needle going in. You are so amazing." He whispered

I squeezed his hand as another contraction came, but with the medicine I felt the pressure without the pain.

Alice, Esme and Rose came running into the room with their squeals of delight and anticipation. Edward excused his self to give an update to his father, Emmett and Jasper.

The girls immediately started primping me in between contractions. Rose brushed my hair and put it up and out of my face, while Alice put some lip gloss on my dry chapped lips.

"You look beautiful" Esme smiled as she kissed my forehead lightly "Thank you so much for letting me be here with you Bella. I called your mom and she is trying to get a flight out now, but she will most likely miss the birth. I am sorry."

I looked into Esme's eyes and the love and devotion that has always been there shown brightly now and I smiled.

"Esme, I am blessed to have one of my moms here. Thank you for always treating me like a daughter. I wouldn't want you to be anywhere else, then by our side today."

Tears flowed silently down the beautiful face of the women I adored. She was flawless in her beauty both on the inside and the outside.

Edward returned as the doctor came in to check on me. He sent the family out to the waiting room while he checked my progression.

"Bella, are you ready? It is time to push."

Edward held my hand and hummed my lullaby in my ear to give me the strength to push. I was exhausted and spent, until the Dr. said that he could see the baby. I mustered up all the strength that I had and push until the sound of a babies cry filled the air.

Edward kissed my face feverishly and smiled as the doctor placed the baby on my stomach.

"Mr. and Mrs., Cullen, meet your son." Tears flowed freely down my face and as I looked up at Edward he reached out and touched his son for the first time. The love and awe that he had in his eyes made me love him more (if that were even possible) Edwards's large hand touched the tiny hand of our son and my heart expanded within my chest.

Welcome to the family, Chase Edward Cullen. I whispered as Alice stepped closer. She took our first family photo; this photo would join the others on our stairwell, as one of the best moments of our lives, a moment that left both of us breathless.

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