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They all drove over to Maybelle's for the reception. Anne took Nick and James took Corny's leash and walked inside.Tracy and Link stood by the door waiting for the newlyweds to arrive so they could be properly introduced. Penny and Seaweed were a bit late to arrive. Tracy noticed that as Penny was helped out of the car by Seaweed a few strands of hair came out of her 'do.

"They are a little late aren't they?" Link asked.

"Yes but weren't we a little late to our reception?" Tracy told him.

"We were," Link replied as Penny and Seaweed walked up to them.

"Are you guys ready to party?" Tracy asked.

"I'm ready to get my new wife out on the dance floor," Seaweed answered.

Penny kissed him. "But first Tracy and Link have to let us in so we can be properly introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Seaweed and Penny Stubbs."

Seaweed smiled. "Indeed they do."

Tracy and Link opened the doors and allowed Penny and Seaweed through. Before they did so Penny wiped some lipstick off of Seaweeds lips with her handkerchief.

"Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Seaweed and Penny Stubbs" Corny announced.

Everyone applauded as they walked in. Tracy and Link followed. The room was decorated with a bunch of small tables with light green tableclothes. Tracy, Link, Penny, Seaweed, Inez, Sketch, Janetta and Brad sat at one table. Maybelle, Edna, Wilbur, Anne, James, and Corny sat at another. The other members of the bridal party sat at the next table near the bride and groom. Corny, the dog, settled down next to Tracy after she sat. Nick was placed nearby in a playpen that Maybelle had from when Inez was little. Before the food was served Seaweed stood and looked around the room.

"I'd like to thank all of you for joining us today for this wonderful event," he said. Then he looked at Penny.

"And to my beautiful new wife, each moment I spend with you is a moment I never want to end. I love you baby," Seaweed added. Penny stood and captured his lips in a loving kiss.

"I'd like to thank all of you as well. We couldn't have done all this without you."

"And to my wonderful new husband, you are my knight in shining armor. I couldn't bare having you away in Vietnam for the year but thankfully you came back and here we finally are! I love you with all of my heart."

"I'll never leave you again, I promise," Seaweed said as they kissed again.

"May the years bring you all the joys you could ever imagine," Link told them. Penny hugged him.

"I only wish for you to know the happiness Link and I have had. We love you guys," Tracy said. Penny and Seaweed hugged her.

"To the bride and groom" Brad toasted with champagne.

Maybelle, Edna, Anne, Inez and Tracy helped serve dinner which consisted of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. There was champagne for the toast, soda, water and iced tea for drinks. Link, Penny and Tracy fed pieces of meatloaf to Corny while they ate.

After dinner Penny and Seaweed danced their first song as husband and wife together. They danced to "Love Me Tender". They held each other close as they swayed back and forth. Soon Link, Tracy, Edna, Wilbur and the others joined them. Nick started fussing and Tracy fed him and changed him in one of the bedrooms and he soon fell asleep. Soon it was time for cake and the bouquet and garter toss. Tammy caught it and IQ caught the garter. Penny and Seaweed headed off for their honeymoon suite Corny gave them.

Before they went they said their goodnights.

"Night Trace, Link," Penny and Seaweed said.

"Night you two. Remember tonight will be one of the most romantic nights of your life. It was for us," Tracy said grinning.

"Night guys, this will be a night you will remember always," Link told them.

"I'm sure it will," Seaweed said before he and Penny walked out the door.

Link picked up Nick and Tracy took Corny's leash as they left not long after.

Penny and Seaweed left for their honeymoon the next day and two weeks later moved into their new house, which wasn't too far from Link and Tracy's house. The days had started getting colder and soon it would be Christmas and Nick's first birthday.

"We should have a party for Nick," Edna told Tracy a few weeks before his birthday.

"That sounds like a groovy idea ma," Tracy replied.

"What about Christmas presents?" she added.

"We can open them after the party or the next day," Edna replied.

Tracy nodded.

Christmas soon came and Nick was one year old. Tracy and Link couldn't believe it. They invited all their family and friends over for a big birthday/Christmas bash.

Tracy walked into Nick's room that morning to wake him. He was awake when she looked in his crib.

"Happy birthday sweetie," Tracy told him.

"Mama bhirthday," Nick replied.

Tracy smiled. "It's your birthday sweetie."

Tracy picked him up. Edna made chocolate cake for the birthday boy and Tracy and Penny cooked burgers and fries. Sure Tracy and Penny both knew it was untraditional but for so may people it was an easy meal. Tracy fed Nick a bottle and changed him. As the guests started arriving Corny, the dog, noticed all of the packages and his tail started wagging furiously. He was happy to see everyone but he loved wrapping paper. They all grabbed some burger and fries. Link had set out pitchers of soda and iced tea for everyone to drink. Tracy put candles on the cake and everyone sung "Happy Birthday" to him. Link and Tracy helped Nick blow out his candles and Tracy cut a piece for everyone. She even gave a small piece to Nick who just smushed it in his hands. Edna, Maybelle and Anne took lots of pictures while Nick did so. Link took Nick and cleaned him, putting fresh clothes on him.

"Here he is all clean," Anne said smiling as Link brought him into the living room.

Tracy and Link then helped Nick open his presents. Nick received teething rings from Maybelle and Inez. He received building blocks from Tracy and Link, clothes from Anne and James, and toys from Penny and Seaweed. Lu Ann, Vicki and Becky gave him clothes. The rest of the council members and Corny gave him various toys. Edna and Wilbur gave him a pair of shoes that looked just like Link's. Corny, the dog, happily ran around the discarded wrapping paper.

"Shall we open our Christmas gifts?" Penny asked.

Everyone nodded. Tracy and Link as hosts opened theirs first. Her parents bought her a nice blouse and skirt. They bought Link a nice new shirt. Anne and James gave both Link and Tracy a gift coupon to the couple went to on Valentine's Day. Penny and Seaweed gave them mugs for their morning coffee. Corny and the council members gave them a coupon to their favorite clothing stores. Maybelle and Inez gave Tracy a nice necklace and Link new cufflinks.

Link handed Tracy a small box. Tracy opened it and found hoop earrings. She handed him a bigger box and he found a new suit in it.

"Thanks Linky, thank you everyone," Tracy said. She kissed Link.

"Yeah thanks guys, and thank you Trace" Link added smiling at Tracy.

Penny and Seaweed received placemats from Edna and Wilbur, and a gift coupon to Luigi's from Anne and James. They received a nice vase from Tracy and Link as well. Maybelle and Inez chipped in to give them another nicer vase for flowers.

"Guess I'll be giving my lovely new wife some flowers," Seaweed said smiling.

"I love flowers, and we need vases. Thanks!" Penny added.

They also received gift coupons to their favorite store from Corny and the council members. Seaweed then handed Penny a long, rectangular box. She opened it to find a beautiful crucifix necklace.

"Seaweed, its gorgeous!" she exclaimed. She then kissed him.

"I know, but its not half as gorgeous as you baby," he told her. She kissed him again.

Penny gave Seaweed a new Beatles record that he wanted. Edna and Wilbur received a recipe book from Tracy and Link, one they found in Italy. They received gift coupons for Luigi's, the steak house and Mr. Pinky's Hefty Hideaway from the others. Anne and James received gift coupons from Maybelle, Inez, Corny and the council members, and dancing lesson coupons from Link and Tracy. Corny and the council members received similar gift coupons for presents. Maybelle and Inez received records and necklaces.

New Years approached soon after Christmas. Link and Tracy were invited to a party at the radio station. Anne and James told them that they would watch Nick for the night. Tracy and Link kissed Nick on the forehead before Anne left with him.

"Happy New Year mom!" Link said.

"Happy New Year Anne! We wanted to tell you now because we won't see you until next year," Tracy added.

Tracy and Link ate a small dinner before going to the party for the only food that was being served were ouerdirves. Tracy dressed in a red three quarter sleeved dress with a bodice that showed more than a blouse. She wore her hair in a french twist. She also wore her locket and the earrings Link gave her for Christmas. Link wore the new suit that Tracy bought him for Christmas. Tracy put on a matching shawl because it was cold outside. The party started at ten o'clock. She held onto his arm as he escorted her out to the car. He opened the door for her and Tracy slid in. Link got in the driver's side and drove to the radio station. Once there Link opened the door for Tracy and helped her out. She kissed his cheek as she took his arm. He grinned at her before they proceeded inside. The main studio in the station had been decorated with streamers saying "Happy New Year" on them. There were tables with ouerdirves and glasses of champagne on them. The table with the champagne had a waiter behind it that poured the champagne into the glasses. He added more glasses as people took one.

"Hello Link and Tracy," Mr. Webb greeted.

"Hello," they both replied.

"I'd like you to meet my wife Nancy," Mr. Webb said as a tall red head walked up besides him an smiled.

"Nancy here are the radio stations brightest stars, Link and Tracy Larkin," he told his wife.

"Nice to meet you," Nancy said.

"Your husband exaggerates but it's nice to meet you too," Tracy said shaking her hand.

"Nice to meet you," Link said grinning as he shook her hand next.

Mr. and Mrs. Webb walked away to greet the others.

"Want a drink or cracker with cheese?" Link asked Tracy.

"Sure," she answered. They walke over to the tables and took a flute of champagne and some crackers with cheese. They also had small hotdogs and some kind of spread for other crackers. Tracy and Link drank their champagne and at the crackers. One of their colleagues went to the record player and put on a record.

"Let's get this party started," he said as Frank Sinatras hypnotic voice filled the room.

"Would you care to dance my lady?" Link asked.

"It would love to," Tracy answered.

Link took her hand as he led her to the middle of the floor which had been designated the dancefloor. Other couples were already swaying to the music. Link pulled Tracy close as he encircled her waist with his arms. She rested her hands at the back of his neck. Together they started moving back and forth with the music.

Some day, when I'm awfully low,
When the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you...
And the way you look tonight.

Yes you're lovely, with your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft,
There is nothing for me but to love you,
And the way you look tonight.

Link sung in her ear as they danced. Tracy giggled as his warm breath touched he skin.

With each word your tenderness grows,
Tearing my fear apart...
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
It touches my foolish heart.

Lovely ... Never, ever change.
Keep that breathless charm.
Won't you please arrange it ?
'Cause I love you ... Just the way you look tonight.

Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm,
Just the way you look to-night.

"Just the way you look tonight," Link sang before he twirled Tracy. She smiled as she captured his lips in a tender kiss.

They danced to "I've Got the World on a String" and "Come Fly With Me" before getting more champagne.

At 11:59pm everyone started counting down. At midnight they all shoute "Happy New Year!".

Link captured Tracy's lips in a passionate kiss. About an hour later everyone left. Link helped Tracy into the car. They both had a lot of champagne but Link was confident he could drive home. Once inside the car Tracy kissed him. He awoke and quickly drove them home.

Once inside Link took of his suit coat and shoes. Tracy also took off her shoes. Corny greeted them before running up the stairs. Link went and poured some more champagne for them to have as Tracy turned on the radio which was playing "Auld Lang Syne". She sat on the sofa as Link handed her the glass.

"This is nice," Tracy said.

"I know something that is nicer," Link replied.


"This," he answered leaning over and kissing Tracy. She put the glass down as the kiss intensified.

Soon she was undoing his tie as he ran his up and down her back. Once they parted Link stood and taking Tracy's hand turned off the radio then led her upstairs. In the bedroom he seized her lips again as he unzipped her dress. She in turn unbuttoned his shirt. He kissed her neck the shoulder as he slid the dress off of her. It pooled around her feet. Tracy stepped out of the dress and slid his shirt off. She then unbuttoned his pants letting them fall. Tracy stopped kissing Link while she laid on the bed. He soon followed and she resumed kissing him. He moved to her cheek then neck where he lingered nibbling her soft skin. He moved down to her breasts. She arched her back so he could unhook her bra which he then threw to the ground. He then attacked her breasts, nibbling the soft flesh. Tracy whimpered as he did so. He then helped her out of her underwear. He then captured her lips again before allowing Tracy to turn him over. He moaned as she kissed up and down his body, allowing her hands to slide up and down his arms and torso. She then slid his underwear off. He then manevuered her so he was on top before grabbing a condom.

After they made love, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

A week later Penny and Seaweed had Tracy, Link, and Nick over for dinner. Penny pulled Tracy aside as they were preparing coffee and dessert.

"You know in a couple of months Seaweed will have been home a year," Penny told Tracy.

"I know, that's wonderful! And it's been two years since he and Link received those awful draft letters," Tracy said.

"We should have a celebration of those those facts and that both of our husbands are home safe," Penny said smiling.

"That's a great idea Penny," Tracy replied.

They walked into the living room to find Nick and Seaweed playing peekaboo. Nick was mimicking Seaweed when he covered his eyes. Tracy and Penny smiled at their interaction.

"Seaweed will make a great father someday," Penny said.

"He will," Tracy agreed.

"Hi Trace, Pen," Link said noticing them.

"Nick here knocked over a couple figurines you had Penny. They didn't break or anything but he was trying to stand using the table they were on," he added.

"So we decided to distract him with a game of peekaboo," Seaweed said.

"They are not breakable so he can't hurt them," Penny said.

"Nick was trying to stand!" Tracy exclaimed happily. She walked over and picked him up.

"Nick you want to stand?" she asked him.

"Stand," Nick repeated.

Link and Tracy smiled with pride at how Nick was growing. Everyday he looked more like Link except his hair was brown like Tracy's.

Over the next weeks Tracy and Penny recruited Edna, Wilbur, Anne, James, Maybelle, Inez, Corny and the council members to help with the celebration. They decided to have the celebration at Penny and Seaweed's house since they never had a party at their house before. Link and Tracy were going to bring Corny, the now two year old lab, with them as well.

By February Nick was standing with relative ease. He had even started taking tiny steps. His vocabulary was growing everyday and his new game was rolling the tennis ball on the floor for Corny to catch. Corny would pick it up and bring it back to Nick. Nick would then roll the ball for Corny again.

March soon came and the day of the celebration arrived. Corny got Link and Seaweed out of the house so that the others could decorate. He called them saying he needed to ask them something. Afterwards Link and Seaweed were going back to Seaweed's for lunch with their wives, or so they thought. Tracy, Penny, Edna and Maybelle made roast beef sandwiches, ham sandwiches and turkey sandwiches. Corny the dog was playing fetch with Nick in the living room as Amber, Tammy, Inez and Becky put up extra chairs. Lou Ann and Darla poured punch into a huge bowl and got out cups.

Everyone except Tracy and Penny made themselves scarce when they heard Link and Seaweed's cars. Seaweed walked in first followed by Link. Seaweed went to Penny and Link walked to Tracy.

"Hi baby," Seaweed said.

"Hi," Penny replied as she kissed him.

"Hi Trace," Link said.

"Hi Linky," Tracy replied as she leaned up and captured his lips.

"Hey Tracy," Seaweed said looking at her and Link.

"Hi," Tracy responded.

Penny and Link greeted each other. The two couples walked into the living room where Nick was sitting. As they entered everyone else came into view.

"What's this?" Seaweed asked.

"We wanted to celebrate the fact that you've been home a year and that it has been two years since you got those ugly draft letters," Penny answered.

"You and your little parties," Link said affectionately as he smiled at Tracy.

"It was Penny's idea. I just helped," Tracy replied.

"Hi guys," Seaweed said as Maybelle, Edna, Inez and Anne hugged him.

They then hugged Link as he said "hi" to everyone.

"We are just glad that you came back to us," Tracy said as Link came to stand beside her.

He kissed her. "You're stuck with me."

Tracy smiled.

"I'll never leave you again baby," Seaweed said to Penny as he kissed her.

"Good, because I don't you to," Penny replied.

They grabbed sandwiches and punch and talked the entire afternoon. Tracy fed Nick and put him down for a nap in the playpen she had brought over. Tracy, Penny, Link, Seaweed and the others gave tiny pieces of their sandwiches to Corny, the dog as they ate. Link and Seaweed shared war stories.

"One day Sketch and I were asked to go into town for supplies. There was this small town which had a bar and small shop were you could buy food and other goods. We went and there was this young boy and girl who saw us walking and they came up and asked all sorts of questions. I didn't understand them but Sketch did. They were curious about the fact that we were Americans and the clothes we were wearing," Seaweed said.

"Were they siblings?" Penny asked.

"I believe so," Seaweed answered.

"And after we got the supplies we needed, with me translating for Seaweed the little boy and girl followed us to the outskirts of town," Sketch said.

"That's sweet," Tammy replied.

"Penme," Nick said to Penny.

"What sweetie?" Penny asked him

"up," he said.

Penny smiled and picked him up.

Looking back Tracy knew that when the draft letter came her whole world seemed to crash. Yet two years later Link was safe. They had a handsome son and friends and family they cared for and who cared for them. Penny and Seaweed were happily married as well. As Tracy sat next to Link listening to one of his stories she knew that life couldn't get any better than this.

The End.