Disclaimer: This is a story of fiction, and never happened, I do not know, or own the people included in this story, it is written for entertainment purposes only, and I gain no profit from writing such things.

The night was dark, the sky a mix of navy and deep dark blues, streams of white, pillow like clouds, shifting in streaks across the edges of a perfect canvas. The silvery flecks scattered, and shining, twinkling as the world went by.

The world beneath it glittered, lights along side roads glowing eerily, house windows lit, and dulled by cotton curtains. White lights, and red lights, streaming along the roads as cars passed by.

It was cool outside, the breeze whispering, and caressing skin. The tour bus was parked up, the fact they had a show the day after in a field the reason. They loved touring; they loved festivals, a gathering of music, with dislikes and likes.

Frank and Gerard were lying on top of the tour bus, with the aid of the small ladder built into the back of the tour bus. They'd lugged a duvet up with them, and laid it out so they could lay on it. They were quiet, just lying still next to each other, Frank's head resting lightly on Gerard's shoulder, and Gerard's arm, encircling the other boy's shoulders.

"I like the stars," Frank mumbled, nuzzling his nose into Gerard's side, Gerard smiled pulling Frank closer to him.

"Me too, I've always wanted to know all the constellations," Gerard replied, his eyes trained on a plane in the distance.

"People say that the worlds shit, but I think you just have to look in the right places to find the beautiful scenery," Frank said, watching the stars twinkling, the song Twinkle twinkle little star begging to be sung.

"Yea, you can't just expect to open your door and see something amazing," Gerard added.

"It's not just that, you have to look, you can't find beauty unless you look for it. People are too busy complaining about where they live, to actually stop and look at their surroundings." Frank continued, shifting slightly on the blanket.

"Obvious beauty," Gerard mumbled, as he watched a star in the distance, he felt Frank nod against his shoulder, the act causing Frank's hair to tickle Gerard's chin.

"I'd give up the stars for you Gee," Frank said, lifting himself up on his elbows, and glancing at Gerard.

"I'd give up the world," Gerard smiled; turning on his side and facing Frank, Frank followed suit, and intertwined his legs with Gerard's.

"I'd give up my soul, if that's what you wanted," Frank giggled, moving closer so he could feel Gerard's breath ghosting over his cheeks.

"Will you give me your soul?" Gerard asked, smiling.

"Yea, I'll give you David Bowie too," Gerard chuckled, briefly looking downwards.

"I don't want David Bowie," his voice taking on more of a serious tone, Frank frowned.

"Who do you want them?" Frank asked, watching Gerard's eyes flicker to his, before leaning towards his ear.

"I want you," he whispered, moving to press a soft kiss to Frank's lips.