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Tracy decided that she had finally found her happy ending. At the age of twenty she was married to Link Larkin, the man she had a crush on since she first saw him. They were living in a beautiful home built as a wedding present from Link's parents on a piece of property that they owned. The house was spacious with two stories and a good sized backyard with a swimming pool that Edna and Wilbur bought for them. Link and Tracy had recorded four records, one together at the local recording studio.

One afternoon Tracy walked into the living room. She saw Link sitting on the couch with a letter in his hand. His hair looked like he had run his hand through it. After nine months of living in pure wedded bliss Tracy could tell that he had received bad news. She sat down next to him.

"What's wrong Linky" she asked.

He looked up at her and handed her the letter. Tracy read it and tears instantly appeared in her eyes as her left hand covered her mouth in shock.

"You've been drafted" she said.

Link nodded solemnly. "For a year"

"What are we going to do" Tracy asked. A tear slid down her cheek.

Link wiped away the tear with his thumb. "It'll be alright doll. Not all soldiers see combat. Some work in support jobs"

The phone rang and Tracy picked it up. She sniffed as she did so.

"Oh my god! Penny are you serious? Link just got one as well" she said into the phone. They talked for a few more minutes before she placed the phone back on the receiver. Link gave her a puzzled look.

"Penny said that Seaweed was drafted as well" Tracy said, more tears streaming down her cheeks.

"When did he find out" Link asked handing her a Kleenex.

"Today" she answered after dabbing her eyes and blowing her nose.

"Should we go over there" she added.

"If you want, are they both at the record shop" he inquired.

Tracy nodded. Link stood helping Tracy stand and they got into his car. Link drove over to the record shop and Penny immediately hugged Tracy when they walked inside.

"Can you believe this" Seaweed asked Link.

"No, and how strange is it that we both got letters on the same day" Link answered.

"Probably has something to do with the number at the top" Seaweed replied.

"Maybe" Link said looking at the letters. Their numbers were similar.

After a while Tracy and Link said goodnight and drove back to their house. Three days later Tracy and Link had dinner with their parents. They hadn't talked about the letter since he got it but it was time to tell their parents.

"I received a draft letter the other day" Link told them unhappily after dessert had been served.

"What" Anne Larkin exclaimed dropping the spoon in her hand.

"You mean you have to go over to Vietnam" Edna asked worriedly.

Link sadly nodded.

"I hope you don't see any actual action son" James Larkin said. He had been in World War II but hadn't seen much action himself.

"When do you have to leave" Wilbur asked.

"Three weeks" Link answered. Tracy looked at her lap trying not to cry again.

The three weeks passed by quickly. It was late March. Seaweed and Link found that they were heading out the same day. The two couples prepared themselves to be parted for the year. Tracy and Penny decided that Penny would move into the guest bedroom while the boys were gone so that they could be right next door if either needed something. The night before their departure Seaweed proposed to Penny. With tears rolling down her cheeks she told him that she would marry him once he returned.

It was the morning of their departure. Penny had moved all of her stuff in the day before. She and Seaweed were off enjoying time together. Tracy was helping Link pack the last few items with included a picture of them at their wedding.

She wasn't crying yet but Tracy was sad. Link closed the suitcase and cupped her cheek. They gazed into each others eyes. His ocean blue tried to tell her beautiful chocolate orbs that everything would be alright. Tracy put her hand on his cheek and kissed him. The kiss was filled with a lot of emotion. He tugged at her lower lip and she gave him entrance deepening the kiss. They parted after a few minutes for air. Tracy looked at Link's eyes and found that they were filled with desire. Her eyes were filled with longing as well.

Link kissed her fervently. Tracy started pulling at his shirt as he started tugging at her blouse. He then unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. All the while Link was kissing her lips then cheek. He then sucked on her earlobe. Tracy moaned in delight as he nibbled on her neck. She then started undoing his pants. And let them slip down to the floor. They parted so they could take off their shirts and toss them aside. Tracy leaned back on the bed pushing the suitcase which landed on the floor. Link followed her. She positioned herself so that her head was on the pillow. She then leaned up and captured Link's lips again. He kissed her lips then moved down her neck and to her soft breasts. She arched her back and he undid her bra throwing it on the floor. He continued his ministrations by nibbling the soft flesh of her breasts. Tracy whimpered softly. He then kissed her stomach down past her belly button. He helped her shed the last piece of clothing she wore. He eagerly seized her lips again. Tracy maneuvered them so that she was on top. She straddled him as she kissed his lips then nibbled his neck. Tracy then worked her way down to his waistline. Link groaned with delight as she did so. She helped him remove his underwear. He then turned her over so that he was on top as they got under the covers. Once satiated, they fell asleep in each others arms.

A few hours' later Tracy and Link got up and dressed She put on a blue skirt and white blouse and he put on black slacks and a blue shirt. Tracy made sandwiches. They met their parents, Seaweed, Penny, Maybelle and Inez at the bus station. Corny and the other council members that were on the show with them were there as well.

"Good Luck Link and Seaweed. I hope for a safe return for both of you" Corny said before hugging them.

The council boys including Brad, IQ, and Fender walked over to Link and Seaweed. Paulie and Sketch were already drafted. They wished them luck and a safe return.

Amber, Tammy, Shelley, Brenda, Noreen, Doreen, Vicki, Lu Anne, Darla and the other councilettes had tears in their eyes as they hugged Link and Seaweed saying their wishes for a safe journey. Maybelle and Inez were next.

"Be safe Link honey" Maybelle said as she hugged him.

"I'll pray for you and Seaweed every night" Inez told him as they hugged. Link grinned halfheartedly at her. He was having trouble mustering up his trademark smile

"Seaweed take care of yourself" Maybelle said as she hugged and kissed his cheek. Tears were falling down her toffee colored cheeks.

"I'll miss you big brother" Inez added hugging him as well. Tears stained her cheeks.

Anne and James Larkin hugged Link then Seaweed. They had come to like Seaweed after he befriended their son and daughter-in-law.

"Take care of yourself" Anne told Link.

"I'll try mom" Link replied.

"Take care son" James said.

"Yes sir" Link told him.

Edna hugged Link then Seaweed next. They both were like sons to her. Well Link was in a way being her son-in-law.

"Why did they have to draft you boys" she said through tears.

"It'll be alright Mrs. Turnblad" Link said trying to comfort her.

Wilbur hugged them and wished them luck.

Penny hugged Link. "Take good care of yourself and if you can keep Seaweed safe"

"I will, I promise Penny" he told her.

A few feet away Tracy was hugging Seaweed. "Take care of yourself and will you look after Link" she asked him.

"I will I promise Tracy" Seaweed replied.

It was time for Tracy and Penny to say their goodbyes to their men.

"I'll miss you baby. I love you" Seaweed said. He then shared a long passionate kiss with Penny.

"I love you so much and I'll miss you more" Penny told him. Tears flowed down her sad face.

Link and Tracy were kissing as well. Theirs was a deep, loving kiss.

"Bye Linky, I'm really going to miss you"

Link wiped the tears that were falling from her sad eyes with his thumbs. "I'll miss you too lil darlin" She kissed him again. Link tried to remain calm but now that the moment of departure had arrived tears started pooling in his piercing blue eyes. Tracy gazed up at him with tears of her own and hugged him.

He turned to walk away. She held onto his hand until the last moment. Seaweed stepped on the bus first. Penny stood by Maybelle for support. Link stepped on the bus stairs.

"Come back to me" Tracy called to him.

"I will I promise" he called back. He then winked at her.

Edna stood by Tracy as the bus pulled away. Tracy kept her eyes on the bus until it disappeared around the corner then buried her face into her mother's chest.

A little over a week later Tracy and Penny were sitting in the living room watching the news. They heard the mailman put the mail in the mailbox. Tracy stood up and walked out to get it hoping that there would be some news of Link or Seaweed. When she got inside she flipped through the letters. She found a couple of bills. She started to think that there'd be no news until she looked at the last two items which looked like letters. One was in Link's handwriting addressed to her and the other in Seaweed's addressed to Penny. Tracy walked into the living room and handed Penny her letter before sitting down in her favorite chair. She tossed the rest of the mail on the coffee table then opened the letter. Penny was sitting on the sofa opening her letter. Tracy started to read it.

Dear Tracy,

I miss you so much darlin. They have me and Seaweed in boot camp for a few weeks before we have to go overseas. Seaweed and I are going to have support jobs as Tech Supports because we are both really good at math. At least we'll be sent to the same location. I wish I was there with you. I keep the picture of us close to my heart each night. You're in my every dream. It seems like forever since I had you in my arms. I promise to come home to you like I said before. I love you with all of my heart.


Penny had started reading her letter as well.

Dear Penny,

I wish I was back in Baltimore by your side. I miss you so much baby. Link and I are at boot camp then we go overseas. We both had to get our heads buzzed much to Link's chagrin. He probably has too much pride to tell Tracy that his patented curl is no more. We all know how precious his hair is to him. We are going to be in the same unit as Tech Supports because we are both really good at math. I sleep with the picture of you under my pillow each night. I love you so much. Don't worry Link and I will look out for each other.


Tracy grinned a little. At least he was ok. Though knowing that he was going to be sent overseas worried her still. She looked over to Penny who looked at her with a small grin of her own.

"We finally heard from our guys Pen" Tracy said.

"And they are alright and will be put together in the same unit" Penny replied.

"Seaweed says that they had to get their heads buzzed" she added.

"Link didn't mention that" Tracy said.

"Seaweed thinks he had too much pride to tell you. We all know that hair is important to him" Penny replied giggling a bit.

"But not as important as you" she added.

Tracy nodded. "He doesn't like it if someone messes with his perfectly coiffed hair except for me but only on certain occasions'"

Penny giggled some more.

"I asked Seaweed to take care of Link as well as himself" Tracy told her.

"I asked Link the same thing" Penny stated.

"I miss him so much" Tracy said somberly.

"I miss Seaweed too" Penny added in the same tone.

After watching more news about the war Tracy and Penny wrote back to Link and Seaweed. Tracy sat at the kitchen table.

Dear Link,

I miss you too! I am glad to hear that you and Seaweed are going to be in the same unit doing support. Does that mean you'll not see any actual fighting? I hope so. My birthday is coming up in a few weeks as you know. I'm so glad that Penny is here. She has been helping me through all the sadness I feel with you gone. I have decided to help out my dad at the shop. His business has gotten so popular that he could use the extra pair of hands. And it keeps my mind off the war. I wish that you were able to be here.

Love always,


Three weeks later Tracy's 21st birthday arrived. She woke up hugging Link's pillow. It still smelled of a combination of hairspray and his favorite soap. She had received several more letters from Link and she had responded to each. Tracy put on her bathrobe and walked downstairs and poured some fresh coffee that Penny had made into a mug. Penny was sitting at the kitchen table in her bathrobe with her own mug of coffee. Tracy put some sugar and cream in the coffee before sitting down. She said morning to Penny and took a sip. The phone rang. Tracy stood up and answered it.

"Hello" she said.

"Hi Tracy dear, I was wondering if you'd like to come over for lunch today" Anne Larkin asked.

"That sounds great Anne. Can Penny come too" she answered.

"Sure" Anne replied.

"Come around one o'clock" she added.

"Ok, see you then" Tracy said hanging the phone back up.

"That was Links mom. She invited both of us to lunch at her house today" she told Penny.

"That was nice of her" Penny said smiling to herself.

At one Tracy drove up to Link's parent's house in Link's red Chevy. Penny sat in the passenger's seat.

"It's strange being here without Link" Tracy said.

Penny nodded. They got out of the car and walked up to the door. Tracy knocked and Anne answered allowing them inside. The house seemed quiet. Tracy gazed at all the pictures of Link from when he was a baby up to their wedding day. Her heart started to ache. Penny followed her as she walked into the living room.

"Surprise! Happy Birthday!" Edna, Wilbur, James, Maybelle, Inez, Corny, Amber, Lu Anne, Tammy, Brad, and the other council members shouted.

Tracy was stunned.

"Happy Birthday Tracy" Penny and Anne said. They stood besides her.

Tracy saw a pile of packages near the sofa.

"Before we eat why don't you open up this one" Anne said pointing to a big package.

Tracy walked over to it and opened it. A golden lab popped up with a blue bow around his neck. He looked at Tracy with big brown eyes and barked happily. Tracy smiled as she picked him up. He licked her face and Tracy giggled for the first time in weeks.

"He's beautiful, thanks" Tracy said.

"We thought that he could help with you missing Link" James replied.

"Glad you like him" Anne added.

"Oh it does and I do" Tracy said as the puppy licked her face again. She put the puppy down on the ground.

"I made hot dogs and French fries. Edna baked your favorite cake. German chocolate So let's eat" Anne told her. Tracy hugged her then her mom.

"Thank you all, this is a wonderful surprise" she said.

"You knew about this didn't you" she asked Penny.

Penny smiled and nodded. They all ate the hot dogs and French fries. He lay besides Tracy. She gave him a piece of her hot dog and a couple fries. Edna then brought in the cake which had a bunch of candles and "Happy Birthday Tracy" written in white frosting. Tracy made a wish and blew out the candles. James grabbed plates and forks. Anne cut the cake and handed out pieces to everyone. The puppy ran around the house a little then laid down to rest while they ate.

After the cake Tracy opened her other packages. Anne handed her an envelope first.

"This goes along with the puppy" she told her.

Tracy opened the envelope to find a 30 dollar coupon to the pet store with a note saying For puppy food, toys, leashes, etc. She grinned at her mother-in-law.

Edna and Wilbur gave her their gift next. She opened the small rectangular box and found a new watch, not just any watch but one that she had been wanting. Maybelle and Inez handed her a medium sized box and a smaller box. Tracy opened them and saw that it was a necklace with a heart charm and matching heart earrings. Amber handed her a box that looked almost like a shoe box. Opening it she found a new pair of dancing shoes.

"How'd you know I wanted these and my size" Tracy asked.

"I asked Penny" Amber answered.

Noreen handed Tracy an envelope.

"We all chipped in thinking it would be a nice relaxing gift" she said motioning to the other council members.

Curious, Tracy opened the envelope to find a coupon for the day spa. The wrapping paper from her open gifts were scattered on the floor. The puppy ran around happily yelping. Tracy and the others laughed at him running around the wrapping paper. She then looked at him and smiled as he jumped into her lap.

"For all of you whose gifts I already opened thank you and to the gifts I haven't opened thank you as well" Tracy said.

"What are you going to name him" Amber asked.

Tracy thought for a minute. "I think I'll name him Corny"

Corny Collins grinned. "Corny's a great name Tracy"

"Do you like that name" she asked Corny the puppy. He barked happily and wagged his tail.

"I think he likes it" Edna said. Tracy nodded and put him on the floor where he proceeded to run around the paper again. He then started chasing his tail, giving little yelps of happiness along the way. Tracy, Penny and the rest of the girls looked at him and laughed at how adorable he was.

Corny handed her an envelope next. She found a coupon to Luigi's, her favorite Italian restaurant. Penny handed her a larger package. Tracy opened it, revealing a handmade quilt with blue and white fabric and a pretty blue tulip in the center.

"For when you want to take naps or if you get cold. From both Seaweed and I" Penny said.

"Thank you" Tracy told her.

Penny handed her a smaller box. "And this is from Link. He gave it to me to give to you before he left"

Her hands shook a little as she took the box from Penny. Opening it she found a gold locket and a note. She opened the note seeing Link's handwriting.


I love you as much today as I did then. Happy Birthday.

Love, Link

Tracy unlocked the locket. Tears started forming as she gazed upon the picture. It was a picture of her and Link taken on their first official date. They had gone to Luigi's restaurant and a guy with a camera had been there selling photos for twenty-five cents a piece. Link had asked the guy to take a picture of them together.

"Now we'll have a picture of us together without it being a publicity picture for the show" he had told her.

"One of many" she had replied. He grinned as he captured her lips.

A tear escaped down her cheek as she showed everyone the locket. She then unhooked it and carefully placed it around her neck. Penny handed her a handkerchief and she dabbed her eyes. She looked up at everyone who was in return looking at her.

"Ok this is a party so let's have some fun" Tracy said grinning a bit.

Anne turned on some music and the rest of the afternoon was spent dancing and chatting.

A few weeks later Tracy found that Corny did help. She had gone out and bought food, bowls, some tennis balls a rope, a leash and chew toys for him soon after they left the Larkin's on her birthday. Corny even slept next to her on Link's side. He snuggled up next to her and Tracy felt that the bed was less empty. On afternoons when she got out of work early she would play with Corny by throwing tennis balls for him in the backyard. Penny would join her on some days and toss the ball for him too. With his tail always wagging he would happily fetch the balls and bring it back. Usually he spit it out by their feet. One morning as soon as Tracy sat up she felt nauseous. She ran to her bathroom and vomited. She walked out to the kitchen to find Penny eating cereal.

"Are you alright Tracy? You look pale" she asked her friend.

"I felt queasy when I woke up but I feel better now" Tracy answered. She went over to the stove and started making tea. She then put two slices of bread in the toaster. Corny barked as he ran into the kitchen. He ran over to Penny and put his front paws on her leg. Penny patted his head. He then ran over to Tracy who petted him. She put fresh water and food in his bowls. The tea kettle started whistling and Penny took it off the burner and turned off the stove.

"Sit down Tracy, let me make the tea and get your toast" she told her. Tracy still looked sick.

Penny soon brought the tea and toast, which had popped up minutes after the tea was ready. Tracy took a few bites before covering her mouth and running to the bathroom again. She soon came back out to find Penny looking at her concerned.

"Maybe you should call your dad and take the day off" Penny suggested.

Tracy nodded and walked to the phone where she called her father. He told her to get some rest.

"Will you be alright alone or do you want me to take the day off" Penny asked. She had started working at Mr. Pinky's Hefty Hideaway.

"I'll be alright, go" she answered.

"Ok but I'll be back at lunch to look in on you" Penny said.

Tracy nodded and walked to her bedroom. She lay down on the bed and Corny instantly hopped up next to her. She had to run to the bathroom a few more times throughout the day. Two days later the nausea still hadn't subsided. Tracy decided that it was time to go to the doctor. Anne Larkin was a doctor so she decided to go ask her opinion. She worked in a small doctor's office not far from the high school. She called and made an appointment. She had just come in other times and Anne had asked her to make an appointment the next time she wanted to see her. Penny took the day off and drove her to the office. Tracy gave her name to the nurse at the desk. Penny sat in the waiting area as Tracy followed the nurse to an exam room.

"What's wrong honey" Anne asked Tracy.

"I have been feeling queasy for the past few days and have vomited quite a lot. I'm wondering if I have a virus or something" Tracy told her.

"Have you missed any monthly cycles" Anne then asked thinking she knew what it could be.

"Actually yes, but I thought that it was from the stress of Link being away and such" Tracy answered.

"Well let me take some tests and we'll see what they say" Anne replied. A nurse took some blood from Tracy's right arm.

"Come back in two days Tracy dear" Anne told her.

Tracy nodded and headed out to the waiting area. Penny drove her home. Two days later Tracy sat in the same exam room. Anne came in with a small smile on her face.

"What did the tests say" Tracy inquired looking at Anne.

"They reveal that I'm going to be a grandmother" Anne said happily. She always wanted to have grandchildren.

Tracy looked at her confused.

"You're pregnant" she told her.

"I'm pregnant" Tracy said surprised by the news.

"Yes" Anne replied. She walked out of the room and minutes later returned.

"Have some lollipops. Lollipops always seem to make everything better" Anne told her handing Tracy a small bag.

"Thank you" Tracy said. She smiled as she took the bag from her hands.