Bella has a sister named Alex, Alex who is preppy despises Bella with a passion and continues to make her life miserable. The Swan family are quite rich because Charlie is a website designer, in the upper eastside. What will happen when they move to little Forks ? Will Bella continue to take her pain out on herself ? Will she find someone like her ?


Although we're moving today, my 'mother' promised that we could sleep until 10, but of course, Alex, being the stupid bitchy sister she is, woke me up.

'GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED, WE'RE LEAVING !' she yelled in my face, I couldn't help myself, I completely lost my temper.

'YOU STUPID BITCH, WHY THE HELL DID YOU WAKE ME UP !? GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM !' I screamed back even louder. She fumed and slammed my door on the way out, I screamed at the top of my lungs for no reason.

I finally decided that I should get out of bed and have a shower. So I unhappily got up and went to the bathroom to shower. As soon as I was out I walked towards my bedroom soon to be old bedroom thoughas I walked in, I walked towards my closet which held one single outfit because all of my other clothes we're packed.

I walked in and slammed my door shut, and locked it, I then walked to my closet and pulled my outfit off the hanger. It was a blood red tank top with my favorite band on it; Bullet for my valentine, which I matched with a pair of tight, black skinny jeans and bright red converse. You could say my style was different I guess, but at my old school, Waverly Academy, I was the only different person there.

As soon as I finished putting my clothes on I walked to the bathroom to brush / Straighten my hair as well as put makeup on. I straightened my hair first, my hair was dyed black, with light blue bangs and long platinum blonde extensions. After, I set to work on my makeup. I was often told by my parents, my sister, and everyone else that knew me I wore way to much, But I just shrugged and continued wearing my makeup the way I chose to. I put thick black eyeliner around my eyes and mascara on as well, then I left the washroom and went downstairs to where my parents, and sister we're waiting so we could leave.

'AND SHE'S FINALLY FUCKING READY ! IT'S AMAZING !' Alex yelled, not very loud If I do say so myself, but loud. I grinned and walked slow, really slow, towards the front door, and I could definitely tell that they we're loosing patience with me.

'Bella, would you stop trying to pick fights with your sister please? It's quite a long flight to Forks and I would prefer to have a peaceful trip.' My mother, Renee, stated flatly. I rolled my eyes, my mother and father both liked Alex more because unlike me, she had friends, she was preppy, she dyed her completely blonde, and she had a boyfriend who happens to be captain of his school football team. But to be honest, I really didn't care.

'Tell her not to act like a bitch and I'll stop "picking fights" with her' I said, knowing that my mom wouldn't actually do anything, also knowing that thinks weren't going to change. My dad Charlie just rolled his eyes and ushered the family outside to where the car service was waiting to whisk us away to our private jet. You would think someone with as much money as us would have cars, and oh, trust me we did, but we had them all shipped to Forks where they are awaiting our arrival.