Title: If Tomorrow Never Comes

Summary: Sam gets very sick and could die. Can Dean just sit around and watch the one person he loves most slip away.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural..but a girl can dream can't she?

Warning: Wincest!! If you don't like it don't bother reading this.

A/N: I am not a doctor. So please forgive me for any medical mistakes. I'm just getting this information off the Internet.

Same goes for anything I say about San Francisco, CA. I have never been there so anything I say about the city it's from the Internet. So my apologies for any mistakes about the city and/or medical information.

Chapter 1

"Tomorrow is a privilege, so live today like tomorrow isn't happening"

- Frankie Abernathy

Dean glanced over at Sam who was sitting beside him in the Impala. His eyes were shut tight like he was in pain and his head was leaning against the window. Dean was no doctor but by the looks of it Sam had another headache. If it were anybody else he would be worried but Sam got headaches a lot. Most of the time due to his freaky visions he gets.

Dean reached over and caressed Sam's cheek. A small smile graced Sam's face. "Headache again?" Dean asked knowing the answerer already.

"Mmhmm.." Sam mumbled.

"Do we have any aspirin?" Dean asked.

"No were all out." Sam replied keeping his eyes drilled shut.

"Well were almost of the highway. When we get into town we can stop at a drug store. Just hang in there alright?" Dean took one hand off the steering wheel and put it on his brothers knee and gave it a light squeeze.

Dean went back to focusing on the road. If theres not much traffic then they would be in San Francisco in minutes.

John had sent the boys coordinates for a hunt in San Francisco the other day. They were in Oregon exorcising a haunted house so it didn't take very long to get here. They had done a little research and found out that an old warehouse in San Francisco bay was possibly haunted. But food, a shower, and rest was defiantly in order first. And since Sam had one of his headaches again they probably wouldn't be getting around to check it out tonight.

Just as Dean had suspected they were close to the city. Dean could see the bright city lights and the sun setting and behind the buildings as he drove over the Golden Gate Bridge.


They made it over the bridge and finally arrived in the city. Dean drove around for about fifteen minutes trying to find a decent motel to stay in. Then from a distance he saw the bright lights of the motel sign.

Yes!!'Dean silently cheered to himself. Dean always loved when there was hunts in big cities. For one reason. There was always motels to stay at. With any luck there would be a drug store near by. And if he was really lucky, there would be a diner around the corner.

Okay so he was only semi lucky. There was a diner next door.

Dean pulled the Impala into a parking space next to the motel and turned the ignition off. It was then that a noticed his brothers breathing steady and even. Dean was just glad he was sleeping or at least attempting to even with a nasty headache.

Honestly Dean was getting a little worried. Yeah okay Sammy got a lot of headaches. Mostly because of the weird visions he gets. But lately his headaches have been getting worse. And the frightening thing about it was that he wasn't getting any visions to go along with the headaches, just a lot of pain.

Dean sighed. Sam looked so child like and peaceful sleeping on the side of him. Thats why Dean didn't want to wake him up. He knew that as soon as he opened his eyes the pain one come flooding back. But he couldn't leave him here all night. Sleeping in the Impala wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world. Dean knew from experience.

Dean leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Sam's cheek and got out of the car.

The night was cool and and the bright city lights were shining around him. Neither one of them had ever been to San Francisco before so maybe they could go sight seeing a bit after the job is finished. And thats if Sam is feeling better.

Dean opened the door to the motel office. The kid at the counter looked liked he was bored out of his mind.

"What can I do for you bro'?" The kid at the counter asked.

"I..uh..need a room for the night." Dean said.

"How many beds?" He asked.

"One." Dean said. "..Queen." Dean added. It still took some getting used to..saying that they'll take one bed. Of course people didn't know they were brothers. But it was still strange. Cuddling up to Sammy every night and falling asleep in each others arms was so worth it. Even if they knew they would have to face their father sooner or later. Later was probably better.

"Here is your key." The kid handed Dean the key. He looked pass Dean and over in the parking lot. "Whoa dude! Sweet ride."

"Uh..thanks." Dean said.

"What is that like a 69'?" The kid asked.

"No actually 67'..Chevy Impala." Dean said. It was great that someone was taking interest in his baby but he really wanted to get back out to check on Sam.

"Thats awesome! My Dad just got a 65' Mustang and-"

"Mustang? There great cars. But I'm gonna have to cut this short. I have to get back out there. But..uhh it's been great talking to you. Maybe I'll see you around." Dean before turning and heading out.

"Have a great stay." The kid called after him.

Dean waived the guy off and stepped back out into the cool nights air. He walked over to the car and opened the door. Sam was still lying in the same position he had been in before Dean went to get a room.

Dean slid in beside Sam. He reached over and shook his shoulder very gently. "Sam..Sammy..it's time to wake up." The response that he got was a sleepy groan. "Sam..come on wake up. I got us a room."

"Head hurts.." Sam moaned.

"I know it does but you'll feel better once you've had something to eat and slept in a bed."

"Not hungry." Sam mumbled.

"Okay so maybe your not hungry but you defiantly need rest."

Sam nodded his head slowly but he made no attempt to exit the car. Dean got out of his side and ran around to the other door and helped Sam out. Sam got up to fast and he become dizzy and started to wobble.

"Easy now.." Dean said.

Sam put an arm around Dean's shoulders and Dean rapped an arm around Sam's waist and they slowly made it to their motel room door. While Dean got the key out and unlocked the door Sam leaned against the door frame hardly able to keep himself upright.

Dean pushed the door open and helped Sam in the room and over to the bed. "Chill out here for a bit Sammy. I'm gonna go get our bags from the car, okay?"

Sam didn't need to be told twice. He was curled up in the fetal position with his eyes shut tight.

Dean didn't want to be away to long so he ran out to the car and quickly gathered their bags. He went back inside and set their stuff down on the floor. Dean whipped out the salt bag and drew the lines along the door and window.

'What now? Food and Tylenol. Need to find a drug store and a diner..' Dean walked over to Sam who by the looks of it had fallen asleep.

"Sammy." Dean whispered. "I'm gonna go get you something for the pain alright." He brushed the shaggy bangs away and lightly kissed Sam's forehead.


Dean drove around the block near the motel. Thats were he came across a drug store. He parked the car in the first parking spot he saw (figures it was a handicap space) and walked into the store.

"Sorry sir, we are about to close." The middle age women said from behind the front counter.

"Just give me a second." Dean pleaded.

The women behind the counter nodded and Dean hastily moved through the small store trying to find the aisle with the Tylenol and Aspirin in it. It took a few minutes which probably aggravated the store clerk but finally he found the bottle of pain medication that looked like it would do the trick.

He got up to the counter to pay for the medication were he earned a look from the sales clerk. But Dean just plastered one of his boyish smiles on his face and left.

Dean got back into his car remembering that there was a diner next door to the motel. He would grab some food and then head back to the motel to check on his Sammy.


Dean closed the motel door behind him quietly and strolled over to the small table and put the food down and the bag of pain meds.

He glanced over at his brother who was still in the same position. Dean walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed.

Dean leaned down and kissed Sam's cheek. "Sam. Wake up man I got us food."

"..ean" Sam mumbled.

"Yeah, It's me. Are you hungry? I got some food from the diner next door."

"Not hungry. My head is killing me." Sam mumbled.

"Well your in luck kiddo, I picked up Tylenol when I was out." Dean informed his brother.

A small smile spread on Sam's face. "Aw Dean, your a life saver." He mumbled.

"Well I aim to please." Dean patted Sam's arm and got up from the bed.

Sam closed his eyes again and opened them when he felt the bed dip under the weight of his brother.

"Here takes these." Dean said holding up a glass of water and two pills.

Sam slowly lifted his body into the sitting position with the help of Dean and then took the pills from Dean and chased them down with the glass of water Dean held in front of him.

Sam wiped the back of his hand across his lips and then said, "Thanks."

"No problem." Dean stood up and walked over to the table were the bag of food sat. "I know you said you weren't hungry but I think it will make you feel better if you eat a little something."

Sam shook his head, "Really Dean, I'm not hungry. I think I'm actually gonna go back to sleep. My head is still pounding and if I eat something I might throw up."

"Okay." Dean replied. "You can save your burger for breakfast."

"Yeah you know me Dean, I just love a good burger first thing in the morning." Sam joked.

"Ah your funny." Dean said.

Sam cracked one eye open, "Well I learn from the best."

Dean chuckled, "That would be me right?"

Sam scoffed, "Hell no! I get it from Dad..clearly"

"Yeah Sammy, cuz Dad is just hilarious." Dean joked in between bites of his hamburger.

Sam just laughed.


After finishing eating and took a quick shower. It was getting late and he just wanted a good nights sleep. Hopefully with the pain medication and a good nights sleep Sam would feel better in the morning.

Dean carefully and quietly crawled into bed beside his brother. That was all he needed, Sam waking up in pain.

He reached over and clicked of the lamp beside the bed and then rolled over.

The room was silent for a few minutes until Sam rolled over and curled into Dean's side. "I love you," He whispered.

Dean smiled and gathered Sam up in his arms.

Before they both fell asleep Dean whispered back, "I love you to Sammy."


Dean woke up the next morning to find Sam missing from the bed. He looked over to the bathroom but the light was off meaning Sam wasn't in there. He was just about to get up when Sam walked in with two coffees in his hand and a bag of what Dean could only assume was bagels.

"I got breakfast." Sam placed the bag of bagels and the coffees down on the table. "What time are we planning on heading out today?"

Dean got out of bed and made his way over to the table. "I don't know." Dean reached in the brown bag and pulled out two bagels. Handing one to Sam and biting into his own. "So I take it your feeling better?"

Sam nodded. "I'm actually feeling much better. I suppose the Tylenol you gave me last time worked."

Dean sipped his coffee. "I'm glad. Yuh know Sammy, I was getting a little worried about you."

"Really? Was I that bad?" Sam asked. He hadn't realized that his little headaches were actually worrying Dean.

"You don't remember last night?" Dean asked. "Sammy were you drunk? And you didn't even ask me to join you." He joked.

Sam smiled at Dean's lame joke, "I remember last night. It's just that..." Sam trailed off.

"...Just what?" Dean asked.

Sam shrugged. "It's just that my brain is a little foggy."

"Like a concussion?" Dean asked worriedly.

Sam shook his had earning him a relieved sigh from Dean. "No not like that. I can't explain it. Just side effects of a really bad head ache."

Dean nodded. "Well if things get worse...if you get another head ache. Tell me. Okay Sam?"

"Of course I will. To be honest with you, if I get another headache like the one from last night you'll no." Sam said.

Dean didn't want to think about the head aches any longer so he decided to change the subject. Get on with their day. "So I'm gonna go grab a quick shower. Then we can head out."

"Were gonna go check out the warehouse on the docks now?" Sam asked.

Dean raised an eyebrow. "Why you have something else in mind."

"Get your head out of the gutter." Sam chuckled but stayed on topic when he said, "No, I just thought we would go tonight. That way no one is around and people can't see us."

"Now who's head is in the gutter. "that way no one is around and people can't see us" Dean repeated what Sam had just said. "Are you planning on having your way with me on the job? Sammy I like how you think." Dean smirked.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Seriously whats our plan?"

"Well I thought we'd get an early start and see what's going on in the warehouse. If we get the job done quick we can I don't know...just hang around." Dean paused. "You like site seeing and all that crap don't cha' Sammy?"

Sam smiled. It made him even more in love with Dean knowing that Dean would do something like site seeing to make him happy "Sounds like a plan."

Dean nodded. "Good."


When Dean stepped out of the bathroom after his shower he found Sam doing research on his laptop.

"What did ya find Sammy?" Dean asked as he pulled on a black long sleeve shirt and went on a search for his jacket.

"Well, police checked it out a few months ago when a young girl was killed after going in there. They weren't sure how exactly she was killed. They just labeled it an accident." Sam sighed and rubbed a hand over his eyes. "Last week a couple of kids went in there..."

"Damn kids." Dean murmured.

"..Yeah well the kids said they think they saw a women wondering around." Sam finished.

"Women in white?" Dean asked.

Sam shook his head. "No." He continued reading the Internet article. "But I did find this." Sam waived Dean over to his laptop.

"Gretchen Riley was murdered back in 1984. She was taken down to a warehouse were she was brutally murdered." Sam winced.

"So you think her spirit is out for revenge?" Dean asked.

Sam shrugged his shoulders. "Probably."

"You wanna head down there and check it out?" Dean asked.

Sam nodded. "Yeah lets go."

Dean and Sam grabbed their bags of weapons and headed out.


Dean and Sam headed down to the marina were the haunted warehouse was located. Dean parked the Impala a little ways down the street from the warehouse so people passing by wouldn't get suspicious.

Dean turned of the car and turned to Sam. "Okay heres the plan. We go search the warehouse, see what we can find. Hopefully we'll be able to salt and burn the bones today."

Sam nodded."Alright sounds like a plan."

Sam and Dean got out of the car and and started to taking out the things they would need for this hunt: their guns with rock salt, flash lights and of course their trusty EMF meters.

They headed down a dirt path that hopefully lead them to a door or some opening to get into the warehouse. They silently hoped that they were inconspicuous and no one saw them wondering around the old building.

"Sammy over here." Dean pointed to an old chained up door.

Sam followed Dean over to the door. "Looks like their trying to keep people out."

"Or keep something in." Sam commented.

"You got anything to pick this lock with?" Dean asked.

Sam nodded and reached into his pocket and pulled out his pick he carried pretty much every were with him. It came in handy with their type of work.

"Got it." Sam murmured when he unlocked the lock.

Sam pushed the heavy door open and stepped into the old warehouse and Dean followed behind.

It was dark and dirty inside. The only light that is coming in is from the door that they got in from. Everything else, the windows are all bordered up. The place had defiantly seen it's days.

Dean and Sam both flipped on their flash lights.

"You wanna split up? We can cover more ground that way." Sam asked.

Dean thought for a moment then nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah, alright."

"You can check out upstairs and I'll look around down here." Sam said.

With that they parted ways.


Sam waited until Dean rounded the corner and the began moving down the hall. It was dark and chilly in there. Sam really couldn't see why people broke into this place, there was nothing to see. Really, there was nothing to see. Except maybe for people who were intrigued by a spirit looking for revenge.

Sam was brought out of his thought by a creaking floor board behind him. He whipped around and pointed his flashlight in the direction of the noise. Nothing was there.

He turned back around and continued his search.

Sometime during the hunt Sam began to feel a headache coming on. It didn't take long before his head was full on ponding. Not to mention the awful nauseous feeling in the pit of his stomach.

But this was a job, a hunt. He wasn't gonna bale on Dean because he had a headache and a sour stomach. In the end Dean would just call him a girl for slacking on the job. Remind me why I put up with him? Sam asked himself. Because your head over heals in love.

Despite the sudden sickness that had crept up on him, he carried on. Moving around the large and small rooms that made up the first floor of the warehouse was a bit difficult seeing though Sam's vision began to blurry. Damn it Sam cursed. Blurry vision, the icing on the cake.

Sam steadied himself against the wall. What the hell was happening? Sam was no doctor but he knew this wasn't exactly normal. Should have paid attention all those time Jess was watching Grey's Anatomy.

Sam tried rubbing the blurriness out of his eyesbut it didn't help. Why can't I see clearly! Sam internally screamed.

Sam's hands began to tingle and his legs were growing shaky and weak. Breath, just breath. He said to himself out loud.

Before he could think another thought darkness over came him and he collapsed onto the floor.


This defiantly wasn't the best hunt they had been on. It was rather boring actually. Dean hadn't seen or heard any spirit wondering around so he figured maybe they were wrong on the whole 'vengeful spirit' idea.

Anyways they weren't even a hundred percent positive what it was or what it's motives for haunting this place was. Hell maybe there wasn't anything to hunt. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

He shoved the EMF meter into his back pocket and retraced his steps back down the stairs and through a narrow hall.

"Sam!" Dean yelled out.

He hoped that his brother had found something. He really wanted to get this over with and head out.

"Sammy!" Dean yelled again.

No answer.

Now thats strange, Dean thought to himself. The warehouse wasn't overly big, so Sam should be in the vicinity or at least heard Dean yell.

Dean reached into his front pocket and dug out his cell phone. He quickly typed in Sam's number (just typing the number in would be faster then scowling through his phone book) and waited for him to pick up. The strange thing was that he didn't pick up. And Sam always picked up. Come on Sammy, pick up. Sam's voice mail played and Dean flipped his phone shut.

Dean tried again. Still no answer but he did listen closely and from a distance he could hear a phone ringing.

He did his best to follow the ring hoping it would lead him closer to Sam.

The ringing got louder and louder. He turned the corner and and dropped his cell phone on the floor at the sight that stood before him.

A ghostly woman was standing over Sam's convulsing body. Time seamed to stand still. Dean couldn't move. He knew he had to get to Sam but his feet legs wouldn't let him.

For what felt like eternity, Dean raised his gun at the spirit. "Hey bitch!"

The spirit looked over her shoulder at Dean just as he pulled the trigger and shot her with the rock salt. She disappeared, unfortunately not for good but for the time being.

Dean ran over to Sam and dropped to his knee's beside him. What's happening to him? Dean wondered.

"Sam. Sammy! Come on wake up." Dean pleaded. He reached out and tried to stop the convulsing by putting his hands firmly on Sam's shoulders but it wasn't helping. Blood was trickling out of the corner of his mouth. Sam defiantly needed a doctor.

Dean went to reach into his pocket for his cell phone, when he remembered that he had dropped it. He hesitantly got up and walked over to were his cell phone lay open on the ground. He picked it up and rushed back to Sam's side. His convulsions were slowing but hadn't completely stopped.

Dean called 911. He hoped that the cops and or EMT's wouldn't ask any question about why they were there in the first place.

When a got off the phone he tossed it aside and pulled Sam onto his lap.

"It's okay Sammy. Help is coming soon.." He continued to hold Sam through his tremors. He gently wiped the blood that was running down his chin with the his hand. Why is he bleeding? That can't be good.

Dean quickly checked Sam's pulse to make sure he was actually breathing. He sighed in relief, Sam's had a pulse. His pulse was racing but at least he was still alive.

He could hear sirens in the distance. "There almost here Sammy. Just hold on a little long."

Dean wiped Sam's bangs off his sweaty and pale forehead and planted a kiss there. "It's alright Sammy, it's alright." He whispered.

Dean turned around when he heard loud footsteps coming there way.

"Were over here!" Dean yelled trying to get the EMTs' attention.

Two EMT's came racing towards them with their medical bags a stretcher. They man EMT bent down beside Sam.

"Whats his name?" The man EMT asked.

"Sam. Sam Winchester. Whats wrong with-" He was cut off by the other EMT.

"Please get back sir." The women EMT ordered.

Dean stumbled back. "Whats wrong with my brother!?"

"He's having a seizure sir. I'm sure your very worried but I'm gonna have to ask you to step back so we can help him." The women EMT said.

"A seizure?!" Dean said. He stood watching while the EMT's put and IV in his arm.

"How long has a been like this for?" She asked.

"Uhh..I'm not really sure." Dean said.

The women EMT turned back around to Dean. "Has this ever happened before?"

Dean shook his head. "No, never. At least not that I know."

The EMT nodded. "Has he been sick lately or has he taken any drugs or alcohol. Is he prone to panic attacks or taking prescription medicine."

"No nothing." Dean thought for a moment. "Wait, he has been having headaches lately."

She nodded and turned back to help her partner lift Sam up on to the gurney. Thankfully the convulsions had stopped, probably from the medication the EMT worker at just given him. That was when he noticed that Sam had pissed himself.

The women EMT notice what caught Dean's eye and said, "Don't worry thats usual after a seizure. His body relaxed after the tremors stopped and so did his bladder."

Under any other circumstances Dean would have laughed at Sam for pissing himself like a baby but right now was not the time. Dean was just barely holding it together.

"Why did this happen?" Dean asked.

"We can't be sure until the doctors at the hospital examine him." The male EMT said.

It took a few minutes for them to get Sam outside to the ambulance. There were a few people on the street watching. So much for being inconspicuous. Dean thought to himself.

They were just about to close the ambulance doors when Dean said, "Hey, I'm going with you guys!"

"I'm sorry but there's not enough room." The women EMT said. "But your more then welcome to follow us to the hospital."

"What hospital?" Dean asked.

"UCSF Medical Center." She replied. "It's pretty easy to get there."

Dean nodded and went around to the drivers side of the Impala and got in. He sat there for a moment taking everything in. It wasn't all the time that Dean felt...scared. But he was. He didn't no much about seizures but he did know that healthy people didn't get them.

He tried to push the bad thoughts out of his had and just drive to the hospital were he could be there for Sammy.