Our plan would take place that night.

Jack, Hugo, Alan and I walked to the suit of armor.

I said, "Okay guys. I'll go first with Alan. Jack, you follow. Last is Hugo."

We went in that order. I whispered, "Dissendium," and a swirling, blue portal appeared on the wall.

Our mouths hung open in shock. We all stepped through and found ourselves in the Shrieking Shack.

"Another way in, I suppose," Hugo guessed.

"Let's split up," I suggested. "I'll check upstairs. Alan, check if there is a basement. If there is, look there. Hugo, take the north and east sides. Jack, take the south and west. We're looking for something, anything, that could lead us to Azkaban. Portkeys, portals, doors, suspicious paintings, and you get the drill. Talk to all paintings and lift up all the furniture. We've got to find Emma."

We set to work looking for things when I heard Jack yell, "I've found a trapdoor!"

Hugo also yelled, "Jack! Send up red sparks so we can see where you are!"

I bolted downstairs and followed the red sparks. When we were all with Jack, he said, "Look."

He pushed the wall and it moved away, showing a green-lit tunnel. It seemed to stretch for miles.

"What are we going to do?" panted Alan.

Hugo walked out of sight and came back half an hour later with our brooms.

"Where'd you... How'd you..." stammered Jack.

"Hogwarts broom closet," smiled Hugo.

We mounted our brooms, lit our wands, and set off down the tunnel.

A few hours later, I started to get uncomfortable. I could tell my friends were too.

I had begun to think that we were going nowhere until I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, literally.

We accelerated on our brooms and realized that we were on the Island of Azkaban.

A dementor was guarding the door. I yelled, "Expecto patronum!" My stag patronus, just like my dad's, erupted out of my wand tip and set the dementor back a bit.

"Come on," I told my shocked friends as I gestured for them to follow me.

When we got inside, a dementor was floating behind a desk.

Jack started, "Excuse me, but we'd like to see Emma Spencer."

The dementor beckoned us forward with his scabby hand and pointed to an elevator.

"Cell 498. Fourth floor," it seemed to wheeze.

I got in the elevator and said to my friends, "Come on! We only have a little while!"

Alan came forward and whispered, "Do you really trust that... thing?"

"Not really," I confided, "but I'll do anything to save Emma."

Reluctantly, Alan, Hugo, and Jack piled in the elevator with me. I pressed the button for the fourth floor and a few seconds later, a cool voice said, "Floor four. Prisoners of war."

I looked through the numbers lining the corridor's cells and followed them all the way to the second last cell.

"498," I said.

"Yep," Alan said, sounding nervous.

Jack said in the same tone, "Let's go."

Hugo said, "Come on."

I looked at the dementor guarding the cell.

"Um, do you think you could kind of let us through?" I asked it.

It wheezed and stepped aside so I could see inside the cell.

Emma was just as I saw her in my dream. Reading. Cat patronus and all.

"Emma?" I asked.

"James?" she asked hopefully.

We rushed at each other and were intercepted by the bars.

"I thought I'd never see you again," she said, crying.

"Me too. Until I saw you in my dream, just like this."

"Really? Do you know how that happened?"

"Not necessarily. But it helped me rescue you! How are you surviving?"

"I show no emotion. I empty my mind by reading."

"They didn't take your wand?"

"Of course they tried, but I fought back."

"I'm just so happy to see you alive!"

"I'm happy to see you! Every now and then, something bad would happen in the book and I'd start feeling the wrath of the dementors..."

"How did you conjure a patronus in a place like this?"

"I was kissing you of course, in my mind."

"You hold tight and-"

"Are you going to rescue me or what?"

"Yes! I just don't know how!"

"Drive away the dementor guard with your friends. I'll unlock the bars somehow."

Somehow, I managed to kiss Emma through the bars.

I looked to my friends, who were faking throwing up.

"You heard Emma! Let's drive away this dementor!" I yelled.

All four of our patronuses escaped the confines of our wands. My stag, Hugo's eagle, Jack's tiger, and Alan's monkey.

We set them on the dementor, who exploded in a ball of slime.

"Let's go," I heroically stated to my human companions.

Emma was standing with them too. We bolted for the nearest elevator, two empty cells away.

Before we got there, however, a swarm of dementors blocked our way.