This is a fanfiction of what might have happened if Bella went to Florida with Renee in New Moon. Jacob is not in this.

I had screamed at Charlie for hours before I gave up. I couldn't go, I wouldn't go, but I am. I knew they were only doing this because they thought it was the best for me. I appreciated it, but I couldn't go. If I left Forks I would forget. The thought was terrifing. I shook as another sob ran through me. Renee was due to arrive at the house any minute. She had called a littlw while ago saying she had just landed. I clutched the sheet on my bed. I would not forget, him. Even if it would be like he never existed, I would not forget. The doorbell rang downstairs. Mom must be here, I thought. I clutched the sheets tighter. She was comeing to take me away. I heard Charlie open the door. Then there was whispering between them. I knew they were talking about me, though I couldn't make myself care. Then there were footsteps on the stairs. My door opened and Renee's face appeared in the doorway. "Oh my baby!" ,she called and ran to me. She wrapped me in a hug. "My poor baby. Don't worry Bella. I'm here to take you to Florida with me. You'll be in sunny Florida soon." Her words were supposed to comfort but it only made everything worse. Sunny Florida, rang through my head and even though I would not let myself think about why it bothered me, I burst into tears. Mom hugged my tighter. "I don't want to go. Please don't make me." ,I whimpered. Renee burst into tears with me. She didn't like seeing her strong girl so sad. I forced myself to stop crying, I had to be stong for them. I would go because then they would feel better and not worry so much. I would go, for them.

The plane ride was long but I didn't ay attention. Mom was sitting next to me reading a magizine. "You'll really love Floride, Bella. Once you get used to it, and we live right on the beach so you can even take a walk on the beach from time to time. The view is amazing. It's too bad the plane ride is so long. Why don't you read while you wait. How about Withering Heights. I brought that for you, here." She handed me my worn old withered copy of Withering Height. I turned away and squezzed my eyes shut. "What's wrong honey? You love Withering Heights." ,she said. "Not anymore." , my voice came out monotone. Renee seemed to understand.

Renee Pov:

Wow, Charlie was right. My baby is such a mess. What had that boy done to her? She can't even read Withering Heights without remembering him. Maybe if there was something to get her mind off of everything? "Why don't you listen to the radio, then?" ,I asked. She shook her head. Oh. My. Goodness.

We arrived at the airport in Florida. Right on schedual. Phil wasn't in town because of a game that required him to be in another state for a few days. I hoped I could get Bella to snap out of what she was going throw before he got back. I didn't want him to see her like this. The house was quiet when we got there. I showed Bella around before going off to bed. I wasn't asleep for very long it seemed before I woke up to a peirceing scream. It was Bella. I ran to her room. To find her sitting up in her bed sweating. Her eyes were wide. "Bella what's wrong?" I asked her trying to hide my panic. "Just a bad dream she whispered." The next day she was supposed to go to school. I was worried at first that she wouldn't go, but she got up willingly. She ate breakfast then went to take the bus. I hopped she would be okay today.

Bella Pov:

I walked to the bus stop and say down to wait. I waited in silence a few other people were waiting also. Some even looking like other students. Then something caught my attention across the street. There was a boy chaseing after a peice of paper that was fluttering around in the wind. Suddenly the paper flew farther and landed in the middle of the road. Without thinking I ran out to it and picked it up. It lokked like math homework. I looked up to see him on the edge of the sidewalk looking at me with a horrified look. Then he gaze looked to the side. I followed it and saw what he was looking at. There was a huge truck racing straight for me. I looked at it as it approached. It was werid I wasn't even scared. I just stood there. "Bella move!" , a beautiful voice screamed. I smiled. Edward. "Move now, Bella." He was angery, furious. It was possitivly the best sound I've ever heard. I didn't move.

Boy Chaseing after paper's Pov:

Oh no. Ahhh. That stupid homework, it just had to fall out of my bag and make me chase after it. Oh great now it's in the middle of the street. I stopped at the curb. Then someone caught my eye. I was a girl, she was so pretty. She had long brown wavy hair,and deep brown eyes, her skin was pale and creamy looking. There was something about her face though that bothered me. Her eyes were blank looking unseeing almost. Her whole expression was blank. She walked out to the middle of the street and picked up my homework paper. Then a noise caught my attention, I looked over to see a moving truck comeing straight for her. The driver was on the phone and didn't even seem to be paying attention. He didn't see her at all, he was going to hit her. It was my fault too. I looked on in horror. Her eyes met mine and seemed to read the panic there. She looked at the truck and turned to face it. What the hell?, I thought. Why isn't she moveing. Could she be frozen in fear. No, she doesn't look scared. She doesn't look anything. I watched her for a moment, stunned. Then she did something that scared me and amazed me at the same time, she smiled. It wasn't even a determined smile, like I laugh in the face of danger smile. I wasn't a sad smile like oh I want to die and now I am. No, she seemed genuinely happy for that breif moment. Then I noticed she looked a bit confused. The truck was closer now, but she didn't move. She stayed in place. He was going to hit her. Oh No. I looked away waiting for the inevitable sound of impact. There was none. I looked up, she had jumped to the curb at the last second. Was this girl nuts. I made my way across the street, carefuly, to her.


The boy who was chaseing after the paper walked across the street toward me, an incredulous look on his face mixed with relief. "Are you okay?" ,were his first words. It seemed though that instead of are you okay he was asking if I was crazy. I figured that's what he thought. I nodded and handed him his paper. He took it. "Thanks. My name is Sean." "Bella", I answered though I knew my voice sounded lifeless to him. "Well, Bella, I apreciate that you got my paper for me but did you have to almost get killed doing it. I mean, I thought you were dead." ,he said. I shuttered. "Sorry." ,I said not knowig what else to say. He shook his head and smiled. "It's fine. Just don't scare a guy like that again." Again? ,I thought. How did he know he would see me again. "Are you new to town?" ,he asked. I nodded. "Are you going to Swanson High?", he asked. "Yeah I am." That was the name of my new high school. "Cool", he said. "Do you want to sit togather on the bus. I can show you around the school, or something. This is your first day right?" I nodded again and the bus pulled in. We gave the driver money and took our seats. "So do you want to explain to me why you didn't move when you saw the truck comeing at you, and waited til the last possible second before moving?" ,Sean asked. I shook my head, not particularlly wanting to admitt to him that I might be crazy. It was possible, but I didn't want to think about that. All I wanted to think about was the voice. I was surprised that hearing it didn't send me into agony. "Do you at least want to tell me why you were smileing, as the truck was about to hit you?" ,he asked sarcasticly. "I was just remembering something." ,I said drifting off. "You are strange." ,Sean said and for some reason everything seemed to be clearer. My mind didn't want to block my emotions anymore. Hearing his voice did that. Almost dieing did that, and hearing Sean say I was strange did that. "Yes, I am." , I said and was suprised to find that my voice didn't sound lifeless for once. I looked over to see Sean stareing at me strangely. "You know your not supposed to admitt that." ,he said smileing. For the rest of the ride Sean talked about the school, and his friends. He seemed pretty popular actually. "You know", I said after he finished talking about his friends. "I don't think you should hang out with me if you want to stay popular. I mean people don't tend to get along with me anymore. Besides that I'm extreamely clutzy."

Sean Pov:

I was sitting next to Bella. She was strange but for some reason that made me like her even more. I had just finished talking about my friends when she said something that threw me. "You know", she said. "I don't think you should hang out with me if you want to stay popular. I mean people don't tend to get along with me anymore. Besides that I'm extreamely clutzy." I looked at her confused by her words, and what does anymore mean. "What are you talking about? Why wouldn't people get along with you?", I asked hopeing she would be more clear. "Well my antisocial behavior sometimes offends people, and like you said they think I strange." ,she said. "Why do you say anymore?", I wondered again out loud. Her face seemed to cloud over. "I can't talk about it, now." ,she said. Instantly this made me want to know.

to be continued...(maybe)...(read A/N)...