Candy and Clouds.

"Shikamaru, I have to go now. You sure you'll be okay?"
It was common for Chouji to worry about his best friend, he simply had the overused clique quote a heart full of gold.

"I'm fine, just hurry up and go, your father might blame me later on for making you late." The brainbox yawned with discomfort, today was too humid for his liking. Yet he laid down onto the pale, lush grass staring up into the sky. No clouds insight.

"Bye Shikamaru!" with his goodbye said he quickly ran to his destination, leaving his potato chips behind.

Shikamaru's eyes caught the sight of the bag of chips, and quickly snagged them to lay it upon his lap. "Before anyone eats these and face the roll of Chouji." He mentally yawned and popped a candy into his mouth. "Yuck…coated plum flavour, how troublesome."

"Shikamaru-kun?" a soft tone could be heard, along with a girl blocking that little bit of sunshine from the weather, where did she come from?

"Oi, Hyuuga mind scooting over a bit, you're blocking the light."

"O-oh, y-yes yes! Gomen! I'll go away now…"

It didn't take a genius to figure out she was disappointed, so he quickly arose and grabbed Hinata's hand in attempt not to make her escape.

"Oi…I didn't say you couldn't stay…" He mentally slapped himself, now she probably thought he liked her.

"G-gomen…" She stared at him with an expression even he couldn't identify.

Then that's when he noticed his hand was still entwined with hers, a perfect match he might add. Oh, that's why she was staring at him like that. She was embarrassed.

"Hyuuga? Want to take a walk?" He quickly pulled her along the grass. "There are no clouds to stare at anyway…I'll just kill time with her."

"S-sure…I'd love to."

At that precise moment the sun shone out brightly and a few clouds could be seen. His and Her gaze were locked unto the blue painted sky…complete heaven.

"Geez…how troublesome…common then let's go."


While walking around Konoha with their hands held closely together they saw Sasuke training with a kunai. Perfect aiming they both thought.

"Nara…Hyuuga?" he lifted one eyebrow screwing his face into confusion.

"G-good morning Sasuke-Kun" as soon as she said this her hand was quickly pulled away from the grasp of Shikamaru's one. He let go pretty harshly.

"Oh…so you to are going out." A smirk was plastered on the Uchiha's face as he threw a Kunai from behind his back without looking. Dead on target.

Shikamaru sighed with annoyance, bringing up a flushed hand to wipe his brow. "How troublesome, no we're not. Oi Hyuuga I have to go, see you."

"O-okay…thanks for the walk." She quickly shot a grateful smile over to the genius.

He didn't bother turning back. He simply walked away muttering a simple "whatever" while trolling along the path.

Sasuke roughly took Hinata's hand and popped something into her palms. A plum flavoured candy, it's purple features glistened into the now brightly shining sun.

The two walked hand in hand the opposite way where Shikamaru went. He swiftly turned his head and saw their hands linked together like a chain. She the Hinata girl probably thought it was a perfect fit.

He turned back into his direction not daring to look behind him; he admitted to himself he was jealous.

He took out a random candy out of his pocket and stared at it for a bit. It was yet another plum flavoured sweet…Hinata's favourite.

He scolded himself for not being the first to give her one.

(AN) I was in the mood for a shikahina fanfiction. I don't know, I kinda like the idea of a jealous Shikamaru. LOL, don't ask me why Hinata and Sasuke were holding hands. So OOC. XD.

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