The Village of Konohagakure no Sato, or rather the Leaf Village went about it's normal routines like it did any other day. The people inhabiting it moving to and fro, whilst the grand forest surrounding it continued to thrive and flourish, birds singing their morning songs while other small animals went about finding food. This harmonic flow however was quickly brought to an end.

Quickly jumping from branch to branch with a balance only inherent to Shinobi two figures jumped into a clearing of the forest around them.

"Come on Ero-Sennin, hurry up. I haven't been here in three years and I wanna see what's changed." a sun-kissed blonde replied as he can to an abrupt stop.

"Listen brat I'll move at my own damn pace." a tall, white haired man said.

"What's gotten into you Ero-Sennin?, don't tell me your still mad about me pushing you out off that tree and into the women's bath for spying on them are you?"

The taller mans silence was more that enough to answer the slightly shorter blonde's question.

"Hey you earned it for peeking in on them."

"Would you just shut up already Naruto..."

After a moment of silence that the taller man was thankful for his student spoke up again.

"You think any of them will recognize me?" Naruto asked in a more somber tone.

Jiraiya or affectionately other-wise known as Ero-Sennin looked at his blue-eyed companion, with a serious face, thinking about how far his student had come and what he looked like. No longer was he the orange wearing, loud mouthed brat that pulled pranks to get attention, but a strong and driven young man.

Taking in he's appearance seriously for the first time in months Jiraiya looked Naruto up and down.

The most notifiable difference was Naruto's height and what he was wearing. When he left he was hands-down one of the shortest of the rookie nine. Now he stood proudly at six feet, rather tall for his age and had broad shoulders that practically screamed masculinity, this when combined with he's tanned skin and outlandish blonde hair sticking up in random directions, had caused quite a few women to grow weak in the knees at the sight he presented. (Which Jiraiya tried to take advantage of on a few occasions, only to end in pain...for the Toad Sannin) In favor of the horrendous orange jumpsuit he now wore a sleeve-less, zip up dark blue sweater with a high collar, adorned with his trade-mark swirl on the back in a deep red, almost maroon color. The black cargo pants he wore also sported deep red designs on the side of his pant legs, this time however they were a mass of inter-mingling lines that seemed to resemble tribal markings. Numerous belts clung to his waist criss-crossing, each one holding various things for the blonde incase he needed something quickly, amongst the different little packs the belts held there were two curved swords that hung in the back of a sliver-studded belt. . Instead of the usual blue ninja sandles he wore black boots that were cut low. His ninja headband now hung around his neck and it was attached to a black colored fabric, allowing his hair to sink slightly in front of his eyes because of its' length.

His face had lost all of the previous baby fat that it once sharp features adorned his face giving Naruto a much more mature look, the whiskers on each cheek only darkened with age and grew wider, giving off a animalistic look that basically made the female population salivate.

Jiraiya smirked when he remembered one instance when a passion crazed waitress practically threw herself at Naruto causing a very amusing situation to arise.

Besides Naruto's new appearance, the blonde haired youth held himself more gracefully,then he did when he was younger, while he still had almost unlimited energy, it was more subdued, but could still be seen swirling just underneath the surface.

"Kid...your going to make their mouths drop to the floor."

The Toad Sannin took great pride about the strong Shinobi that Naruto had become, a strength that would only continue to grow and flourish.

Naruto didn't say anything instead he gave a trade-mark 'fox' grin, and started running towards Konoha.

'That kid will stir up some trouble in the female population, that's for sure' Jiraiya thought to himself as he jumped to catch up to Naruto.

Tsunade hated paperwork...she quickly found it to be the bane of a Hokage's existence, she would give her life to the people of the Konoha, but if the asked her to sign one more damn piece of paper she was serious considering killing everyone in the village...of course that would result in...more paperwork. So with a heavy sigh and a glance around her office Tsunade stood up from here chair walked over to one of the book shelves that lined the wall. Pulling out a thick leather-bound book, she reached into the book shelf and gave a sharp tap to the wall behind where the book was placed. With a slight 'thud' a portion of the wall fell away to reveal a bottle of fine sake and a large saucer.

She gave the office another quick once-over before she pulled out both items and placed the wall panel back in place along with the book before shuffling over to her desk and pouring out some of her 'guilty pleasure'. Taking a slow sip of the slightly sweet beverage, she relished the flavor before skipping the saucer altogether. Tipping her head back she took a long draft before setting the bottle back on the desk in front of her...or at lest she would have if not for the office door opening and a dark haired women stepping into the room.

Both occupants looked at each other for a full minute, Tsunade still holding the sake bottle to her lips

"Tsunade-sama!" Shizune hissed at the busty blonde sitting at the desk in front of her. "Your not drinking instead of doing paperwork again, are you?" she scolded, narrowing her eyes.

Tsunade paled, she the Godaime Hokage, one of the legendary Sannin, and this woman's superior actually began to wave her hands in front of her body as if trying to ward off the younger woman.

"Sh-Shizune." Tsunade stuttered. "I...ah...well you see I finished my paperwork of the day and j-just thought that ma-maybe I could have a l-little break thats all..." as she finished speaking her mind was already forming different punishments that the dark haired woman would force upon her.

Her reaction was brought on because her apprentice and 'sister' held paperwork in her hands and as usual she may be Hokage but those who hold paperwork are god, or in this case the devil.

Shizune narrowed her eyes further making them into slits as she scrutinized the woman sitting in front of her before seeing that her desk was indeed empty. Which caused her to narrow her eyes further, if that was even possible.

"You didn't burn them like last time did you?" She asked sniffing the air for the aroma of burnt paper.

"No, I actually just finished the last one for once." Tsunade replied gaining back her courage.

Shizune opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted when a blonde haired figure seemingly materialized out of thin air in front of them.

"Obaa-chan!" the figure cried out before jumping over the desk grabbing the blonde haired Hokage and embracing her causing them both to fall to the ground with a crash.

"Tsunade-sama!" Shizune yelled dropping her paper work running over to where both blondes fell, getting into a fighting stance.

What she saw when she reached her destination however caused her to stop for a moment and ask herself if what she was seeing was real. The previously unknown figure was hugging her 'sister' rubbing his, yes his, cheek against hers while muttering "Obaa-chan" over and over again.

She shook the sight off before slipping back into a fighting stance.

"Release Tsunade-sama or else." she threatened.

Before she could move, she to found herself wrapped into an embrace by the same offender.

"Shizune-neechan." the figure said. "Hmm... somehow I always remember that you were taller."

Again before she could do anything she was released and the mysterious blonde was helping the Hokage to her feet.

"Somehow I kinda figured that he would do something like this."

Both women looked at the source of the sound to see Jiraiya leaning on the doorway with a smile on his face.

Callings of Jiraiya-san and sama reached his ears, causing him to smile even more. "What I told you we'd be back in three years right." he said

'Wait if he's here than that means...' both women's thoughts followed as they turned back to the previously unknown male.

Sitting it the Hokage's chair leaning back , letting he's feet rest on the desk in front of him was none other than their lovable ball of energy.

"So Obaa-chan, miss me much"

Both women were stunned into silence before Tsunade recovered first.

"Naruto!" she yelled reaching back and hitting him in the head naturally causing the offending appendage to snap forward and collide with the desk ahead of him.

When the said blue-eyed young man's painful cries subsided Tsunade grabbed him roughly before pulling him into another heart-felt hug, soon to be joined by Shizune.

"Of course we've missed you." they both said. "Here." Tsunade replied before pushing Naruto to an arms length away. "Let me get a good look at you."

What she accordance to Jiraiya's estimation...made her jaw drop.

The first thing she noticed was that...she didn't need to look down, in fact she had to look up. What she saw there literally took her breath away. Handsome features, strong rugged body, tanned skin, and bright blonde hair that, when added altogether made her go weak in the knees. Her 'little brother' had grown into a handsome...scratch that...drop dead gorgeous young man. She looked over to Shizune and wasn't surprised at all when she noticed the blush that was creeping onto her face, noting that hers probably held the same thing...which embarrassed her more.

Jiraiya noticing both the stunned visages and furious blushes broke out into stomach wrenching laughter.

"See, I told you brat, their jaws would hit the floor." Jiraiya said in between fits of laughter.

Reaching up to scratch the back of his head Naruto gave a 'fox' grin while saying. "I guess you were right Ero-Sennin."

"Stop calling me that brat!" was the only reply he received back.

Still slightly dazed Tsunade turned away for Naruto to face her one-time teammate. She looked at him before looking back a Naruto and turning to Jiraiya with a look that clearly said 'What the hell!?'

This caused the said Toad Sannin to fall into fits of laughter again.

"What?" was the only reply that came to her silent question from the man.

Schooling her features back into what a Hokage should look like Tsunade asked. "So how did it go?"

Almost instantly Jiraiya became serious. "Well for the most part it went just fine..."

Tsunade narrowed her eyes at the term 'most part'

" wasn't until we got into the end of the second year that things became a bit of a problem."

"What do you mean." Tsunade growled.

"Well as you noticed Naruto's looks here kept attracting attention (Tsunade and Shizune blushed again) normally I wouldn't care but it seems that Akatsuki got wind of it. We were in the Sand when we crossed paths with Kisame and the older Uchiha. Naturally a fight broke out."

"What happen?"

As if to answer the question a metallic 'clang' was heard throughout the room. Looking over Tsunade saw the two familiar silver and red rings that Naruto dropped onto the desk, beside her Shizune gasped.

"The fish-face bastard got me good and I went down. Next time I woke up Naruto was lying in the middle what was left of them."

"Are you sure it was them?" Shizune asked, it wouldn't have been the first time the two S-classed nuke-nin had faked their deaths to throw off pursuits.

"Can't really answer that."

"Why not?"

Jiraiya's face crossed with a sick look before replying. "There weren't big enough pieces. However I pretty sure that it was them."

Tsunade turned to Naruto and asked. "What happened?"

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know? Did you kill them?"

Naruto looked out the window towards the village before answering

"I can't say, when I saw Ero-Sennin drop I just lost it, next thing I know I'm in Gaara's house strapped to medical equipment."

"Gaara as in the Kazekage Gaara?" Shizune asked only have Naruto nod in confirmation.

"So neither of you know what happened" the female Hokage said looking between the two.

"No, I think I know what went on after I passed out." Jiraiya stated

"What do you mean?"

"There was one other time something like this happened."

Tsunade seeing Naruto flinch in her peripheral vision asked "When?"

"You know Tsunade there have only been two times in my life that I thought I was going to die. The first time was when you caught me sneaking a peek at you in a hot-spring, naturally you beat my within an inch of my life." Tsunade acquired a embarrassed look on her face, but managed to stay focused on the man in front of her. "The second time was during a training session with Naruto, it appears that the angrier that he gets the more of the Kyuubi's chakra he pulls out. The level of power is expressed through the number of 'tails' Naruto has.

Seeing the confusion on his former teammate's face he explained.

"When Naruto here..." Jiraiya began well pointing to the Jinchuuriki in question. "...lets his emotions get the better of him or is in a life-threatening position begins to subconsciously or consciously draw on the Kyuubi's power. Usually this manifests itself in what I call the 'demon cloak' or a layer of the Kyuubi's chakra covering his body. This along with other physical changes such as more pronounced canines, red eyes, and an over all more feral look is only a base state. The more pressed he becomes along with gaining more pronounced feral features he draws on more of the Kyuubi's chakra this is when he starts growing 'tails'. The 'tails' in question are representations of overall how much the Kyuubi's chakra he's using. Whether it be one, two, three...etc. Now Naruto can remain in control up to the third tail, however he he enters the 'fourth tail state' he loses it."

At this point Jiraiya started to take off his shirt.

"Not only does he lose control but the amount of demonic chakra that he's body is being subjected to begins to break it down."

Tsunade being the legendary med-nin spoke up. "Explain."

"Basically it begins to burn him from the outside in, however the Kyuubi's healing factor keeps it from going too far, so what ends up happening is that is skin repeatedly gets burned off and regenerated. Blood and skin then mix with the demon chakra making it a solid color instead of the usual translucent red.

Jiraiya finished removing the clothing covering his chest and Tsunade as well a Shizune notice the mass of scar tissue that covered the majority of his chest.

"Fighting Naruto in his 'fourth tail state' is the second time I thought I was going to die. For all intent and purposes he is a miniature Kyuubi." he finished.

Tsunade and Shizune looked over at Naruto only to see him with he's head down and a very somber look on his face.

"When Naruto regained consciousness he had no memory of what transpired. That's why I think Naruto doesn't remember what happened, because he went into his 'fourth tail state', which also coincides with the amount or rather 'lack of' remains that were left, along with the geographical damage.

"Geographical damage..." Shizune started to say before being cut off by Jiraiya.

"Yeah, Geographical...let's just say that the Sand now has a good place to put a lake if get what I'm saying."

Tsunade began to think this over before asking. "Is that all?"

This time Naruto spoke up. "Actually it just gets weirder and weirder after that."