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We sipped our drinks and continued to tease Alice about Andy, which earned several whines, punches, and "shut the fuck up, guys'!" from Alice. We snickered into our palms and walked into one of my favourite stores: Wet Seal. Finally something I actually want to do! I said, smiling to myself as I milled around and touched fabrics and looked around at all the cute workers that kept checking Alice and Rosalie out, regardless of the fact that they weren't even in to the clothes that were here. I sighed; being with two gorgeous girls didn't have any positive effect on my self-esteem, that was for sure.

I pulled pair after pair of skinny jeans off the racks, considering they were basically my entire wardrobe, my signature look. Too bad Alice and Rosalie didn't believe it should be, I let out a breath. If they could see all these skinny jeans they would flip out; I've already had to listen to them talking about how I should add more dresses and skirts to my wardrobe. I let out a breath. At this rate, I'd never get to choose what I wanted to wear myself ever again. Just as I thought I was being sneaky I heard several tsks behind me; they found me. Dammit.

"Bella, you're not sneaky at all, I hope you understand" Alice said with a roll of her eyes as she checked her nails.

"I thought I was being pretty sneaky" I mumbled towards the ground. That statement was followed by a couple more tsks and shaking of heads.

"Come on, Bella. Just give up. Are you going to show us what you're interested in?" Rosalie said, taking skinny jeans out of my hands.

"Hmmmmm" she said as she examined them with Alice.

"Too much dark, you need something lighter. With some cute camisoles, crop tops, vnecks, and cardigans these jeans could look super cute. Oh, don't forget heels!" Alice squealed at me. I rolled my eyes; Alice really could be too much sometimes.

"You're so over dramatic, Alice" I said, rolling my eyes at her.

"Okay, You have about 18 pairs of jeans here, so choose like, three of these. Okay?" Rosalie said. I sighed an nodded, going into the change room with all the jeans.

I tried pair after pair of them on, finally deciding on the three I was going to buy; two of them were dark, and one of them was light (as per Alice's request). And surprisingly, only one of them involved a pre-tear. I stepped out of the change room, and walked towards a giant table of discarded clothing and through my rejects there. The girl folding them looked at me with wide eyes; I shrugged, and ran to find the girls. You would think it would be hard trying to find them in this ginormous store, but Alice and Rosalie stuck out like sore thumbs.

"Here, I narrowed it down to three pairs" I said, emphasizing the three.

"You better be happy" I said, narrowing my eyes at both girls.

"Oh, Believe me, we are. And, we've taken the liberty of choosing some shirts for you" Rosalie said with a smirk, hers and Alice's arms filled up with every colour of shirt you could possibly imagine.

"Oh god" I groaned, as they pushed me towards the change room my arms not filled with anything. We arrived at the change room to see the guy manning it raise an eyebrow.

"Uh, you know you can only have seven items at a time, right?" He said, eyes crinkling.

"Yeah, we might be here for a while" Alice said, giving me a knowing look.

"Honestly, I don't even want to try anything" I said with a hmpf as I grabbed seven shirts from Alice and was escorted to a change room.

"I don't think your friends care" he said with a wink as he strode away. I sighed.

I took my shirt off and put the first one on. It was boxy, and made me look fat. I took it off and threw it over the change room door, being pelted with another one. This went on for a while, until I narrowed it down to five shirts. Well, Alice and Rosalie did; they got the final say. The first shirt was a white crochet crop top with feather on it, which I admit, was absolutely adorable (though I would deny it if Rosalie or Alice accused me of actually liking it.) The second top was a plain floral tank top, which thankfully, had black as a base colour. The third shirt was a simple light purple v neck, and the last shirt was a grey lurex print halter top which again, was extremely cute, but Alice and Rosalie would never know. I popped out of the change room with the four shirts draped in my hands.

"Are. You. Happy. Now?" I said, rolling my eyes at them. They nodded and skipped towards the cash register, anxiously waiting to take over the roll of "paying" for me.

"I can buy this stuff myself, guys." I said, raising my eyebrows.

"Oh, we know; but we figured since we chose it, we should split the payments between the two of us" Rosalie said with a smile towards Alice.

"You guys are way too weird." I said, rolling my eyes putting stuff no the counter.

We finally finished the stupidly long trying-on part in one store, and I realized I forgot to break the news. Prom. They were going to flip shit. I knew it. Aw shit I thought to myself as I grabbed the bags and headed outside towards where they were waiting, typing on their Blackberries.

"The guys are at some stupid game store, I told them we still have more shopping to do, though" Alice said without looking up, typing more furiously then I thought possible

"Maybe we should join them?" I said, a hopefully glint in my eyes. Both Rosalie and Alice looked up from their phones. I held my breath. They burst out laughing.

"Yeah, okay Bella. Not going to happen" Rosalie said, rolling her eyes and the absurd suggestion. They began typing again.

"Guys... I have to tell you something" I said, biting my lip. Both girls stopped typing again, and looked up at me, eyebrows raised.

"I don't want you to make a big deal out of it. Okay?" I said, grinding my foot into the ground. Alice and Rosalie actually put their phones in the pockets. This was not going to be good. Not even in the slighest.

"Remember my friends from New York? Selena and Jamie?" I said, both girls nodding.

"Well I got a text from Jamie this afternoon saying that their prom was soon... and they really wanted me to come. ITOLDHIMIWOULDTHINKABOUTIT" I said in a rush. Both girls opened their eyes really wide and then started talking in a rush.


"WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU TELL US THIS SOONER? WE HAVE SO MUCH SHOPPING TO DO NOW!" Rosalie said. Alice grabbed her hands and they literally jumped in glee at getting to make me over.

What the fuck did I get myself into.

"Guy, You said you wouldn't make it a big deal" I said, whining. I knew it wasn't going to work, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyways.

"Sucks, babe. We didn't know what it was!" Rosalie said. I glared at her and she blew me a kiss, automatically turning back to Alice to talk about it. Then, I got an idea.\

"Guys... how about you come to New York with me? We can stay the week in a hotel, I can take you shopping, you can meet my friends, be New Yorkers for a bit" I said, biting my lip, waiting for their response.

Their eyes opened even wider than before, and they screamed. Actually, screaming wasn't an appropriate term; they were shrieking in excitement.

"OH MY GOD, BELLA. THAT WOULD BE SO FUCKING AMAZING!" They both kept saying over and over and drawing me into a giant hug. I couldn't help but laugh at how excited they were. I linked arms with them and dragged them down the road, trying to get them to the used book store we passed.

The entire way there they talked about what to pack, where to stay, and what they wanted to see. Once we were in the bookstore and I was browsing the books, trying to get my hands on the original Alice in Wonderland book they kept throwing question after question at me, and I kept anwsering them. I was glad that I would have them with me, it made the whole thing so much better; my new best friends would get to meet my old best friends, and they would meet and love each other and it would be absolutely brilliant and we would have an excellent time. I was excited. I pulled out my phone and shot a quick text out to jamie.


I thought it through, and I'll come. I'll even dress

all fancy for you two. But, I'm bringing my two
other best friends, Alice and Rosalie with me!

- B

I sent the text and smiled to myself, just at that moment, I found Alice in Wonderland. I wiggled around all giddily and scanned through the book; all the pages were there, and I was so stoked to read it. I scanned some other books, and not finding anything I liked, I went up to the cash to pay. I gave the women running the shop a twenty, and waited for my change. I put the book in my purse and the felt the vibration in my pocket.


That's so fucking awesome! We can't wait to see

you, oh my god. And it's so rad that you're bringing
your friends! We're going to get them prom tickets

so they can enjoy the night as well, hope they don't
mind gettin' fancy. ;)

- J

I smiled at the text. Jamie was so awesome, he always knew exactly what to do to make sure I'm the happiest I could be. Sometimes I swore that he was my brother instead of my best friend's boyfriend. I turned to Alice and Rosalie.

"What would you guys say if I told you that you have tickets to the prom?" I said, a devilish grin on my face. Alice and Rosalie started screeching in excitement, causing me to laugh.

"So I'll take that is a "you want to come?" I said, smiling again. Bother girls furiously nodded their heads.

By that time we were on the street, walking towards... well, I didn't really know what we were walking towards. But Alice and Rosalie seemed to. I had a hunch that it involved shoes, because lets face it; that was their favourite thing in the entire universe. Or atleast that I was aware of.

"So guys... where are we going?" I asked to midair, lost in a blur as Rosalie and Alice continued to babble about prom and New York and how awesome everything was going to be.

"Um... guys?" I asked again, poking Alice repeatedly in the shoulder. She finally turned to look at me, completely annoyed.

"What is it, Bella?" she asked, eyebrows raised.

"First, PAY FUCKING ATTENTION TO ME. Second, where the fuck are we going?" I asked for the second time, raising my eyebrow at her.

"Sorry, we're just excited" She said with a sheepish grin.

"And we're going to Sephora, then meeting with the boys" Rosalie said, finishing for her. I nodded in response. Just then my phone vibrated in my pocket. It was a number I didn't recognize.


WASSSSSSSUP? Finally got a new phone.

A NEW PHONE. Let's hope this one lasts.


I grinned. Selena.


FINALLY! You ridiculous little girl. Maybe

you should stop breaking your phone. ;)

I miss you!

- B

Alice and Rosalie noticed I started giggling to myself and looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"My best friend from New York constantly breaks phones, like, more phones then you can even count. Seriously. And she finally bought another one." I said, smiling again. Selena really was insane.

"She sounds just like you" Alice said with a tinkling laugh. I grinned.

"Yeah... we're ridiculously alike, actually. You'd be surprised." I said with another grin.

By then we reached Sephora and were walking around, sampling the different makeups and different scents. My pocket vibrated again and I reached into my pocket.


Ha. Ha. You're so funny! But seriously,

shut up. 3 Jamie tells me you're coming

to New York! I'm so excited to see you

and meet your friends and omg! It's gonna

be so much fun! Okay, Jamie and I just

got to our movie. Text you later!

- S xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

I grinned again.


You're so silly, you know that? I'm so excited

to see you too! You'll love Rosalie and Alice.

They're preppy and stuff, but they're so much fun.

I have a ball with them, that's for sure. Don't make

too much noise in the theatre. ;)

- B

I put my phone back in my pocket and started browsing; I was almost completely out of makeup, and there weren't any really decent stores to buy makeup in Forks. I picked up Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner, along with Dior Iconic Mascara, TheBalm TimeBalm concealer, Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover, and a black OPI Blasted Nail Colour. I looked around to what find Alice and Rosalie were looking at, and they too had handfuls of makeup and were waiting in line.

"Got enough makeup?" I asked Alice and Rosalie. Combined, they had about a bag full. Like, a large paper bag full.

"I could say the same to you" Alice said, raising her eyebrows. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Forks has shitty makeup, and this is hardly a lot." I pointed out. She shrugged.

We paid for all of our items and walked arm-in-arm out of the store. Rosalie pulled out her phone and began texting furiously.

"That thing is fucking attached to your hands" I pointed out, trying to take her phone, which earned a growl.

"It's necessary" she whined.

"The boys said they would meet us at the cars; apparently it's too much work to meet us anywhere else." Rosalie said with an eye roll. I snickered.

"They're so lazy" Alice said with a sigh.

It was about eight o'clock and starting to get dark. The sky was about a thousand different shades, and the sun was going down. I wish I had my camera I murmured to myself. We finally got to the cars with the guys leaning against them looking bored as hell.

"Jesus Christ. Finally you guys are here. We've been waiting here for like, half an hour" Emmett said with a whine. The three of us shared an eye roll.

"Get over it, loser. We're here now." Rosalie said, punching him in the shoulder. Emmett stuck out his tongue and rubbed his arm as if Rosalie actually hurt him.

"Okay, so I'm riding with Bella" Rosalie said, turning back to me and smiling. Alice groaned.

"Finnnnne. Leave me with Emmett and Jasper. I AM GOING TO DIE" She said, pouting. I giggled.

"Well, you're the one that said it was okay" I said with a smile.

"Okay, guys. Let's start on our way. I'm tired" Travis said with a yawn, sliding into the passengers side of Edward's car. We all nodded and slid into our respecting cars.

I let out a groan as I sat down; I forgot was sitting was in the billion hours that we were here. I grabbed my ipod out of my bag and handed it to Rosalie, putting my purse on the passenger's side ground.

"You can play DJ on the way hope" I said, putting the key in the ignition. She squealed and started thumbing through albums and singers and bands. Edward was leading the pack, then Emmett, and then me.

"Bella, You have way too much music" she said, groaning, still trying to find a song. I laughed. Finally she chose Long Gone and Moved On by the Script. I squealed and started singing along with it.

"I don't actually know this band, but they're really good" Rosalie said, smiling. I nodded and laughed.

"I have the best taste in music, clearly." I said, laughing again. She nodded and waited for the song to be over so she could choose another song that she's never heard before. After much deliberation, and opinions on two different songs, she chose to play Love in a Box by Workday Release.

"You really do have the best music, you need to send me a copy of your playlist or something" She said, putting my iPod down finally. I laughed.

"Will do, if I ever get all this shit unpacked. And then, y'know, start repacking. We leave on Friday, remember" I said, she gasped.

"I completely forgot that that's when we leave. I don't know what to pack!" She squealed, and spent the rest of the way back to their house coming up with outfits and asking me if they were "New York" worthy enough, or if she should just buy all new clothes there.

"Those outfits are perfect, Rose, but you'll want to shop there. I know you will, so don't pack too much. And don 't worry, we'll shop for dresses and shoes and stuff for prom when we get there so we don't have to make the travel with it there." I said, pulling into her driveway.

"Right, that makes sense. Thanks for letting me drive with you, Bells; today was really fun. I'm glad we convinced you to come" she said.

"Aw, thanks Rose. I'm glad I came too" I said, smiling. We hugged while the engine still purred. She got out and went around to the trunk, pulling her bags out and slamming it shut. She walked up to stand with everyone else as I pulled out of the drive way, honking at every ones retreating figures.

I yawned I'm way too tired for this I thought. I sped all the way to my house and waiting for the gate to open once I got there. I drove up to the garage and parked, jumping out I unplugged my Ipod and shoved it in my purse, pushing the button to open the trunk of my car. I hopped out and collected all my bags, slamming it shut, locking it, and throwing them in my purse. I went in through the kitchen.

"Hello?" I called out. Nothing. I glanced around and noticed there was a piece of paper on the counter top.

Dearest Bella,

We've gone to take your sister to a shoot. I don't know when we'll be home, so don't wait up; I hope your Saturday was spectacular and you had a lovely time with your friends. I know you needed it. Sorry we couldn't be here when you got home.

Love, your mum. xoxo

I rolled my eyes and rolled the paper into a ball and through it in the garbage. I trucked upstairs and dumped all my stuff on the ground, and laid on my bed. Shutting my eyes, I drifted into a peaceful sleep.