Chapter 19

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"Bye guys. I had a ton of fun this week!" August hugged Angela and Brennan. She just waved to the guys.

"You have my number, right?" Angela asked.

"Yeah. I'll text you later! I know a ton of stuff happened this week, most of it bad, but I had the best week ever!" August said.

"Come on, August. We have to go to the airport. You already missed your flight last night because of the party." Sweets said from the driver's seat of his car. August walked over to the door, pulled it open, and climbed into the passenger's seat.

"Bye August!" Everyone waved as August and Sweets drove away.

"Jack, let's go home. We don't have a case, and I can think of many good ways to spend an afternoon." Hodgins smiled.

"I like the way you think, then." The two walked off, leaving Brennan and Booth standing there.

"That was a pretty good week. I mean, even if you and August got kidnapped. I think August had fun playing FBI Agent, even if it resulted in her getting kidnapped. The whole thing kind of suited her, you know?" Booth asked, as they walked back to his car.

"Yeah. But the body armor looks better on you."

"Was that a compliment?"

"No, I was simply stating a fact. Anyway, it wasn't a very good analysis because she never wore any armor, but you did."

"Okay, Bones. Whatever you say." He kissed her softly on the lips. "Wanna go to the diner? You can have some pie." Booth teased, throwing his arm over her shoulder.

"No, you can have some pie. I'll just have what I always have."

"Okay, Bones. Let's go." Booth sighed. "It's been a good week."


"Because I got to hang out with a really cool girl, even if she did get kidnapped."

"Oh. I'm glad you liked August. I did too."

"Yeah, I did. But I was talking about you. I guess I should have added the fact that a perfect woman loves me, and know I love her."

"When did you know?"


"When did you know that you loved me?"

"The very first time I saw you." Booth pushed her up against the car and kissed her long and passionately.

"Think we can skip the diner?"

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