Disclaimer: This is a story of fiction, and never happened, I do not know, or own the people included in this story, it is written for entertainment purposes only, and I gain no profit from writing such things.

It's a cold night, the wind thumping against the tour bus, the heating system ironically, decided to die. Just like that time they were touring, and the air conditioning decided to fail them on a humid day.

Bob had cussed, scowling as he kicked at the kitchenette cupboards, they were stuck at some place in Cornwall, there's no two ways about it, Cornwall's a lovely place, it's just very cold at night time, to add to that, it was cold already, and they were in a tin can, not the warmest of places to be.

They're currently traveling down a long, spindly road, trees and acres of lush green fields along either side of them, as the tour bus emerges down the winding road. Bob had retreated to his bunk, pulling on two large jumpers, an extra pair of boxers and then his jeans, before struggling under his duvet, which was more like a thin blanket then a duvet.

Mikey had done the same soon after, wearing one of Gerard's hoodies on top of the two jumpers he was already wearing, Gerard had told him it 'serves you right, you shouldn't buy such tight clothes,' after an eye roll he'd just pulled the hoodie on and zipped it up before retreating to his bunk.

Ray had also gone to the bunks, he didn't make much of a fuss, because he'd bought an extra thick duvet with him, he was sorted, now all he needed to do was generate enough body heat to warm the damn thing up.

Frank sat in the 'living room' wrapped in a duvet, the cover covering the whole of his body, so all you could see was his face. With his knees pulled to his chest, he gazed out the window at the dark sky, the stars twinkling on their black canvas like jewels catching the light and reflecting.

He noticed the way the grass was a lighter, softer colour, Jack Frost he'd thought, smiling at the childhood character. He could see small, white, floating dots in the fields, just over the low hedges, sheep.

He was knocked from his daze when he heard quiet footfalls from behind him, turning his head he smiled when he saw who was stood there. There, clad in a long black onesie, with white skeleton imprints, stood Gerard, smiling. The first thing that Frank thought of when he saw him was aww cute.

"Hey Frankie," Gerard whispered moving to sit next to Frank, and pull some of the cover onto him, Frank grinned.

"Hey, those the ones from Japan?" Frank asked motioning to Gerard's skeleton pajamas; Gerard gave a nod as response.

"Where else? Besides, they're so warm, and cozy," Gerard said, snuggling into himself, and grinning. Frank freed a hand, from the mass of blankets that were him, and placed it on Gerard's chest, feeling the warmth radiating through.

"I swear you're like a fucking radiator," he chuckled, to which Gerard laughed along to as well.

"Maybe, are you still cold?" Frank nodded in confirmation. "Do you wanna let me in there? We can snuggle," Gerard suggested, pointing at the duvet coating Frank. Frank looked up for a second as if in thought, and then nodded smiling, untucking one end of the duvet, he held it open as Gerard scooted along the sofa.

Gerard then pulled Frank's legs, so they were over his lap, and pulled the smaller boy towards his chest, he then proceeded to tuck them both in, making sure there were no holes where their precious heat could be lost.

"We don't want you getting ill again, hmm?" Gerard said, brushing the hair away from Frank's face, as the younger boy lay with his head on Gerard's shoulder.

"No, I don't like being ill and it happens too much," Frank replied, a yawn rising from his throat, as he shook his head consistently. Gerard smiled, and just continued to run his fingers through the hair he could reach, Frank's dark locks slipping through his fingers like velvet.

Gerard had always liked Frank's hair; he'd liked the sweeping side fringe that curled round under his right eye, he'd even liked the short blonde- soon to be red- sides and long black Mohawk, which hung delicately across his face. But most of all he'd liked his hair how it was now, long, and dark, his long side fringe which fell in front of his eyes when he looked down, the hair which flew through the air as he moved his body to the music.

The older boy sat, thinking back on fond memories of the band, he'd wanted this for so long, he'd just needed the push to force him into the music career. His brother had been there every step of the way, even when he was a failing guitarist. Ray had been there since that faithful phone call that started something special. Frank had been there since, just before, they entered the recording studio for the first time. And Bob, well he may not have been there from the beginning but he was just as important as the others.

Gerard was stirred from his thoughts as calloused fingers brushed gently across his cheek bone, smiling down at the boy on his lap, he noticed the other boys smile.

And then there was a lift of covers, as Frank pulled himself closer to Gerard, and pulled his feet underneath him. Leaning up gingerly he placed a soft kiss to Gerard's lips, slightly stunned the older boy sat in shock, mouth falling open as Frank pulled away, and snuggled in closer to him.

"Night Gee," the younger mumbled sleepily, as he wriggled to get comfy, a contented noise leaving his slightly parted lips.

"Night Frankie," Gerard replied, kissing the top of Frank's head, and smiling.