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Chapter 9

Kurogane pulled back, blinking in confusion and surprise. Fay let his eyes flutter open, only to see Yuui running from the room, hurt and upset.
"Go after him!" He ordered Kurogane, who was still apparently stunned, his hands raised to his lips. Quickly recovering the young ninja roared
"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!", turning an amazing shade of red as he did so.
"That, was a kiss." Fay said simply.
"I… I get that you freaking idiot, WHY did you kiss me, you're a boy! I think… and anyway there's…. WHY!" He stomped his foot, utterly bewildered by the strange young boy.
"To see if you were into boys. I couldn't let Yuui pour his heart and soul into someone who didn't swing his way." Fay's blue eyes softened as he spoke, he looked slightly distant. "You kissed me back… so you must be okay with other boys… and since I look and sound like him… I knew I could make you fall for him the way he has for you."

Kurogane raked one hand through his hair, and sat down on the edge of the bed.
"Your logic, is so messed up." He sighed. "Just because YOU think I kissed you back, which I didn't by the way because that would be weird!" He said haughtily. "Does NOT meant I'm into guys and it doesn't mean I have a thing for you… and falling for you and falling for Yuui are not the same thing," He growled, glancing at the twin who looked so confused. Kurogane wanted to be mad at him, but Fay seemed to earnestly believe his own words.
"Yes it is… we're the same…"
"No… you're not." Kurogane wondered how to explain it. "Physically yeah… you're identical. But you two… you're completely different. You're sensible, smart and shy… and he's… well he's a reckless idiot."
"Don't call him an idiot!" Fay said, offended.
"Oi. I'm talking, so shut up." Barked the native boy, "I'm thirteen! I don't know if I'm into boys or girls or neither… and he's crazy if he thinks he's in love with me at his age."
"You shouldn't doubt him… we're only young but… we've been through enough to know what it is to need someone."
"Needing someone is entirely different," Kurogane growled, irritated by Fay's offhand confession. "I'm not ruling out ever being in a relationship with him, yeah maybe in a few years, til then shut up about love and all that crap… get some sleep." He instructed, heading for the exit. Fay snuggled down into his covers before asking.
"You are going after him, right Kuro-nii?"
"Of course." Kurogane spoke softly, bowing his head. He left the boy to his recovery.

Finding Yuui was fairly easy, he was barely three feet away, at the window, crying. Kurogane sat on the sill beside him.
"Yo." He said coolly. Yuui looked up, tears in his eyes, his pretty pale face torn between confusion and anguish. Then he smiled.
"Yo." He responded, his mask in pieces. Kurogane sighed.
"Moron." He said, pulling Yuui into a noogie. "Don't know which of you two idiots is worse," He joked.
"Owww!" whined the stronger twin, pulling away from the playful fight. "I'm in turmoil here and you bully me, Kuro-chan is such a meanie!" He huffed, folding his arms. Kurogane nodded.
"Serious time… no. I don't love you. Sorry kid."
"Ugh, trust you to be blunt." Kurogane shrugged that comment off.
"You pissed at Fay?" He asked gruffly.
"No!" Yuui squeaked, shaking his head violently, splaying his hair. "I could never… he's my… a little bit." He bowed his head and wiped at his eyes. "I don't understand."
"You'll have to ask him about that: listen I've got training so I gotta go." He stood up, and started walking away. He stopped still, back still to the young blond before speaking. "And for the record… I wouldn't be late for practice for just anyone."

"You're insane!" Kurogane roared.
"Kurogane please calm down." Soma barked. Kurogane drew his sword and pointed it right at her, much to her amusement. Tomoyo shook her head.
"I wish you would learn to control your temper." She said sadly, placing her fingers to her chin. She had called them into the throne room, Kendappa being away on business. Yuui and Fay (who was now able to walk, albeit with a severe limp: he insisted upon it) stood, pale as ever, hands clutched between them. Though physically they looked much stronger, their scared faces and tightly gripped hands reminded Kurogane of their first day here.
"Screw temper! You want to send them back there? You're both crazy!" Kurogane howled. Yuui whimpered and Fay turned his head into Yuui's shoulder.
"That's not what she said, moron." Soma muttered. "And put your sword away, there are ladies present." Since the whole ordeal, Kurogane had been permitted to carry a real metal sword around the castle: and thus was using every opportunity to show off with it.

"I just need to explain to the twins the severity and the legal implications of this." Tomoyo tucked her very long hair behind her ears and surveyed the young princes. "Valeria is to rebuild, they're without a leader. In this day and age a republic would be walked over." Her young voice was stern, she hopped off her pedestal and approached Kurogane, she took his hand in hers. "To be King is a scary thought…" Eyes on the twins, she continued, giving Kurogane's hand a gentle squeeze.
"Morons." Muttered Kurogane darkly.
"But to be without a king is a much scarier thought. With your help, princes Yuui and Fay… I would like to build an alliance. Not necessarily a merger, but until the time comes when the two of you are old enough to rule… or one of you whichever you so prefer, Kendappa would be in charge."
"So it's basically, a takeover." Fay asked
"Not at all." Tomoyo smiled sweetly. "If Kendappa watches over Valeria while it rebuilds, you still get to make any decisions, or overrule any of hers. It just means that you can stay here for now, to get the training you'll need to be leaders one day."
"Deal." Fay said nodding curtly. Tomoyo smiled and curtseyed deeply.
"Wait so… I'm stuck with these guys til they're…"
"21." Tomoyo said with a rather cheeky smile. "I'm sure you'll have fun."
"Fuck this." Kurogane grumbled, and stomped off.
"He's not happy when he thinks we're leaving, and he's not happy when we're staying…" Yuui said sounding slightly amused. The love confession had been brushed under the carpet for now, with a vague promise of 'maybe later'. They had years together yet, and as Yuui helped his brother back upstairs, he had no doubt that eventually, he'd win over the ninja. Even if it meant bullying him into it.

"ONE MORE WORD FROM EITHER OF YOU!" Threatened an angry 20 year old Kurogane. The twins smirked, though now technically 'adults' only one had really grown up. Fay was pouring over a textbook, as was Kurogane who had been forced to by Tomoyo, whereas Yuui was flitting around like a sugar-high fairy. Both twins were chattering animatedly.
"Oops, we got him mad." Yuui chuckled draping his arms over Kurogane's broad shoulders. "Sorry Kuro-shii."
"Instead of being sorry." Fay said, barely raising his eyes from his book for a fraction of a second. "You could try ACTUALLY being quiet." He smirked mischievously, knowing that was a sure-fire way to keep Yuui talking, and returned to the Japanese writings. Fay had kept his hair short, hanging in front of his blue eyes now as he worked, Yuui however had grown his hair out, long blond tresses hanging in a loose and feminine ponytail.
"Would-you-get-the-hell-off-me!" Kurogane growled through gritted teeth. The years had been good to him, muscles large and toned from the effort of training, his boyish face had matured and chiselled into a rough physique. Yuui often told him he was carved from marble (Kurogane often told him that he had cloth for brains)

Chii, eternally 16, came through, balancing a tray in her arms and against her breasts.
"Chii brought tea!" She said brightly, sitting beside Fay, who gratefully kissed her cheek. Chii turned a funny shade of scarlet, she'd always liked when Fay did that, so returned the kiss on the cheek. As she tried to pull back Fay stopped her, meeting his girlfriend's lips softly.
"Hyuu, aren't they cute Kuro-pon?" Yuui teased, snuggling closer to Kurogane, who only batted frustrated at him.
"Whatever." He muttered offhandedly.
"Mou, give it a rest." Yuui chided, deciding to settle himself on Kurogane's lap, much to the young warrior's irritation.
"I WILL hit you."
"No you won't." Fay and Yuui said together.
"Decided to come up for air did you?" Kurogane said disapprovingly.
"Hmmm… it looks fun." Yuui said, shooting Kurogane a meaningful look. "Want to try?"
"I'm working." Kurogane grumbled embarrassedly.
"Ne! the book is more attractive than me!" Yuui wailed, causing several of the staff members to stop and stare. Not that ninjas blush, but Kurogane turned pink.
"Would you be quiet?" He hissed. But Yuui didn't, continuing to howl obviously false tears loudly. Kurogane grabbed him and kissed him.

Fay watched in interest, and Chii cocked her head cutely.
"Uhm… wow. He actually found a way to shut me up." Yuui said as the kiss broke. He hopped off of Kurogane's lap and headed for the stairs.
"Where… is Yuui going?" Chii asked curiously.
"I didn't think it was possible, I owe Tomoyo-hime-san-sama-chan 500yen."

He said cheerfully, and bounded off up the castle stairs.

Kurogane just gave a heavy growl and glared at Fay, who merely smirked and continued with his work.

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