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Chapter 5

Grace walks down the hospital corridor, file in hand to Sam's room. She was glad to be at work It took her mind off of the fact that her husband had just left her.

She opened the door to Sam's hospital room and greeted him with the cheeriest voice she could muster up in a time like this. "Good Morn-." She stopped dead in her tracks. "..ing." She finished softly.

Sam and Dean were cuddled up on the bed together sleeping.

Grace didn't really know what to think. They said they were brothers. Obviously there not.

She could understand why they lied though. Not everyone is comfortable with sharing such private information like that.

Dean started to stir in the bed.

That wouldn't be good if Dean or Sam woke up to see her watching them. So she turned and headed for the door.


After years and years of hunting, you might say that Dean had good senses. Even when sleeping he could hear sounds around him and could always tell when there was someone in the room.

He opened his eyes just in time to see someone slip out the door.

Dean looked over at the body sleeping next to him. Shit. He shot up out of bed. This was not good. Someone had walked in on them.

In the end it didn't really matter who had seen them in bed together. It could have been anyone from the doctors or nurses to their father. Okay so it probably wasn't their father. But hell it really doesn't matter because it all boils down to the fact that they are probably listed as brothers in the hospital records.

He slowly got out of the bed, trying his hardest not to wake Sam. The poor kid was up a few times with an awful headache.

He glanced over at Sam. He looked so peaceful sleeping. But once he would wake up those damn headaches would come back.

That reminded Dean that he had to talk to Grace today. See what they were gonna do about the Sam's tumor. He knew they were talking about some type of radiation or was it surgery? It didn't really matter what they called it. Dean just wanted to get Sam fixed up and out of there. Did he mention that he hated hospitals?

Dean began heading for the door when he heard the bed sheets rustle. Damn. Dean looked towards the bed. Please don't wake up.

He sighed in relief when he relieved that Sam was just turning over.

Dean mind drifts back to needing coffee or some type of liquid so he decides that the hospital cafeteria would be his best bet.

He didn't expect Grace to be standing outside Sam's room when he opened the door.

"Shit...you scared me."

"Sorry.." She murmured. "I was just..uh.."

Dean pointed to Sam's door. "Were you just in there?"

Grace blushed. "I was just...no I mean...yes." She sighed. "Sorta. I wasn't trying to interrupt..." Then she trailed off. Not knowing what else to say to make this conversation less awkward.

Dean sensed her distress so he thought maybe he should jump in. "Hey..it's okay."

They were silents for a few moments. Neither one of them wanting to breach this topic of discussion. But it was inevitable. Dean knew what Grace saw and he Grace knew he knew. But this wasn't really the type of conversation you have with someone you've only known for a few days. Never the less Sam's doctor, the women in charge of his life.

Dean opened his mouth suggesting that they should go into the room to talk but Grace began talking. "You know you could have told me."

"Huh?" This is were Dean decided to play dumb again. As if he didn't know what she was implying.

"I don't have a problem with homosexuals." She started. "I know there's that whole law that your not aloud to visit your partner in the hospital, by the way I totally think thats stupid but anyways I wouldn't have cared."

"I'm sorry." Dean said.

"Don't apologize. I'm not mad or anything. I could understand why you would feel the need to lie.."

"Would you?" Dean questioned.

"Well yeah..I mean..."

Dean sighed. Should he tell her the truth? What would she say? Most people probably wouldn't take it well. Scratch that-- no one would take it well.

Grace interrupted his thoughts when she spoke again. "I can tell you two really care about each other."

"We do." Dean said quietly.

"May I ask how long you two have been together for?"

"Ahh..for awhile now." Which was the truth. They had been together for awhile.

Grace smiled. "Thats so sweet. It's so wonderful to see you standing by him during this tough time."

"Well..I love him." Dean spoke the truth softly.

Grace put her hand on Dean arm. "I know things are a little rough right now but things will get better."

Dean nodded.

"I'm gonna go check on Sam now." She said.

"Alright..yeah. He might be still sleeping. I'm gonna run down and grab some coffee from the cafeteria. If Sam wakes up tell him I'll be back in ten minutes."

"Will do."


Well that was only a tad bit uncomfortable. Grace said to herself while scribbling in Sam's file.

She turned to Sam when she heard him roll over in bed.

"..Dean.." He mumbled.

"He went down to the cafeteria to grab some coffee." Grace informed him.

Sam just nodded and closed his eyes again.

"How are you feeling? Did you sleep okay?" Grace asked.

"My head is pounding but other then that just peachy." Sam replied sarcastically.

"I can give you something for your head."

"That would be great." Sam said with a grateful smile.

"I'm gonna come back when Dean's around so we can discuss your options."

"Options?" Sam asked nervously.

"Well you want to get rid of that headache of yours don't yah?" Grace asked. Noticing Sam's nervousness and trying to comfort him with light humor even in such a serious situation.

"More then anything."

"Well then we're gonna begin to talk about what the next step in treating you is."

Sam nodded.

"Well like I said I'll be back in a bit. Until then just hang in there. I'll have a nurse come in here and give you something for the pain alright?"

"Thank you." Sam mumbled quietly.


Dean hurried back to Sam's hospital room with his coffee and a bagel. He felt a bit guilty about lying to Grace like that before but really what could he say. It felt odd telling the Doctor about his relationship with another man. Not a bad odd just odd.

Plus there was absolutely no opening in the conversation to bring up the fact that he's sleeping with his brother.

But there was no reason to dwell now. She knew the truth. Or the closes thing to the truth. She seemed fine with the fact that they were gay, not that there should be a problem. Let's face it, it is the twenty-first century after all, people could love who they wanted to love or at least they should be able to. Now that that was over and done with, he could just focus his attention on helping Sammy get better. And he would get better. He would.

When Dean finally walked into Sam's hospital room which would probably become his home for the next however many weeks it would take Sam to recover, he was in for a bit of a surprise. Sam was awake and sitting up.

"Hey, your awake." Dean said as he leaned down to kiss Sam's forehead.

"Yeah a little while ago." Sam informed him. "I was wondering were you went. You seem to be making a habit of not being here when I wake up."

Dean automatically fault horrible for now being here when Sam awoke. "I just went down to grab a coffee and a-"

"Dean it's alright." Sam said cutting him off mid sentence. "Dr. Jameson told me you went to grab something to eat."

"About Grace.." Dean started. "Did she say anything when she was in here?"

"Nothing really." Sam shrugged. "She did say she was gonna come back in a little bit to talk about whats gonna happen next."

"Happen next?" Dean asked.

Sam nodded. "..As in my options."

Dean swallowed hard. He didn't wanna thing about nor did he wanna talk about it. He just wanted Sam to miraculously be cured. "Oh.."

"Why do you ask?"

Dean looked up at Sam. "Huh?"

"You asked if Dr. Jameson said anything to me when she was in here." Sam explained.

Dean was glad for subject change. He didn't wanna have to talk about Sam's illness anymore then he had to. "Well..uh.." Dean took a deep breath. "Promise you won't be mad?"

Sam looked worried. "Dean..."

"I told her alright."

"Told her what?"

"Told her we were like...together." Dean finished.

If Sam looked worried before he looked terrified now. "You..you..told her?"

"Yeah. But don't worry-"

"Don't worry!?" Sam interrupted. "Dean don't you realize that what were doing is..illegal." He ended in a whisper.

"No Sammy hold on a sec." Dean said. "I just told her we were together. Not that were brothers."

Dean could see the relief wash across his brothers face after he said that. "Oh thank goodness."

"If you wanna be technical I didn't actually tell her. She saw us."

"This morning?" Sam asked.

Dean nodded. "Yeah. I didn't think I would fall asleep in bed with you but I did. When I went to get coffee a little while ago I saw her in the hallway."

"Was she..mad?"

Dean shook his head. "No, not at all. She just said that she could tell we really cared about each other."

"We do." Sam chuckled.

"What?" Dean asked.

"I guess were not doing a good job hiding our relationship if she could tell."

"Well when she found us in bed spooning it probably gave it away." Dean laughed.

"Yeah I suppose so." Sam said softly, bowing his head. He got real quiet for a few moments.

"Hey you alright?" Dean reached a hand out to Sam's.

Sam looked up. "Yeah. I was just thinking what Dad say if he found out. Or if he could tell how we feel about each other."

"I'm sure we'll find out soon enough." Dean mumbled.

"You called him!?"

Dean shook his head. "No not yet."

"Sam we need to tell him. We already talked about this."

"Yeah and I already said that he wouldn't care. I don't want him knowing. And besides what's the chances that he'll drop everything just because his son is sick. He didn't drop what he's doing when you almost died." Sam said. "And I'm his second best son so if he didn't come running for you he defiantly won't be here for me."


"Don't" Sam said quietly. "Don't tell me he loves me."

"He does."

"Then why did he disown me when I went to Standford?"

"He was scared. Scared that you wouldn't be able to defend yourself..."

"If you didn't notice Dean, a lot of people live long and safe lives without needing to know how to perform an exorcism or how to shoot a gun."

"He does love you Sam."

Sam huffed. "Well he's got a funny way of showing it."

They were interrupted when they heard a knock on the door and Grace poked her head in. "Am I interrupting anything?"

"No." Both boys in unison.

She walked in and pulled up a chair. "Okay so I just go through looking at your tests and scans a few minutes ago and I think I know what the best course of action is."

Both Dean and Sam were terrified. They didn't wanna hear what she had to say. Dean took hold of Sam hands and said. "Which is?"

"Well I would like to remove the tumor. It's a fairly simple procedure. Any kind of surgery is always risky, I won't lie to you. Brain surgery is dangerous. But like I said it's simple and we do it quite often in your case." She paused to make sure they were paying attention. "After that we'll probably put you on a chemo to remove any left over cancer cells."

"How long does that all take?" Dean asked.

"Well surgery all depends on how large the tumor is and the part of the brain. The tumor doesn't look that large from the x-rays but it could be larger once we get inside. The tumor is located in the meninges. It's the system of membranes which envelop the central nervous system. So to answer your question, the surgery could take any were from three to eight hours."

Sam sighed. "Wow."

"Yeah it could take a while theres no getting around that." Grace said.

"And then after that he has..chemo?" Dean asked.

"Well not immediately after. He gonna need a little while to recover from the surgery. Once he starts to feel a bit better we'll talk about the chemotherapy." Grace said.

"Then thats it? I'm cured?"

"Hopefully." Grace said.

"Hopefully?" Dean asked.

"Well we can't be sure the cancer won't come back." Grace said.

"When is the surgery?" Sam asked.

"I'm gonna schedule it for as soon as possible." She said. "So your probably looking at sometime during this week."

"That soon?" Dean asked.

"Well I wanna get it out soon. If we don't move fast it could spread."

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Do you guys have any other questions?" Grace asked.

Sam shook his head. "No I don't think so."

"I have other patience I need to check on but I'll come back and let you know when I scheduled the surgery."

After she left the room both boys sat in silence thinking over what they had just talked about. Sam finally broke the silence.

"Surgery. Brain surgery.." Sam turned and look at Dean. "I'm kinda scared."

Dean moved closer to Sam. "Please don't be afraid. Every thing's gonna be alright. I promise."

Sam gave him a weak smile. "I'm hungry."

Dean laughed at his brother's sudden subject change. But embraced it because anything was better then seeing Sam's sad.

"You can have my bagel." Dean said.

"You sure? You need to eat to."

"I'm fine really. You need to eat..keep your strength up."

Sam wanted to argue that he was strong enough but then his stomach growled and a gladly accepted the bagel. "Thank you."


The boys spent the better part of the day watching daytime TV and old re-runs on the little television in Sam's hospital room.

Sam's eyes started getting droopy in the middle of General Hospital.

"You should get some sleep."

"I'm fine really. Besides I wanna know what happens to Elizabeth's baby."

Dean chuckled. "I'll fill you in later."

Dean was secretly happy when Sam finally fell asleep because it gave him time to make the phone call he needed to make.

Dean walked out into the hallway and opened his phone. He dialed the familiar number. And after several rings he got what he knew he would get.

"This is John Winchester, if this is an emergency call my son Dean..866-907-3235"


"Dad it's me. Listen.." Dean swallowed hard. He didn't know what he was gonna say. Maybe he should have rehearsed this a little bit. "..Sammy's sick. He..he's in the hospital. It's pretty bad. It's in his..uh..brain. Some kind of tumor. At least that's what this doctor lady says. So..um..yeah I just wanted to let you know whats going." He told John or rather the message machine were he was and before he hung up said, "I need you Dad...Sam's needs you. Please."

I can't be strong for Sam all by myself.

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