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Chapter 6:

Bella's Pov:

The time with Sean was fun and I realized that I loved singing that song on stage. It felt good to get out my emotions. Of course the real thing that bothered me was what Sean had said. Did he really see Edward and Alice? Are they really looking for me? Why? All those questions spun through my head. If they were looking for me, not that I can even think about ever seeing them again since it's probably just a coincidence; it would probably just be to check up on me or something. It's not like ... No I don't think anything. However what I wouldn't give to see him again. I would die when he left ,but it would be worth it.

School. is. so. boring. All I can do is sit here at this stupid desk and listen to a teacher talk in a monotone voice. I couldn't concentrate at all. All I could think about was Edward. For some reason it doesn't hurt so much to think his name today. Maybe I finally healing, possibly. Or that there's hope of seeing him somehow, major possibility. Finally the bell rings, school is out. I race out the classroom nearly running over Sean in the process. He catches me as I trip and holds me upright.

"Wow, Bella. I don't think I've ever seen you excited and so happy before. Where you in a rush to?" ,he asked.

"Let's do something today, anything. I want to go somewhere." Sean looks thrilled at my words and smiles.

"Well, everyone's going down to the pier but after what happened last time-" He drifted off as if remembering. "we can go somewhere else.", he suggests. I shake my head.

"No the pier is fine. I promise I won't jump this time." He looks appeased. So we head for the bus and to the pier.

2 hours later

We arrived at the pier and everyone was already there. We had stopped at our houses to change and take showers first. Rob was the first to greet me.

"Hey Bella. So you did come. I hope we won't be having a repeat performance of last time now.", he faked seriousness and I laughed. He looked taken aback for a moment.

"Wow, you seem really happy today Bella." , he noted. We walked up onto the pier and went down to the end. I talked with Rob and the twin. Sean seemed to hang around me a lot too. Jared was there with his followers and so was Veronica and hers though not even she could brake my momentary not depressed and down mood. I laughed more than I had in months. I smiled and joked. I wonder what had changed. Then of course everything shifted and my life was filtered out of everything sad because my gaze shifted to the side and I could see two figures making their way down the pier. My heart caught in my chest and everyone turned to look at the two approaching.

Sean POV:

"Hey who are those two?", Veronica asked Jared and everyone turned to see two people walking down the pier. They were too far away to see at the moment but they were both teenagers. Then I realized who they were. It was the two that asked about Bella the other day. I tensed and turned to look at Bella. She stood froze still in the middle on the deck on the pier. The smile had left her face but she didn't look sad just wary. Actually her eyes seemed to glow they followed the figures every movement. Her skin had lost all the color it had before, which really wasn't a lot to begin with. I looked back at the two, they were moving quickly down the pier and it looked like the guy was almost pained to be moving so slow. In my peripheral vision I saw Bella clutch the end of the pier's guard rail.

The guys face was fully visible now and I heard Veronica, Katie, and Felicity gasp. Bella looked like she was going to start crying tears of joy.

"Edward.", she whispered barely auditable. The so called Edward stopped a few feet away and was suddenly taking extremely slow step as if not to frighten Bella. The he moved toward her. I had the urge to jump between them but the looks on their faces stopped me. It was easy to see they loved each other. I clenched my teeth as I watched everything that unfolded next.

Bella POV:

Edward and Alice approached. I noticed that Alice had a huge grin on her face and she looked pained that she couldn't reach out and hug me. I didn't look at Alice long though, because right next to her stood the most beautiful angel I had ever seen. I felt like I could cry, but something in me reminded me that he had said he didn't love me. I was suddenly torn between real tears or tears of joy, I picked neither. Far in the background, I heard Veronica, Felicity, and Katie gasp but it was drained out in my head by my heart beat. Suddenly I felt together, my chest didn't ache.

I wanted Edward approach carefully, slowly like he had done when he thought I would be afraid and run away. His eyes were even more gorgeous than I remembered. They never flickered from mine for an instant and they burned with intensity. He was so close now.

"Edward.", I whispered so soft my own ears barley hear it. He smiled widely and wrapped his arms around me in a gentle embrace. I couldn't help myself, I buried my face into his chest and breathed in his scent. So...perfect, I thought. Edward's face brushed my hair and I looked up at him. A loving smile appeared on his face and his eyes looked as if he would be crying if he could. Something warm ran down my cheek and I realized that I had started crying. These tears were of joy. He brushed them from my face and whispered in my ear, "Bella."

to be continued...