As Naruto and Anko made their way towards the old look-out post that Jiraiya had pointed them the direction to, a calm silence settled between the two, at least until the huge blast unleashed by the Toad Sannin reached them, upsetting their balance a little before they regained their footing.

"What the hell, he's really not playing around is he." Naruto said aloud, Anko beside him nodding in agreement. It took them another thirty or so minutes to come across a dilapidated structure, where they saw Shizune and Kyuubi waiting for them.

"Took you long enough." Kyuubi said, the ever present smirk lingering on her lips.

Stopping to think a moment Naruto looked at Kyuubi, then back at the way they came from before repeating this a few times.

"What the hell how did you beat us here?!" Naruto shouted pointing his finger at Kyuubi, or he would have if not for Anko placing her hand over his mouth and hitting him in the back of the head shutting him up.

"Keep quiet, where a ways from Konoha but there might be patrols running around, and Hokage-sama needed this to be done in complete secrecy." Anko admonished.

"Well yeah but come on, you're not the least bit curious as to how they beat us here?"

Deciding to take pity on the poor teen, Kyuubi spoke up. "It was a shadow clone back there, you use it enough I would've thought that you noticed that right away."

Standing over to the side Shizune watched as the trio continued to bicker back and forth until she cleared her throat gaining their attention.

"As I'm sure Tsunade-sama already stated I'm here to give you the directions to where you three will be hiding out for the three months." Shizune said handing over a map to Anko who nodded and looked at it quickly before putting it in her trench coat.

Continuing her explanation Shizune said. "As for food and the like the place is well stocked from what I've heard from Jiraiya-sama. Naruto you will need to wipe a bit of your blood on the insignia you will notice on the gates, this will let you in and anyone with your permission." Shizune finished.

Nodding in understanding Naruto asked if there was anything else he needed to know, shaking her head no, Shizune stepped forward gathering Naruto in her arms in an embrace that Naruto mirrored both in action and feelings.

With slightly misty eyes Shizune bid the group good-bye before leaping into the tree back towards Konoha.

Grabbing the map back out of her trench coat Anko looked over at the other two, before examining where the map highlighted where the hide-out was.

"Alight gaki's it's about a week's travel from here let's get moving." She said before back at the two "teens" under her charge.

Glancing at each other Naruto and Kyuubi nodded before all three headed out.


"What do you mean their dead?!" Tsunade screamed, acting her part perfectly running over to where "Naruto's" corpse lay she dropped to her knees looking at the charred corpse of her precious little brother. The acting was easier than she thought it be, mostly due to the fact that if they didn't play their cards right, this may very well be what Naruto ended up looking like in the coming months.

Getting up from his position on the ground Jiraiya made his way over to Tsunade bending down beside her, hugging her tightly.

"I'm so sorry Tsunade; there was nothing I could do." Jiraiya said tears streaking down his face. Behind them Kakashi stood in frozen shock, this couldn't be real, it had to be some sick joke that the blonde haired vessel had to be playing on them all. He wouldn't accept it; he couldn't accept that his dear sensei's son met such an unexpected end.

Standing not far from Kakashi, Yugao Uzuki and Tsume Inuzuka were in as much shock as Naruto's former Sensei. Tears were already forming in Yugao's eyes, she had been one of the ANBU stationed to watch the teen when he was younger, and he had grown on her as much as a nephew could even if he never really met her face to face. After the death of her lover she'd taken the people she knew a little closer to her heart, Naruto being one of those few. For Tsume it was almost losing a son, Naruto had been invited over to the clan complex a number of times along with Shikamaru and Chouji. The four of them were as close as cousin's if not brother's and the up-beat way Naruto went through life won over the hearts of many Inuzuka, even at expense of falling into one or two of his pranks.

Ayame openly wept, Naruto was her little brother in all but blood, it wasn't fair he just came back, he was going to be a father…he was in the highlight of his life. At these thoughts Ayame remembered the red-haired girl that was Naruto's "fiancé", turning to find the girl she saw Kyuubi running from the scene hands holding her face and cries of despair clearly were heard. From his place next to Tsunade saw this, cursing under his breath he sped off obviously to comfort the woman.

Hisashi stood off to the side where he silently paid his respects to both, he had nothing against Naruto but the grief this would cause his daughter weighed heavily on his heart.


With Anko in the lead the trio made their way to a roadside-inn where they agreed to spend the night, it was the last spot they were going to be able to enjoy a comfortable bed before they made it to their destination.

All three were in henge, Anko took the form of a middle-aged man with Naruto and Kyuubi disguised as his children.

The Inn itself was a quaint two-story wooden building with a small sign hanging above the door, upon entering a steady wave of heat from the fireplace washed over their bodies warming their cool skin.

"Ne Tou-san are we staying here the night." Kyuubi spoke in the form of a little girl clinging on to an equally little boy that was Naruto.

"Of course sweetie, after all we've come quite a ways." Anko spoke.

Making their way to the front desk a gray-haired woman stood smiling warmly at the scene.

"Excuse me, may I get a single room with two beds please." Anko asked in guise.

"Of course would you be interested in the morning breakfast as well?" she asked watching the little girl hang onto to her brother's arm in a cute fashion.

Anko was about to say that was unnecessary but Naruto cut her off.

"Breakfast all right; I've been dying for some good food!" Naruto nearly yelled.

Forcing a strained smile Anko accepted and the woman behind the desk directed the group to their room, after asking if they needed anything else she made her way back down to her station.

Dropping the henge almost immediately Kyuubi made her way to one of the beds where she flung herself one un-gracefully.

"Should you be doing that?" Anko asked dropping her henge as well.

"Do what?"

"You're pregnant right, I'm no doctor but should you really be doing that?"

Kyuubi couldn't help herself laughter spilled from her mouth like water from a faucet, raising a delicate hand in an attempt to still her mirth Kyuubi looked up at Anko.

"You really thought I was pregnant, with his child." Kyuubi said turning her head in Naruto's direction.

"Hey what's wrong with that?" Naruto spoke up, not really understanding but somehow feeling that she was insulting him.

Ignoring the boy completely Anko leveled her gaze at the young woman before her.

"Is there anything else I should know before we continue on?" she asked in a tone that clearly meant "You better tell me everything."

Smirking evilly Kyuubi just laughed.

"You have no ideal."

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