Jareth sat in the throne room, thinking again about his defeat. The one human that mattered to him; the only human that mattered to him.

She was not so easy to trick as the others. Sure the others had caught on, but it took much, much longer.

In a way, he missed his greatest opponent. Others had come close and had given. He always sent both children back safe and sound. It was always the threat that was the most frightening. Besides. He'd already chosen his Queen.

What was that, the crystals? He had been idly juggling them as he sat in contemplation. Quickly he sat up and willed them to show the scene to him again. Oh this was definitely not good. He ought to warn her. But would she believe him? Certainly not. Still, she deserved to have the choice. A little warning couldn't hurt.

He blew a tentative breath and one of the crystals floated into anonymity. . .



Sarah bumped her head as she landed on the floor. She had been dreaming of that time, long ago, when she had beaten Jareth. She had beaten him, hadn't she? She got Toby back, didn't she?

She looked at the clock. She was going to be late again. Her eyes rolled in disgust. She was nothing more than a glorified administrative assistant, but damn there was just no leeway there. She got in the shower and got ready for the day. Quickly, she grabbed the last few waffles, still in the package from the freezer. It would have to be breakfast at work today. She shut the door and suddenly. . .he was there. At least, it looked like it was him.

"May I help you?" she said uncertainly.

"Saraaaah," he drawled. . .doing those little crystal thingies that had always irritated her in the past, "how quickly we forget. . ."

"Look, I beat you. You need to leave me alone now. That's what that means. Sarah wins. Jareth? He loses, and leaves Sarah alone for the rest of her life, to live it out happily." She could feel her face glowing hot, but at the same time she knew the heat was for other reasons as well. Just because he was a villain didn't mean he wasn't attractive. Focus! She yelled at herself. Focus!

"But Sarah, you aren't happy. You know that. Doing this. . . this menial work," he made a vague gesture with his free hand, "you will have a choice to make."

"Cut the vague. Say what you mean, mean what you say and then. . .get the hell out of here."

He stepped closer, forcing Sarah to take a step back, shielding herself with the box of waffles. Still, he leaned closer, speaking softly in her ear.

"This human life you've chosen will loose it's charm. You could be my Queen still. Think about that when this human life betrays you. I'm sending myself just this once as the messenger. Think carefully about the choice you've made. The crystals foretell certain misery, and soon, should you stay."

He smelled fantastic (what kind of soaps do they have Underground?), but finally she said, "Look, I'm going to be late for work."

Jareth began to fade, but gave a final warning, "You will need my help. You will know the moment it arrives. Choose wisely." With that, the Goblin King from so many years ago re-dissappeard.