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Chapter 1: What A Morning!

A twenty-eight year old woman with black hair stood in the hallway of the Hyuuga compound. Looking down at her watch she sighed. "If they don't wake up soon, they are going to be late for their first day of school,' she thought, walking into the kitchen. She took a giant pot and a wooden spoon from the kitchen, and returned to the hallway. She opened one of the closed doors quietly. The Hyuuga walked up to the bed that held her sleeping little brother. Pausing for a moment she looked down at Neji, he looked so innocent. Oh well. She raised the pot in her right hand and began pounding the wooden spoon on the metal object.

Neji fell out of bed in a panic and he glared up at his sister. "Isy why do you have to do that?!"

"Because its fun! Now comb your hair and get dressed it's the first day of school!"

"Yeah, great," Neji muttered as Isy walked back out into the hallway. Isy threw the pot on the ground and pushed open the next door. She ducked, protecting herself from the flying pillow.

"Hanabi! Get your lazy little ass out of bed or you're not going to school," she yelled.

"Is that a promise?"

"Just get up!" Isy pulled out a matching outfit from Hanabi's closet and threw it on her bed. "When I come back I want you dressed and ready!"

Isy left and made her way to her final destination. She opened the door to Hinata's room quietly. To her surprise Hinata was sitting on her bed already awake.

"Hey you're up already?"

"Yeah … I woke up when you were yelling at hanabi."

"Oh are you okay Hina?" Isy sat down next to Hinata. She checked her temperature by placing her hand on Hinata's forehead.

"No it's just another year at Kohona high."

"No way! This is your junior year. It gets better I promise."

"Whatever you say, Is." The two girls laughed and went downstairs for breakfast.


Hinata's POV

In another five minutes everyone was in the kitchen getting some breakfast. There was some yelling between Isy and hanabi, but that's an everyday occurrence. Oh sorry, I should explain everything shouldn't I? Well … my name is Hinata Hyuuga. I live in a house in the suburbs with my little sister and my two older cousins. First off there is Isy or Isamaki Hyuuga if you want to get technical. She is twenty-eight and also Neji's older sister. Isy has quite a fiery temperament which is why her and Hanabi get into screaming matches every morning. When she was in college her major was music and she loved it. Isy had a career in the music industry but she gave it up to be closer to Neji.

Next there is Neji. He's eighteen, one year older than me. He is ranked number one in the senior class. The whole school knows him as the cold and stoic Hyuuga prodigy. Actually, he has a good sense of humor, but I guess he doesn't show it at school. Neji already has plans for the future too. He wants to go to go to medical school and become a doctor.

Then there is Hanabi, my little sister. She's eleven and thinks that she is God's gift to the world. That is probably because she skipped a grade and is now starting middle school. Don't get me wrong I love the little brat I call a sister but sometimes … I wanna kill her.

Finally there is me. I'm seventeen and a junior at Kohona high school. My favorite color is blue and I have been a ballet dancer ever since I could walk. The only time that I'm not shy is when I am on stage, I never understood why and I still don't. Truthfully I'm not the most popular girl in school but I have good friends and that's all that counts. Unlike Isy, Neji or Hanabi I'm not the smartest person in my class but not all of us can be geniuses, right?


Normal POV

"Why can't I drive?" Neji asked, drumming his fingers on the roof of the car.

"Cause I need the car today … and is it really that bad to have your sister drive you to school?"

"No … it's just that I'm a senior not a little freshman."

"Yeah Isy, you don't want to embarrass him in front of his girlfriend." Hanabi said.

"What girlfriend?" Neji turned to look at her.

"Umm … that's actually my point." She tilted her head and gave him an innocent smile.

"You little-"

"Ni-san!" Hinata pushed his arm lightly so he would turn around. She leaned back in her seat and whispered to Hanabi, "Stop it, he might explode."

"Why would it be bad if Neji exploded?" Hanabi asked in a normal tone. "Beside as Neji said, he's a senior which means he should have a girlfriend."

"What is this? 'National-Piss-Off-Neji' Day?" Neji muttered to himself looking out the window.

"If it is, do we still have to go to school, Isy?"

"Of course you have to go to school."


"Hey watch your mouth, young lady," Isy demanded. "I don't know where you learn these things."

At that precise moment a black Mercedes cut Isy off on the turn, causing her to stop suddenly. "Watch where you're going JACKASS!" Isamaki screamed out the window at the moving car.

"And you wondered where she learns these things from?"

"Shut it, Neji."

They drove the rest of the way to school in a relative silence. Finally they arrived, Isy pulled up to the curb and Hinata and Neji stepped out. Hinata waved goodbye as the car drove off, while Neji simply watched it intently with his hands in his pockets. She heard Neji sigh and turned to look at him. He gave her a knowing smirk and walked off. Hinata smiled and made her way to the steps of the school. She was half way there when she felt her shoulder bump into something. She fell on the ground because of the impact of that 'something'. Hinata looked up to see what she had bumped into. A deep blush covered her face when she saw who it was. It was Sasuke Uchiha!

Sasuke Uchiha was ranked first and also the president of the junior class, and was known as one of the hottest guys at school.

"Watch where you're going."

"I'm sorry Uchiha-san" Hinata got up quickly and ran through the school doors. She released a breath she didn't realize that she was holding. Before Hinata had a chance to move Sakura and Ino jumped in front of her.

"Hey Hinata, you got some nerve!" Sakura yelled.

"What are you talking ab-"

"We saw you make a move on my … I mean our Sasuke!"

"It was an accident." Hinata said defending herself quietly.

"Yeah, sure it was. Not like Sasuke would choose you over us but –"

"Hey! She said it was an accident Suckara, so back off!" a voice said.

"Watch it, Tenten! You wouldn't dare hit us with that hockey stick!"

"Wouldn't I?" Tenten said tightening the grip on the field hockey stick in her hands. The two cheerleaders ran away scared.

"Thanks Tenten." Hinata smiled at her friend.

"Hey what're friends for … we should head to homeroom, before we're late."

The two girls walked down the hallway to their homeroom.

'What a morning!' Hinata thought following Tenten through the classroom door.

End of Chapter One

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