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Rei often wondered why it had to be her. Of all the beautiful, smart and classy young ladies out there, how in God's name did Usagi of all people end up being the moon princess. It was ludacris, even thinking about it made her roll her eyes.

Usagi wasn't all that pretty. She would've been if she had acted more mature and lady like, but in her normal state she just looked like a pitiful cry baby. She sure as hell wasn't smart, nor did she have the ambition and will to study. She lacked the most custom of manners and ate like a pig. That kind of made Rei jealous, seeing as Usagi never seemed to gain a pound even with all the sweets she guzzled up. Not to mention she was the worst senshi ever. She always needed rescuing and couldn't handle her own in a battle.

It was in such a battle that Rei stopped asking herself why Usagi was so special. She was just thinking how pathetic that she lacked any real attacks. I mean please, Fire Soul was much more damaging that that silly frizby of a tiara she threw around.

But when the enemy converted a human into a demon in order to fight them, Usagi was the one to put herself in front of the damn thing to protect it from their attacks.

„What are you doing, idiot? Get away!" Rei yelled, her eyes narrowing. I mean they were all messed up because of the demon's attack and Usagi wanted to...protect it?!
"It's human, Rei-chan! We can't!" Usagi's eyes were determined, her expression fierce, nothing like the Usagi she knew.

„What in the world do you suggest we..." Rei started, but stopped mid-sentence as she saw Usagi's fist clench.
"We can return it to it's normal self. We have to. There must be a way."

Her faith was so strong, her determination and hope so briliiant that she seemed to shine. The monster stopped in it's tracks, looking at Usagi dumbfounded.

A scepter of bright light had appeared in her hands and she pointed it at the thing, whispering an incantantation. A second later in its stead stood the human, like nothing had ever happened.

Rei's eyes widen as she looks at Usagi and she realizes why she shines the way she does. She's the only one amongst them who really wants to save the demons, rather than defeat them. She truly believes she can turn them back and her hope never wavers. Her heart is warm and kind and she cares nothing for herself. That's why the scepter is hers, as well as the title of moon princess.

And Rei understands that underneath the pathetic façade of poor student, clumsy to boot, Usagi is solid gold. Her determination was fierce and she stopped at nothing to defent those she cared about.

From that day forward, Rei knew why she loved Usagi so much and stopped questioning her in her mind. That didn't mean she couldn't make fun of her aloud though…

„You're late again! Out eating sweets I bet, you'll get as fat as a pig and Mamoru-san won't like you anymore, although I'm sure I can't understand why he does now."

Usagi'e eyes fill with tears and she starts whining again, but Rei smiles inwardly.

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