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Alice Black's Point Of View:

Here we go. Another new life. I miss my old friends already. Every time I decide to get close to someone, I have to leave. They told me it's better not to, but I actually kind of like it this way. It makes me feel more.. normal. It's not fun, but exciting at the same time. But.

I hate starting over. It's torture, but in order to stay alive -in a sense- I have to start over, every four, five years tops. Why would I start over? Well, it keeps me secret. I'm not normal. I don't eat food, and I sparkle in the sun. Yes, I am a vampire. Usually we have vibrant ruby eyes, but I don't. Mine are a liquid topaz, as my mother would say. Even for what I am, I am not normal. I will never eat a human; I could never take a life, and I could never let my family, the Cullens, down.


It was late, I had stayed after school for two hours, for painting club. I'm extremely artistic, anything to do with art and I'm there. But that is not the point. It's the middle of the winter, late January. My birthday is tomorrow, January 25th. I walked home quickly and swiftly, along the dark sidewalk. It was bitterly cold that evening, as I looked up at the bright pink sky, melting into blue making some parts purple. Just like a painting, god, I loved that time of day. It was twilight. My mother said it was the safest time for vampires. I started to giggle to myself. As if vampires were really real. But, the way my mother told me of them, they sure sounded real. As I was walking along the darkened streets of my neighbourhood, I stopped by the river. It wasn't really even a river. As you would be walking down the street, there would be a few houses next to each other, rather far apart. That's what it was like in my little reservation of La Push. I, However, was just on the outside. The outside of the border as my mother told me, is why I've never seen a vampire. I live on werewolf territory. I had asked my mother once if I would ever become a werewolf, seeing as my father was one, but she said that I had no chance. Something about me being too..sweet. Anyway, the river. It was more or less a creek.. under the road. There was an opening, letting you see the water, and the end of one of those giant concrete tubes that run under the road.

I slowly slid down the sidewalk, crunched down the gravel, and I sat just outside one of the large water tubes, on a rock, leaning my head against it. I started to think about the next day. I was excited to talk to my friends about the plans for my party. Lilly Uley, Quil Aterara, Kit Aterara (They're twins) and Marie Call are my best friends. Their fathers are my uncles.

My mom always told me about how my uncles and her vampires hated eachother, and that they always would. It was like they were in on this huge war or something. I thought that it was really dumb, and so did she. She also said that they smelled bad. Well, not to her, to the werevoles. Vice versa, too. I always tried to talk about vampires with Quil, Kat, Marie and Lilly, but no one would ever listen. Even though they were my best friends, they were never just on the same wavelength as me. The only people who really understood me were my mom and dad. Not even my brother, Brady. Life at LaPush was great none the less. It really was fun.

I remember what I was having for dinner that night, steak. I loved steak. That thought motivated me enough to start to stand up. But, as I stood, I felt a strong, ice-like hand grab me from inside the tube. I tried to scream, but the hand was over my mouth as soon as I thought of it. I was yanked into the water tube, with only a tiny stream of light allowing me to bear my surroundings.

"Alice, is this the one?" A man's voice asked a small, pixie like figure. That's all I could see, was a pixie like figure, with what looked like a spiky head, and these two, big shining topaz eyes. No, wait, was there four? It was so confusing in there.. I barely knew which way was up.

"YES!" She sounded excited. Excited for what? Perhaps my demise, or even my death? "This is her. Oh, Edward, this is definitely her! She'll be almost as beautiful as Rosalie, maybe even more!!" I was too confused. It sounded like a man and an extremely hyper woman. I'm in a water tube, at twilight. The safest time for vampires, my mother's voice rang through my head. Vampires? I was just being irrational. That HAD to be it.

"Alright, Ally, I need you to do something for me." The man's voice interrupted my thoughts. How did he even know my name? Was I being stalked?

But how could I even answer? Something was off. I've heard these names before. Edward, Rosalie, Alice. My mother, she spoke of them.. They were the names of my mother's vampires. Some things I say trigger memories for her. She's more or less okay with it now. Apparently, she met a family-or coven-of them. She was in love with them. She always told me that they would be so proud of me. Of us. She told me everything she knew about them. Their diet, how to know what they are, and even how to destroy one or make one. If these are my last few moments on earth, then I should just see if my mother's vampires are real. They could be them. They may not, but then again, at this point, what does it matter? I'm obviously going to die. I can just tell.

"What?" I thought. "What could I possibly do for you right now?" I still couldn't answer. So, I was hoping to convey my message with my eyes. My mom called me her open book.

"I want you- "Wait, that guy just read my mind. This could be fun!

"EDWARD, YOU IDIOT." Alice, I think, screamed at him.

"So you CAN read my mind. Let me go, please. I won't scream. I won't run. I promise." I thought to him. "I know everything about you. My mother told me everything"

"Alright." He released me, "Just picture your mother for me, please." I obeyed. I pictured my mother, thin, not athletic in any way. Long mahogany hair and her deep chocolate brown wide, emotion filled eyes, her full lips carved into a permanent smirk, her heart-shaped face, her laugh lines, and wrinkles from the constant furrow in her brow every time I did something dumb, the way she seemed to come alive whenever I was in the room, and seemed to die every time she talked about them.

"Excellent." He told me, wincing as I thought of her when she spoke of them. "Now, tell me with your mouth this time, your full name"

"Why?" I demanded, "What's it to you?" I don't know why I said that. I had a pretty good idea of where this was going. I have these feelings about stuff, and they're usually right.

"Please, Ally. Just do it!" Alice, I think, begged. Then she put on her famous pout that my mother loved and gave into often. Yes, this was most definitely Alice.
I was sitting in the dark, with two sort-of strangers, yet I felt completely at ease. I felt like I was safer than I'd ever been. I trusted them because they matched up with my mother's stories. I don't know why, though. Anyone could have. So, I did something stupid.

"I go by Ally Black. But my full name is Alice Rosalie Black. My mother named me after two people, because she couldn't decide on which one was best. She hoped that by naming me after them, I would inherit Alice's spunk and Rosalie's beauty. My father's name is Jacob, and my mother was Isabella Marie Swan, who goes by Bella," I paused when I saw the man's figure wince again. "But now she's Mrs. Bella Black. As for myself, I love my first name, but Ally isn't so bad. I LOVE the name Alice Rosalie . My friends either call me Ally or Rose. Rose because I blush a lot, and apparently I get it from my mother"

"Alright, Ally. I think that's enough." Edward, I think, chuckled. "And yes, I'm Edward. I'm sorry for the rude introduction, but LaPush rules have saturated your mind." He ended sadly. What was so wrong with LaPush? I loved it there. I had the tightest family in the world, or so I thought.

"Let's talk to your mother." Before I could blink I was on Edward's back, running to my house, and trying not to throw up. I could finally see them sort of clearly; I could see colours; twilight wasn't over yet. They were freezing, and pale. Worse than me, and I swear my mother is part albino. We reached my house after what seemed like seconds, and I let them in. Of course, I had a feeling it would be a mistake, but I also felt it was necessary. It was one of those feelings I just had to go with.

Things were going too fast.. This was all just too confusing. I was so disoriented during it all.

I let them into my small kitchen. I never did any cooking, that's mom's job. I tried to make microwavable kraft dinner before, and I ended up making the microwave explode. But, that's a different story.

I yelled to my mother to come to the kitchen, seeing as I brought some new friends from school home. What I saw next I never would have expected. We were suddenly moving at their speed, in no time we were in the living room, also very small, with my mother in the chair across from us. She looked, well, awful. Surprised, joyous, hurt, confused, scared, but mostly amazed.

"What are you doing here with my daughter?" My mother asked them, flatly. Actually, it was rather rudely. I had always wondered what would happen if we ever came across them again. I was certainly about to find out. But it had all happened so fast.. Stupid vampire speed.

I turned my head to see their response, not realizing I had never seen them before in person, except for their odd eyes in the dark. I gasped in surprise, causing everyone to laugh. That just made me inhale another sharp breath. They were beautiful. There was no other word to describe them.

Alice was a pixie. She looked to be maybe 4"10 at the most. Her features were small, perfectly chiselled into this marble creature. Her hair was spiky and black and quite short, going in all directions, but looked as amazing as the rest of her. Oh, and her clothes! She was impeccably dressed. Designer, my guess was Coco Chanel. Maybe a bit of Juicy Couture. This thought seemed to make Edward laugh harder, so I turned my head furthermore to look at him. If my jaw could have fell to the floor, it would have.

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