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Edward, tall and lean. He had this crazy bronze hair that was very unruly, a square jaw, the most perfect features I have ever seen, and like Alice, he had liquid topaz eyes. He, too, was dressed amazing. I couldn't look at the rest of him, his face was too distracting. His face was like a calm mask, but I could see the emotion bubbling under the surface of his eyes. When I thought of him and my mother, they went just a shade darker. He seemed to laugh at that, too.

I, myself, was extremely thin and athletically impaired as my mother was. I had chocolate brown hair, with a hint of red in it only in the light, I was quite tall, 5"5, and actually, to tell you the truth, my hair could be just as unruly as Edward's. I also had striking green eyes, but I don't know where I got them from. I had a square shaped jaw, chiselled nose, and my mother's eyes. I was known as the prettiest girl in school because of my different looks. But, sitting next to Edward, I looked a lot like him. Odd.

"You're right, Ally.." He laughed.

What? Was he responding to the fact we look alike? What else did he hear? That didn't matter. I was sitting in my small living room, with my mother and creatures who definitely weren't people, but vampires who happened to look like me, and I couldn't be happier. Until what they said next.

"Bella, we're here because we have to take her. She can't stay here any longer. Her scent is more potent than yours.. Aro is interested in her. If she isn't turned by us, she'll be destroyed by him. I promise you that you will see her again, but Bella, my Bella, it's not safe for her. If I can no longer keep you safe, I have to protect her in every way possible. I want to get to know her, anyway. I do have the right." He told my mother.

"NO YOU DO NOT!" My mother seemed to wince. "Who do you think you are?! Coming in here, after all of that, expecting me to say 'Oh, well, golly gee. The Voltouri is hunting my baby girl down, so I'm going to let the man who basically left, came back, and tore my life apart years ago take my only girl away from me, in order to hurt me more.' I don't care if the Voltouri is coming for my little girl. I have Jacob, now." She finished out of breath and fiercely. Usually I would demand to know what is going on, but I stayed quiet. The answer would come on its own. Oh, well. Time to voice my opinion.

"Mom? I trust them. They're your vampires, aren't they?" My mother winced, confirming my thinking. " I think we should do as they say. Besides, I want answers as to who Ed.. this guy and I look so much alike. Plus, this Aro guy sounds like the bad guy in your stories. The one who put pain through people's heads." Edward laughed. My best guess is I got the wrong person. "I know you don't want me to go, but it's not like we'll never see each other again. I know I should probably get to know them more, but I feel like I already do. There's something about them.. And I want to know what. Mom?"

"Ally, you look like.. him.. because he's your father.. And yes, Aro is a bad guy. But, baby girl, he has never been a father to you. He left. Jacob, Jacob is your daddy. Just because you look like him doesn;t make him your father." My mother used my weakness, knowing how much of a daddy's girl I was.

"Bella, " Edward began, "You know why I didn't stay. I was there at the border the day she came home. It's taking everything I have not to.. Anyway, she's your scent magnified. Do you want the Volturi after our daughter?" He sounded mad. And, that was a really low blow.

"Oh, dear.." Alice said quietly, foreseeing my explosion.

"OKAY, HOLD UP." I yelled, causing the vampires in the room to hiss, "Look, buddy. That was a low blow. I don't care that you're genetically my father. Jacob Black has been my father in every other way for the last 14, almost 15 years. Why should I just trust you now when you treat my mother like that AFTER you stomped all over her? This isn't the 1500's. Women have rights. We can't be talked to like that, SO LEAVE MY MOM ALONE!" Edward looked at me, rather stunned.

"There's my temper.." He said quietly. Suddenly, I heard a loud growl from behind me. Uh oh, my dad!

"DADDY!" I yelled, running over to him, hugging him, trying to calm him down. "They're fine. They're here to keep me safe. They're not breaking the treaty, cause, cause.. I INVITED THEM DOWN HERE. So don't get mad at them. Get mad at me.. I'm sorry." ⌠

"STOP! EVERYONE!" I had never seen my mother look so desperate and torn before. But suddenly, she stood up, came over to me, and she hugged me. She pulled away with a small tear in her eye, and mouthed the words "Go. I love you. Come home when you can."

"Mommy? Daddy?" I looked back and forth between them, but they were just going to let me go. With strangers. Didn't they still want me?

"Ally. Of course your parents want you. It's simply what's best. And you'll be back, and they will be able to come and visit. We're only staying just out of town." Edward said, trying to soothe me.

"Why can't I stay here, mom?" I asked my sobbing mother, but she couldn't answer. My father did, instead.

"Because, Ally, if you stay, you'll change Brady into a werewolf. An eight year old can't go through with that. You're a half vampire. Your my, and Brady's, mortal enemy. And I, yours. Honey, your mother, brother and I love you so much, but in order to keep you safe, for now, you have to go with your own kind." My father looked incredibly sad. "I don't want you to go, I love you like my own. This was arranged years ago.. But, in order to do what's best for you, you're going to have to leave. And, you WILL come home again. Those two over there are breaking the treaty, so get them out of here as fast as possible."

I walked into my small bedroom, packing what Alice had instructed for me to take. Only my stuff, no clothes except for my one Abercrombie sweater. That was acceptable, apparently. Edward took my bags, and put them into his pre-historic Volvo. Silver, S60. Man, it would have been a fast one in it's day. I'm a real car fanatic. My daddy taught me everything for cars. Once we were in the Volvo, I unleashed the questions.

"Are you Edward and Alice Cullen?" I blurted out into the rather awkward silence. "Why did my mother suddenly change her mind like that? Who is Aro? Who is the one who shoots death rays or whatever? Where are we going? Why are we related? Is that even possible? Did mom cheat on dad? You're a vampire like in mom's stories? And WHAT is with this car?!" Alice laughed at the last question.

"Yes, I am Edward Cullen and this is Alice Cullen. Your mother suddenly changed her mind like that because she remembered that we arranged this the day I left your life for a while. Aro is the leader of the Voltouri, no I am not getting into that now, to answer your next question coming. We are going to our family home in Forks, we are related because.. I'm not answering that one. Ask Alice later , we didn't think it was possible, your mother didn't technically cheat on your father, yes we are the vampires, and this car is from the days with your mother and I really can't bear to part with it." He ended softly. Almost a whisper, but I heard it.

I had no clue what to say. I'm a half vampire? I'M GOING TO BE IN THE CULLEN FAMILY? Mom's stories were true, like, ALL OF THEM?

"Yes, all of her stories were true. Every word of them, unfortunately." He answered. Ugh, Stupid mind reading vampire.

As I thought of what life would be like as a Cullen, I found myself drifting off to sleep. Sleep? It was 6 o'clock. No, thanks. I was still hungry.

"Ally, Esme will have food for you at home." Edward said, rather snappy, actually.

"Alright, let's all snap at the human who's being held against her will, what were you saying? And yes. I'm being very sarcastic 'to answer your next question.' "I rolled my eyes, but smiled when Alice started cracking up in the back seat.

"Oh, Ally, I must ask you something important!" Alice chimed, "Do you like shopping, at all?" She looked to hopeful, almost praying I wouldn't be like my mother and say no.

"Yes Alice," I smiled when she started bouncing in her seat, "I love shopping, unlike my mother. I think I get it from my grandmother, Renee."

"We're here." Edward announced.

Where was here? I thought as I looked out the window, but when I saw it, I needed no further explanation. It was the white house. From my mother's stories, exactly. It was exactly the same, so similar I actually started to hyperventilate. Edward just smiled and opened my door for me. Something he used to do for my mother.

I walked into the house, and tears came to my eyes. There waiting for me, with gorgeous smiles, were Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper. They were more beautiful than I could ever had imagined. Not even in my wildest dreams.

"Welcome, Ally. You're already part of the family. I can feel it." Esme whispered so softly while she embraced me. It was just so.. Esme. I couldn't believe what was happening. She was like the perfect.. grandmother. I sensed Edward smiling at that. Esme my..GRANDMOTHER?! "And, your steak will be done in a half hour."

Carlisle stuck out his hand, and warmly shook mine. Well, as warmly as possibly for a vampire. "Ally, you're welcome to stay with us for the rest of your existence. We're so lucky to have found you. Edward is already so much happier." Would he be my grandfather?

Rosalie stepped out next, and came to greet me with a shy hug. I was so intimidated. She was too beautiful, I knew I was attractive, but I looked like dirt on the bottom of your shoe compared to her. "Ally, I know I didn't like your mother, but you're something different. We get each other, I know it." Oh, well that was sweet. I wonder why my mother never took to her. "And, I totally get your car fetish." Rosalie and I will be GREAT friends!

Next was Emmett, who crushed me in a famous bear hug. "Welcome home, kiddo! Let's hope you're as clumsy as your mother!" That earned him a slap on the back of the head from Rosalie. So, he was the joker. I'm going to like him, too.

"What? Things got so boring without Bells around. I was just saying, I hope Ally's not all up tight like Eddie here." I started laughing, which caused a booming laugh from Emmett. "I KNEW I liked this kid!"

Finally, Jasper slowly stepped out. I smiled at him timidly, knowing his struggles. He understood, probably by my feelings, smiled a warm smile at me, and stepped back. I didn't take it as offensive. I couldn't. He was too shy himself.

"So, what's this whole paint-shooting Aro thing?," I laughed at myself. I sounded like a dork.

"Ally, you aren't a dork. You have no clue why you're here or what's going on, and yet you trust us completely. You're just as brave as your mother." Edward said.

"Well, does someone want to tell me what's going to be happening? I would very much so love to know, seeing as it's my life and all." I said, quietly. I felt really embarrassed and obnoxious. Jasper sent me a much needed wave of calm from the other side of the room, laughing at my feelings.

"Sure, Ally. Let's go to the living room and get a little more comfortable. This will be a rather long story." Esme stated, the ever gracious hostess. These people, or vampires, are amazing. I'm going to love it here.

Everyone seemed to agree, so we all walked, at my pace thank god, I'm not exactly graceful, into the wonderfully spacious living room. On my right, Carlisle and Esme sat together on the loveseat, and to my left Rosalie and Emmett took the couch. Behind me was another loveseat occupied by Alice and Jasper, which left another couch for Edward and myself.

"Alright. Fill me in!" I smiled, but it quickly faded as I realized this was a very, very serious matter.

"Aro is the leader of the Volturi and does not shoot death rays. The Volturi is like, vampire royalty. What they say, goes. Aro heard that Bella and myself had a child together, even thought it supposedly wasn't possible. He decided on the girl's 16th birthday, he would check things out, to see how the first maybe half-vampire was making out. Now, this is very important because the Volturi's castle is in Italy. Volterra, Italy, actually. You are in great danger, Ally. I couldn't protect your mother from this, but I'll be damned-no pun intended-if I can't protect you." Edward seemed not able to go on. This is when Carlisle took place.

"Ally, what we are going to do about this is turn you into a vampire like us. No, not yet. We know you're not ready. We have about a year before we have to change you, so that's a good thing. We will let you get to know us more, and if you would like to join us you are more than welcome. If you want to return to Bella and Jacob we will understand."

"Now, "Alice cut in for the first time since we were through the door, "Ally, this whole related thing. Edward and Bella didn't know that what they did would result in you. It was just like any other, and well, we're not going to get into that. And, to solve the eyes mystery, Edward's were green."

"Honey, I know this comes as a huge shock, but please, just accept us for whom we are. Your mother and yourself are the only people who know about us, and we would be honoured to have you as a family member." Esme said.

"So, wait. Let me get this straight. Aro does not shoot death rays. He is some king, my mother's stories are true, Jacob Black took my mother and I in, and I have Edward's eyes." I paused to think. "I'm becoming a vampire within a year, you want me to be in your family, and there's almost nothing I can do about it. In one way or another, I'm going to die before I'm sixteen."

"Well, yes, when you put it that way." Esme said, rather bewildered. "I, uh, think your steak is done, sweetie. I'll just go check on it. No pink meat, right?"

"Yes, thank you. I like my meat..not.. raw.. Or alive.." I said.

Everyone was laughing at my comment, except Edward. He could hear my thoughts, so he knew the slight panic under my nonchalance.

"Ally," Edward said softly, "Ally, I know this is a lot to take in. I know it's pretty scary, but we're all willing to risk our existence for you. We managed to live with your mother, you will be perfectly fine here."

"What about my mother? I can't just never see my mother again. Not after all of that.. Please, I want my mom.." I said, breaking off into a sob.

"Ally," Esme cooed, trying to consol me, coming from the kitchen, "I know it's hard. You'll see her again. Before you change, and a few years after. Don't worry. We would never keep you from her, or Jacob if that's what you wish." I was clear on sobbing. So many things were going through my head. I used to cry when I got too confused to handle. About five hours ago I was laughing at my mother's stories, and now I'm part of them. I wonder what my little brother's doing.. probably eating my share of steak, the little twerp.

"You must be hungry, Ally." My father said rather awkwardly. Oh, right. He heard my thoughts. My bad.

"Yeah, Esme did make me some steak. And, I'm guessing my brother ate my entire portion of food at home, so, I would be extremely grateful for some food ." I said, walking into the kitchen, and I stopped short seeing all my favourite foods. "If this is a regular dinner, I can't wait to see my birthday one, and, I'm going to weigh a thousand pounds by the end of the year."

"Did you enjoy that?" Edward, my father apparently, asked me after I was finished, smiling at me. I suddenly got very shaky. His smile.. oh wow. It was crooked, but it was.. oh, now what was that word my mother used? She said I had his smile, too. Dazing? Amazing? What was it?

"Dazzling." My father said, smiling even wider. I mimicked his smile with my own, perfectly. Like father like daughter, I suppose.

"OH NO WAY!! Ally looks just like you, Edward. Wait here..." Alice said, rather bluntly. A second later she had returned, "I need a picture of this one." We smiled in unison, standing by each other. Alice took the picture with a Polaroid camera, and once the film developed, showed us the picture. We both gasped. Him, in awe and I more or less disgusted. I was the girl version of him.

"I look just like you. Agh, creepy." I told my newly appointed father. He laughed in agreement.

"Uh, Ally, I know this is going to sound weird, but, how did you eat all that food?" Emmett asked me, bewildered.

"Well, when you grow up with a pack of wild dogs, literally, you learn to eat a lot and to eat fast, because you never know when you're going to get to eat again!"

Emmett shook the house with another booming laugh, probably because of the expression on my face.

"Oh, wow. Bella made that EXCACT face before. But, the funny part is.. YOU LOOK LIKE EDWARD!" Emmett fell to the ground laughing. I guess I'm a funny kid.

"GIRL MEETING IN MY BEDROOM!" Alice called, rather loudly, grabbing me, throwing me over her tiny shoulder and running vampire speed into her room.

UH OH! What has Alice got cooking in her little head? What will a girl meeting ensue? Will Ally adjust to Cullen life?