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A.N. For anyone who doesn't know before starting this chapter, point shoes are those ballet shoes that have stuff in the tips so ballet dancers can stay up on the ends of their toes. They are quite cool looking.

Music, Ballet, and All of the Above


"Do you have everything you need?" Isy was obsessing. She wanted tonight to go more perfectly than I did, and I was the one performing. I stood at the door in sweats. I would change when I got there. Neji stood beside me looking bored. Thankfully he wasn't mad at me anymore.

"Yeah…" my voice droned out. I felt as bored as Neji looked. Today didn't feel as exciting as I thought it would be a week ago. Neji nudged my arm with his elbow. He smiled brightly. It was his way of silently saying 'Everything is going to be great.' I nudged him back harder to say 'thanks.'

"Does this look okay?" Hanabi came down from the stairs and twirled around. For a girl obsessed with lacrosse, she sure knew how to be a girly girl when she wanted to be. Her hair was half up-half down and she was wearing a simple black shirt with flowers lining its seam and a white skirt.

"perfect! You look beautiful! Let's go!" Isy yelled and paraded out the door towards the car, the three of us in tow. We all piled into the car, and set out for the dance studio. Isy took ragged deep breaths as she drove.

"Isy, take a chill pill," Hanabi muttered. We both giggled in the back seat.

"Heard that, and it's not funny," she growled at us, causing silence to envelope the car.

"OMG!!!! HINATA!!!!" a familiar scream filled the performance hall as I entered. Ayame jumped from the stage and ran down the walkway towards me. "He cancelled on us! The jerk!!" she said as she breathed in fresh air. So he did what I told him to.

"Yeah, I know." I said, smiling faintly in understanding. There was no happiness in the expression at all. I pushed my dance bag a little, moving it to a different point on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry. He wasn't that cute anyway," she giggled and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the stage with her. I scoffed inside my head. Ayame was the first one to tell me she thought Sasuke was the cutest boy she had ever seen. "Besides, Jiro came back for us. Now that's a man!" Yeah… I guess. But Jiro isn't as good a musician as he was. I shook my head at the thought. I couldn't think like that, I had a performance to do today. A solo performance to a song that I have only practiced with Sasuke. Would Jiro play it the same way? I sighed.

"Hinata? You okay?" she stopped and looked directly into my eyes. Worry sparkled in her green eyes.

"Yeah." I faked a smile. I didn't want pity, especially not right now. Ayame finally released my hand and bounced up the stairs leading to the stage. Nothing bad could affect her giddiness for a performance. I followed her up the stairs hoping her mood would rub off on me.

"Sasuke? Are you coming with me?" Kakashi screamed down the hallway of his apartment. The same apartment that he and Sasuke shared.

"No!" Sasuke's voice yelled though the door of his bedroom. He was laying back on his bed as he stared up at the ceiling. Tonight was the performance of his ex-girlfriend. "…Hinata." he muttered out her name, and closed his eyes. He knew he messed up, but she didn't want him there. And he didn't want to ruin her performance by being there.

"Are you sure?" Kakashi asked again, this time sticking his head inside the room. Sasuke opened his eyes and looked at his guardian. His silver hair looked more maintained. Had he combed it? It's a miracle!

"Yeah, she doesn't want me there. And I don't want her to hate me more than she already does." Sasuke flipped onto his side so he couldn't see Kakashi's face anymore.

"She doesn't hate you. You just broke her heart with your stubbornness." By the sound of his voice he knew the older male was smirking. He was smirking at his misfortune and heart-break. Hinata wasn't the only one that was hurt by this. If he wasn't so stubborn he would be at the performance hall with her, telling her not to be nervous because she would be amazing! He'd hold her hand and kiss her good luck. But no! He was an idiot and now is stuck here in his room alone.

"You know, you can still come and sit somewhere she probably wouldn't be able to see you." Sasuke flipped over again and stared at his guardian. His expression was blank.

"You would get to see her and maybe reconcile a little, before or after the performance… your choice." Kakashi tried to read his expression but got nothing. The thoughts rushing through the boy's brain were blank to him. "I'll wait in the living room for a few minutes, I'll wait for you to come but I'm leaving at six thirty."

Sasuke hid his onyx eyes beneath his bangs as he thought. His head popped up when he heard the sound of the front door opening.

"Kakashi!!" the boy screamed out and ran after the older male. Maybe second chances were possible.

"Hina!!" Ayame called my name again. I had zoned out while she was rambling about the crowd that was sitting in the hall. Apparently the entire audience was full. Natasha does not approve of us taking a peek at the audience before we perform but Ayame got a look anyway.

"That's awesome," I replied. I was even too lazy to make my voice sound interested.

"How is he being here awesome?" she asked. Her voice conformed into a shrill squeak. He who? Who was she talking about?

"He who?" I muttered tightening the ties of my point shoes.

"Weren't you listening to me before? Sasuke is here! The nerve of him!!" Sasuke was here? I scowled, guessing Sakura clad with a short skirt was sitting next to him.

"Who cares, Ayame?" I said, trying to let her know I didn't care, although I did. How dare he bring her here … if he did. Maybe he didn't. No, of course he did. I stood and walked carefully out of the large dressing room that all the girls shared into the hallway leading to where the openings to the performance hall. It was hard to walk long distances while wearing point shoes. I hid in the shadows as I peeked into the hall. As Ayame did, I saw Sasuke. He was sitting next to Kakashi towards the back of the room. The corners of his lips were deeply turned down into a depressed frown. Why was he here? Didn't he have a date with Sakura?!! The person that was sitting on the other side of him was definitely not Sakura since she was an aging woman with a head of gray hair, or maybe that's what Sakura looks like without makeup. …. I laughed to myself. Tenten's jokes are finally getting to me. I already knew where Temari and Tenten were sitting. They were sitting with my family towards the center of the first few rows. I saw that each one of them had a bouquet of flowers sitting on their laps. They were for me. I leaned out more to see what kinds of flowers each on had but ….

Surprisingly I must have leaned too far into the room, because Kakashi had seen me. He waved his hand happily at me, and I waved back politely before sinking back into the shadows. I started walking carefully back to the dressing room, hoping none of the other dancers or Natasha saw that I was missing.

"Hinata!!" I paused in the middle of the hallway. Why? Why now, before the performance?

"What?" I spat turning around to face him. I stared at the ground as I rung my hands together nervously.

" I know you hate me right now." Yes. Thanks for the update on how I feel Mr. Obvious. I glanced up at his face. Sasuke was looking at the wall beside him instead of me. "I'm not here to fight with you or to make you more sad and angry than you already are. I just wanted to say that I was sorry and good luck. I know you'll be the best performer to dance on that stage. And that I could never hate you because … I … I could just never hate you." Without any eye contact he turned and walked away. I was speechless. He actually apologized. …. Sasuke Uchiha just apologized to me. …. Would he have apologized yesterday if I didn't yell at him the way I did? I bent down to untie my point shoes. I had to run after him. I had to tell him I forgave him and that I shouldn't have thought he would go on a date with Sakura, because obviously why would he have. He hates her more than I do.

"Hinata!" Natasha yelled out my name with her Russian accent. The older woman walked towards me using her dancing cane as a crutch. The weather outside was damp tonight and that didn't fare well with her leg muscles. 'Too many years dancing in the rain' she always said. We always laughed when she said that.

"Yes, Natasha?" I asked standing up straight. She came before I could even reach all the way down to the laces around my ankles.

"Get dressed we are starting early." …early… but I … I need to tell him now. What if he leaves before I perform?! … He wouldn't … I know he wouldn't.

"I …" I started to protest, but she raised a wrinkled hand to stop me. With a heavy heart I went into the dressing room and put on my outfit.

I stretched out my legs more as I waited by the curtain. I was ready to perform with my whole heart even though my whole heart was with a boy that was hopefully sitting in the audience. The audience clapped as the first act finished, and the curtain fell. As the girls from the stage ran off, more girls including me ran on the stage. I took my position and glanced at Ayame who was standing across the stage. She felt my gaze and winked a green eye at me. I smiled in return as the curtain raised. The music began and so did the dancing. When I could, I glanced into the crowd, trying to see him, or anyone else. Unfortunately it was too dark for me to see anything, I couldn't even see the faces of the people sitting in the front row.

As the second performance ended, Sasuke watched as Hinata ran off the stage. Her solo was scheduled to be fourth in the program. A duet between two girls whose names escaped his memory was next. It gave him some time to find Natasha.

Sasuke walked past Kakashi and around the back to backstage. Thankfully he noticed the old woman quickly. She was standing in the pit, checking in with all of the musicians.

"Natasha, I want to play the music for Hinata's solo," he said, not giving her a chance to ask why he was here.

"Of course." She nodded and showed him where the piano sat. Jiro was already sitting on the piano bench, looking at the music for Hinata's solo.

"You don't have to worry about that," Sasuke said as he stood next to the bearded male. He gave Sasuke a dirty look and turned his questioning eyes to Natasha.

"He will be playing Hinata's solo as it is supposed to be." Jiro sighed and stood from the piano, allowing Sasuke to take his place on the bench. He stretched his fingers as the curtain fell once again. The third performance was over. He smiled and played out some chords.

I walked slowly onto the stage. The curtain was down and my point shoes were off. Thankfully I got to do my solo barefoot. The point shoes start hurting after a while. My outfit for the solo was a loose flowing skirt. It always puffed out as I turned. It made pirouetting more fun.

Once I was in my starting position I took a few calming breathes, hoping Jiro played the song the exact same way Sasuke had. The curtain raised slowly, but I was ready. I preformed with all my heart knowing he was there, without truly knowing. Everyone I loved was watching me. Isy, Neji, Hanabi, Tenten and Temari. And Sasuke. Each dance move I did was with grace and balance. Everything was perfect, even the music. Jiro playing the song didn't change it at all. It still sounding like Sasuke was the one playing. I smiled to myself as I ended with a double pirouette. As the music slowed, I raised my left arm, and tilted my head off to the side, looking down into my ending pose. After a few seconds I broke from my pose and bowed as applause erupted through the hall. I bowed a couple more times in thanks. They loved it! I giggled as I padded back to the dressing room. I was so happy I didn't noticed that I banged straight into Jiro. Wait …. Jiro? What was he doing out here? He should still be in the pit … he did just finish playing my song…. Didn't he?

"Sorry, Hinata," he apologized gruffly. " You were amazing."

"Thanks." I smiled brightly. "But why aren't you in the pit? The song just ended."

"Oh , I didn't play your solo." He scratched the side of his face innocently. If he didn't … who …

"Sasuke played it?" I asked to myself, though I said it out loud.

"Yeah, that's the guy. He just stormed into the pit with Natasha and asked if he could play it and Natasha let him. What goes on in that woman's brain is beyond me." He laughed lightly and continued back to the pit for the next performance.

I ran into the dressing room and looked at the performance schedule. How many acts were there? There was an intermission now so if I was fast I could run out and find him. And after the intermission there were four more performance two of which I was in.

"Hina? What's wrong?" Ayame came over and asked. She was already half dressed for the next song.

"Nothing," I mumbled and ran out into the hallway. It had to be fast! No distractions. I ran into the performance hall, all of the people were standing up stretching their legs, before everything started again. As I maneuvered through the crowd I received many "good job" and "beautiful performance" statements, to all I tried to say thank you and continue on my way. Once I finally reached Kakashi, he was standing there talking to Isy … no Sasuke in sight.

"Hina? Why are you out here?" Isy asked me. Her face was full of concern. Technically the dancers were supposed to stay backstage the whole time. No excuses.

"Where's Sasuke?" I asked Kakashi, ignoring my cousin's question. My English teacher glanced at Isy and then back at me.

"He said he did what he had to do and that he was going home … probably to bathe in his self-pity." The older man laughed lightly at what didn't sound like a joke, especially not to me. I sighed and ran past them both.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Isy started running after me. "The performance isn't over."

"Tell Natasha that I'm sorry, but this is important!" I yelled back at her as I ran out the door into the street. It was raining lightly. I looked down both ways of the street. I should have thought this through. I didn't know where Sasuke lived. It started to rain harder and I sat down on the curb. My shoulders slumped. This shouldn't be how everything ends. I sighed and held my head in my hands. What now? My brain raced trying to find an answer, but I had nothing.

All of a sudden I felt the rain stop falling on my head. I looked up and saw it was still raining everywhere else in front of me. I scrunched my nose in confusion. What the hell?

"You shouldn't sit in the rain without an umbrella." I looked up slowly, thinking if I looked up too fast his voice would only be a figment of my imagination. My face held no emotion as I looked at him. His onyx eyes stared at me as he sat down. The same frown was etched on his face.

"Kakashi said you went home," I choked out. My mouth felt so dry, so much that I felt like I couldn't talk at all.

"I couldn't," he murmured.. I gulped and watched the rain fall. I didn't know what to say, or how to say it.

"I … why can't you hate me?" The thought of him saying he just couldn't hate me just popped into my head. I didn't really think about it while or right after he said it, but I did want to know why.

"Because I love you." My heart stopped for a second and then started pounding like it was trying to pop right out of my chest. "I should have listened to you when you told me Kabuto was nothing…. I was stupid. I thought I was losing another person I love, and I also thought if I left before you could leave me then it would hurt less. But I was wrong, really wrong."

"I won't leave you." I smiled and held his hand in mine. "I love you too," I whispered. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. He reacted right away. It was perfect. Sasuke dropped the umbrella off to the side and pulled me into his arms as our lips were locked.

"I missed you so much." he said between kisses. I pulled apart from him so I could catch my breathe.

" I missed you too." I rested my head on his shoulder, and breathed in his scent. It was like nothing changed, nothing happened. I smiled and nuzzled my head into his neck.

"Hello?" a Russian voice behind us yelled. Oh no! Natasha! She must be pissed at me!! I jumped out of Sasuke's arms and looked at her. The old woman stood in the doorway with a bright smile on her face. "Come in before you two catch a cold," she demanded and walked back inside. I laughed and dragged him into the performance hall's lobby where we continued "making up".

Years later I asked Natasha why she wasn't mad that I skipped out to find Sasuke. She just replied, "Which is most important? Music? Ballet? Or love?" The old woman walked out of the room before I could answer but if I did, I would most definitely say love.

End of chapter 11

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